NECA Ghostface Figure Gets An Upgrade Thanks To Fan Feedback

Our friends at Scream Franchise Examiner have interviewed Neca’s Randy Falk about their upcoming Ghostface figures, and some positive news has come out a common critical point…

“We have heard from some of the fan community that they are not happy with the mixed mediums and the use of soft goods which is disappointing but in an effort to please everyone we are going to make a running change in the production and switch to a sculpted skirt. That way both versions are on the market and those who don’t mind the fabric and want to pose the legs more can buy the initial soft goods version and those who prefer the fully sculpted all plastic figure can wait and purchase that version. We listen and value the fan’s opinions and want to try to satisfy everyone. So here is an exclusive behind the scenes look at how the lower part of the figure will be revised. We are keeping the fabric on the sleeves as I really don’t like how this looks sculpted and again we want people to pose and articulate the arms and have the fabric move with it in a way that makes logical sense, like how fabric or a long sleeve like that would really move in real life”

While the mask issue might remain a talking point as it has been fully approved and locked for production, the compromise of altering the cloth “skirt” shows a marked improvement on the prototype as well as a sign of good faith on Neca’s part. If you were unsure about purchasing, does this change your mind?

For images and further figure info read the full interview!

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19 Responses to “ NECA Ghostface Figure Gets An Upgrade Thanks To Fan Feedback ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Smart move!! ;)

  2. yes I agree with Cory (555-0176) hope you enjoyed the movie and the figure more now it looks much better

  3. It’s an improvement, but the fabric on the sleeves looks just as naff as the skirt. Fabric doesn’t look or move the same once you scale it down to this level, so why the hell they’re using it in the first place baffles me.

    Fabric at human scale hangs and drapes. At this scale, unburdened by its mass, it just sticks out like Styrofoam, and looks nothing like a fabric cloak look would at actual size. So what’s the point in using it? Because this guy “doesn’t like the way it looks moulded”? Really? But he likes the way it looks with bits of cloth poking out of the arms like trowels?

    It took fan reaction to indicate the patently obvious fact that the half’n’half edition looked ridiculous. And even then he thought it was “a shame”. How is this guy employed?

  4. To production team:

    1. Fix the mask, too, while you’re at it. ;)

    2. Just do the entire costume in fabric. Either go all the way, or no fabric at all. Most of the fan community seems to agree. If the fabric doesn’t work well, switch materials, or scrape the idea.

    I don’t know what the designers are thinking when they start productions on these figures. Having the option to post the figure is SO GOOD, but you gotta think of the whole picture in the end. If the figure ends up looking quite silly, the advantage of being able to pose will be largely overshadowed.

  5. First of all…its not the the fabric didn’t “work well”. It was the most practical solution for what they were going for, which was a completely poseable figure. The McFarlane figure sucked for many reasons, but you wanna talk about poor production? That fucking thing won’t even stand up on it’s own without some sort of support. Thats a direct result of the way it was made, and the completely non poseable construction of it.

    And to “Shrugs”…Your argument makes no sense. You complain that using fabric is stupid because it wont “flow like fabric” and will just ‘stick out” and be all stiff. Well what the hell do you expect plastic to do? The opposite? lol.

    Second of all, not all fabric is that “stiff” in small amounts. You seem to be implying that if you were to hold up a tiny piece of fabric that it won’t fold over, and that it will just stick straight out like its stiff “styrofoam” or something. Not true at all. Thin polyester and rayon materials flow and fold and drape and hang in small amaounts, just the same as it would in larger amounts. Which, is my understanding the type of fabric they are using.

    Let me just give you one hypothetical, and please feel free to comment. Lets say they went with plastic arm streamers. They would look fine when posed with the arms sticking straight out. But lets say you wanted to pose them down. THAT would look ridiculous. Just like the McFarlane figure would look IF you could even pose him that way.

    Now lets say the streamers are made from fabric (which they are), it makes more sense don’t you think? Arms straight out, and they will hang down like they would on a real costume. Post them down, and the streamers will fall forward and hang closer to the arm, JUST like they would in real life.

    PS. What do you do for a living? Maybe you should take a look at your own job/life before you start asking “how is this guy employed?” I know it must suck to work at McDonalds…:)

  6. Personally I’d rather have a high quality production that is frozen in an action pose than a posable product that looks odd and is half cloth half plastic. I understand the desire for posability but when it comes down to it I will brag about how great the figurine is over how well I can manipulate the cloth around the feet and arms. This is an improvement but frankly it still raises and “eh” from me.

  7. I hate typos, it should be “an ‘eh’ from me”. Deep Sigh.

  8. I think we can all agree that no matter what, you can’t satisfy everyone when it comes to things like this. Everyone seems to have their own idea of what a “good looking” Ghostface figure should look like. And that image in our heads is typically down to a T. Size, materials, details, everything.

    No matter what NECA released. No matter if it was all cloth, all plastic, a mixture of both, fully possible or stuck in one pose, people would still complain. Theres no way to satisfy everyone. But at least they are compromising and listening to the feedback and having two different versions you can choose from.

    At the end of the day, I will say this…most of us bought that shitty Mcfarlane Toys figure when it came out. And look at how many things that got wrong. Bowie knife instead of a Buck knife. Cell phone that looked like a walkie talkie. Brown boots instead of black. FunWorld costume (belt and all) instead of a movie costume. That thing was a disaster, but most people still bought it. So why not get this one? I have a feeling that its not gonna do as poorly as some people are predicting.

    Yes, the group of die hard Scream fans in the Scream community are very important. But at the end of the day, its not that group who will make this figure successful anyways. It’s your average joe public, and non obsessive about every single detail average fans who will make or break this figure sales wise.

    And with that in mind, I don’t see this thing failing at all like some people are predicting.

  9. @Myers

    Sorry but my argument makes perfect sense. I didn’t say anything about flowing like fabric (why would it need to flow, we’re not going to take it dancing), I said it doesn’t “hang and drape” at that scale, which it doesn’t. Care to argue otherwise? However, you can mould plastic to look like it is behaving like fabric, which is what they’re doing with the rest of the cloak. It you want to see what I’m talking about with the fabric sticking out of the arms, look at the previous model with the fabric arms. Now imagine that on a life size man. Looks ridiculous doesn’t it? Yes.

    ”I know it must suck to work at McDonalds…” Really? What the hell do you want me to say to that? Idiot.

  10. I want one in glass! Lolz.

  11. Thank you NECA, now I shall give you my money!

  12. I hate ignorant people and U asses sound like winey ass people take what you get and SHUT THE HELL UP!!! GAH…

  13. Agree with shrugs 100%. by the way, for what reason do we need to pose this figurine? It’s not a Barbie for fucks sake. Neca can say what they want, but the original ghostface figurine that came out years ago is still miles better. I still won’t spend money on this.

  14. P.s, eat shit myers :) and tell your mom I say ‘hI’

  15. I think it looks alot better, alot. Just think it’s not even a colored version of the figurine. It will probably look alot better. But I agree, you can’t please everyone. PS They should make a Casey Becker Figure in a trembeling pose. Now that would be cool. Love to Drew.

  16. i don’t play with dolls, so this doesn’t pertain to me. :)

  17. i just dont like the ghostface figures face i think it would of been better if they just used zombies face but green rips

  18. i ment no green rips sorry

  19. SCRE4M was the best movie ever the only think that let me down was the way one of the killers was a girl and i was sad that robbie died

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