Nico Tortorella Talks Scream 4

Rising star Nico Tortorella draws a curious parallel between his Scream 4 character Trevor and an original Scream character in the pages of March’s Total Film UK.

“He is an asshole, off the bat. Again playing the asshole! But once you see him one-on-one he’s got a big heart. He’s most like the Skeet [Ulrich] character from the first Scream.”

Click the scan to see the full page. Thanks to our friends at for the scan and tip.

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11 Responses to “ Nico Tortorella Talks Scream 4 ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. What this can only mean….

  2. Oh no! Does that mean he is the killer?!?!

  3. He just meant that Trevor’s personality it’s like Blly’s .. That don’t have to mean that HE’s the Killer! .. Maybe he saying that is a way to make us believe “History repeats it’s self”, like Mickey tried to make believe Sidney. =P

  4. Or just means he going to die hella early on? Thatll be new I would say. I don’t think he’s the killer tho being that’ll be predictable. Unless that’s what Craven wants us to think. Geez-laaa-weez screams films are just WHOA! Ahahaha can’t wait !!

  5. I think he has more of a chance of being a killer more than most in the cast.

  6. I think they’re trying to trick us into thinking the killers are Trevor and Judy.

  7. I don’t know… I can’t see myself being surprised at the killer’s identity this time around. I can only imagine it being either Nico, Eric, or Rory.

  8. i hope that the killer is like Roman…..meaning that i didn’t even know he was in the movie until I actually saw Scream 3!

  9. I don’t know why… But I’m sure he is going to survive !
    He’s an asshole with a big heart… Right ?! And Gale is a Bitch with a big heart… Maybe he is the New Bitch of this Generation ! ^^

  10. I have a feeling that he may be related to one of the victims from the original film (Casey, Steve, Stu etc.). That explains his crankiness, also it was said in his casting character descriptions that he looks like he has a secret..soo~

  11. i seen the movie in theaters with my friend on april 15th, he is a funny character and is mysterious, annoying, and definately like skeet ulrich, except he is a bit more of a jerk than billy was.

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