Kill Jill or Jill Kill!? New Official Scream 4 Still

A high-res version of an image only barely glimpsed in a recent Entertainment Weekly has made its way to their online arm as part of their “15 Hot Movies Of 2011″ photo-gallery. This ambiguous still is sure to create a stir…

Depicted is Emma Roberts’ character Jill Roberts whom we assumed to be Scream 4‘s new-generation heroine, except two alternative spins are dropped on us: she could instead be a possible killer, or a possible victim. It certainly looks like Team Scream are going out of their way destroy the Scream status-quo and mess with our heads along the way. New Rules, indeed.

Ten years after the last Scream movie, Neve Campbell’s Sidney goes back home only to encounter yet another brutal Ghostface killer and a doozy of a new twisty plot, according to director Wes Craven. Kevin Williamson, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette return as well, joined by a few young potential victims (including Emma Roberts).

Image Credit: Gemma La Mana

Thanks to Eric for the tipoff.

Source: EW

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31 Responses to “ Kill Jill or Jill Kill!? New Official Scream 4 Still ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I think because of they gray sleeve visible, that were seeing Kirby’s hand but why is Jill giving her a look like that (if she doesn’t know who behind her) & what is Kirby reaching for?

  2. I hate to be a hater, but damn, why must she look us? It ruins the whole feel of it.

  3. Scream is self-aware – and she’s aware YOU are looking at her. Thus the stink-eye.

  4. This scene is in the trailer, the scene with hayden, when ghostface kicks the door in you see this shot for a mili-sec. after the overly give-away trailer there’s no question here about this picture.

  5. I think theres no way that jill is the killer or one of the killers. As you can see early in the trailer she gets cut in the arm then towards the end of the trailer you see her falling threw a glass table. I think shes definitely just one of the victims.

  6. Not sure why you’ve posted that little blurb with the picture, wicked-scribe. The general viewer would have no idea the film is toying with our notions of “heroine or killer” regarding Jill. This seems like the same spoiler territory this site has sought to avoid, no?

  7. That scene is with Sidney. Maybe both find Olivia┬┤s body or something, the killer appears behind her and Sidney start to fight.

  8. Not true rick, as any fan would know that just because ghostface is behind someone, it doesn’t really mean anything. In the original, there was the scene with ghostface and Billy, and we know how that turned out.

  9. I love this still. Breaking the forth wall baby!

  10. Ya matthew, I mean no one can get thrown through a glass table or have their arm sliced and not be the killer. /sarcasm.

  11. That scene is in the trailer, and that hand is Pannetiere’s when she’s opening the closet… Isn’t it?

  12. Fernando, the scenes are mixed. But in that scene is only Neve and Emma.

  13. it looks as if she is being held hostageish or is reveling herself and someone else as a killer


  15. Rick >> no spoilers are involved, if there were I’d give a clear warning. It’s an ambiguous picture to me. Every character is a suspect, just ask Randy. We’ve been about speculation since day one. This speculation comes from no spoilers, just what’s on show in the photo. Reading into things is part of the anticipation.

  16. It almost looks like Ghostface is giving you the finger with his knife.

  17. @ Rory What I mean is that I don’t think jill would put herself threw that much pain on purpose if she was the killer or one of the killers lol. Yes I know billy and stu stabbed each other in the first scream but you didn’t see them shoot each other did you, no because that would be insane, you have to draw the line somewhere lol. Thus I don’t think jill would throw herself threw a glass table on purpose but to know for sure we have to wait until april 15.

  18. Look at how tall Ghostface is.

  19. @rory remember scream 2 where sidneys boyfriend got his arm cut and he was supposed to be the killer but someone posted the script online

  20. @GHostface.

    I don’t believe the arm cut happened in the original script though, did it?

  21. I don’t think jills the killer cause no girl unless she’s in the loony bin would want to get attacked and i think it could either be dewy or gale cause it was stated they were board with there love life or it could be one of jills mates but not kirby cause why would she want to hurt her mate but like randy said everybody’s a suspect but i don’t want it to be sidney gale jill or kirby i don’t care about the others

  22. Jill is intact the killer and she DOES chuck herself through the table (along with other self injurys)
    It’s quiet a screwed up scene but also funny to se her beat her self up

  23. Lol at all the comments r.e Jill throwing herself through a table and how she wouldn’t throw herself through a glass table ‘on purpose’

    lol indeed….lol

  24. kind of hilarious reading these comments now when everyones like “theres no way jill is the killer, she would never hurt herself on purpose, thats just stupid” hahaha

  25. this girl is like a stick. theres no way she could even scratch another human, and they choose her as a killer?

  26. I found Jill believable as the killer because she was so evil and crazy.

  27. In that picture Jill looks evil and it looks like she is looking at her next victim.

  28. Maybe Jill is showing us the look she as when she is in her Ghostface costume and is about to kill someone.

  29. It looks like Jill is giving someone the evil eye and Ghostface/Charlie is waiting for her to tell him to gut whoever the victim is going to be.

  30. I just realize that Jill is wearing the same shirt she had on the night Olivia was killed. She may be looking at a mirror and Charlie is showing her the knife he is going to use to kill Olivia before he climbs through her window to go to Olivia’s house.

  31. @WTF Size doesn’t matter when you are insane and also she got a rush of killing and that gave her the adrenaline to be able to do the things you wouldn’t think she would be able to like throw Rebecca off the roof.

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