Scream 4 Returns To Filming In Michigan! (Photo Added)

Every Scream has reshot to some degree, and Scream 4 will be no different – today we learned production is headed back for Northville, Michigan for some brief reshoots purported to add “suspense and terror” to the opening sequence.

From On Location Vacations, a reliable source of detail during filming last year:

One of our readers, Amy, received a filming notice in Northville, MI (on Clement St. between 7 mile and Frederick) for Jan. 31 & Feb. 2 that simply listed a motion picture entitled “Z”.

Anyone who was following the Scream 4 shoot last summer will remember much of the film was shot in Northville under the production name Z. So, it sounds to us like Scream 4 may be returning to Northville to shoot another scene.

Coroboration and some further details from Northville MI Patch:

On Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 parts of the film will be re-shot on Clement Street in the township, said Michelle Nabozny, executive secretary to Northville City Manager Patrick Sullivan.

“It’s the same set-up as before,” Nabozny said, “with the Northville Square parking lot as (the) base camp.”

The crew will be shooting 14 hours each day during their Northville stay. The filming is expected to be done primarily indoors. It is unclear whether any of the stars will actually be here.

“It could just be lighting and special effects,” she said. “They’re coming back to do some additional suspense and terror for opening sequence.”

Clement Street will be closed on Monday and Tuesday. Only residents and film crew will be allowed on the street. There will be barricades at Clement and Seven Mile and Clement and Frederick roads. Orchard Drive is the suggested alternative.

“The impact is going to be less than it was last time,” Nabozny said.

Only about a third of the Northville Square parking lot will be used by the film crew, she said. This includes part of the upper deck.

Although Scream 4‘s opening scene was hailed as extremely fun from the only two test screening reports we’ve been able to verify as genuine, we guess Team Scream wants the sequence to be more Casey Becker-ish, less Maureen Evans-ish.

No word yet on if the filming will be headed by Wes Craven or left to a 2nd-unit type team.

Updated: Mere minutes after posting this, our learned friends at Scream Franchise Informer released an exclusive tipster photo and report:

so i drove by and there’s one movie truck there so far and seems like there’s movement at both houses on that road…i think the big green house is the finale house where ghostface chases around Neve and she’s hanging there…i think the other house across the street is one of the stab houses or a house that’s shared w/ Brittany…”

Could it in fact be parts of the climax being reshot – not the opening? Hmm…

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20 Responses to “ Scream 4 Returns To Filming In Michigan! (Photo Added) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. This doesn’t bother me all that much. Reshoots seem to be a film making norm nowadays.

  2. I just can’t wait!!!! I’m already having dreams of Scream 4. You know, I’m the “killer” chasing people type dreams. ;-)

  3. 78 Days
    13 Hours
    26 Minutes and
    50 seconds til the day guys!!!!!

  4. Hahaha I’ve had two scream 4 dreams this month. Really weird stuff tho. Loomis and his mother are alive and killing again. Twisted

  5. Judging by rj torbert wrote on his twitter just recently looks like maybe they are re shooting the end because all those people who saw the screening were telling the killer/Killers. He wrote:
    If you remember one of my tweets said THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS what they seem. It really will be a SCREAM

    And also:TS A GOOD THING !!! Remember no matter how good you do things , its always second best. If you can make it better. DO IT

    So this is something I think that most people thought will happen that won’t be happening anymore. So its more of a surprise

  6. He also confirmed they are doing the reshoots because he sent stuff over to them to use saying:

    The answer is YES —-I had to send additional things for the Re Shoot

  7. I had a dream that there we 2 killers and one of the killers were reveled in the first kill and was arrested and the second ghost face killed people throughout the movie. And I would cut back and forth to the kills and Dewey and another cop investigating the killer. It was weird.

    The second one was really what i imagine the movie to be like but. I woke up after the character olivia died

  8. we’ve been waiting 10 years for this movie. lol. i don’t know if i can wait 3 more months

  9. Oh please! who’s silly enough to believe they’re doing the beginning?

  10. why would they do re-shoots 3 mos b4 the film comes out? maybe the audience at the test screening didn’t like something and they are going back to change some stuff?

  11. thats soooo cool their coming back to MICHIGAN! i live in ATLANTA, MI. that would of been a great place to film it actually. its about 2 hours from northville. but does anyone think since their doing this that it will delay the release date? if so ALOT of people will be pissed . lol
    i hope they film a whole bunch more movies in MICHIGAN. atlanta,MICHIGANs a great town to shoot in, looks like alot of places, California, LA, Kentucky, Florida, etc.
    hello sid, you remember me?

  12. Maybe there was too much spoilers about the killer/killers “ALL OVER THE INTERNET!!” after the test screening?

  13. I would think that they would re shoot the ending since some people at the test screenings were posting spoilers about it. I’m kind of glad they are doing some re shoots though and I’m sure they will make scream 4 even better then it already is.

  14. They shouldn’t re-shoot the ending if some real spoilers were posted, because only the people who want to be spoiled are going to read it, and most of the audience will never know about it. If they are infact changing it, then hopefully it’s to fix something or make it better.

  15. Reshoots are a neccesary part of filming whether it be to add more tension, re-film an ending or to pick up a shot that just didn’t get the chance to be filmed the first time due to time constraints. It may very well be an ending reshoot but everything may not be what it seems.

  16. People who didnt want to be spoiled were spoiled cause of these stupid maybe spoilers. I went on youtube to watch the trailer and someone spoiled it for me so I hope the ending is changed.

    Cause who knows if these so called spoilers are even correct.

  17. I am excited to see they are trying to make the movie even better.

  18. Reshoots are a necessary part of filmmaking. Although dailies are a great indicator of how production is going, no one can be sure until the footage is assembled. Then, you tweak, you hone, you fine-tune, both through the editing process and the creation of new or alternate footage.

    As for concerns that they’re reshooting the ending, I guarantee you that they’re not over-hauling it because of spoilers. They were very much aware that information would get out when they test-screened it, but, as a result of the Weinsteins recent financial troubles, they are much more concerned with box office success and hype than they are with secrecy. Let’s not forget that Scream 3 had ending reshoots. Not to change the identity of the killer but to add to what was already there.

    Trust me when I say that these reshoots can only be a good thing. Craven has final cut, and these reshoots are at his order because he deems it necessary.

  19. I believe that one of your ads triggered my web browser to resize, you may well need to place that on your blacklist.

  20. Part with anna paquin was the best

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