Scream 4 Test Screening Confirmed

It is confirmed that a Scream 4 test screening will be held tonight @8pm in Pennsylvania. While rumors of test screenings have dogged the internet over the past few weeks, they were never confirmed. This one is the real deal. Read on for the details and how this changes things…

Our message board moderator Ghostface_Scre4m looked into it and writes “It is legit as I did call the theater that’s has the pre-screening. Dimension Films is renting a part of the theater to pre-screen Scream 4. Spoke to a guy named Chad who gave me the information. He said the reps for the pre-screening would be at the theater around 7pm or 7:15pm before the screening starts at 8pm. I’m certain things will be strict as there will be no recording devices allowed of any kind and also a confidentiality agreement will be signed for those that are allowed to enter. It’s probably going to be a rough cut of the film and there will be some differences in the final product we will see April 15th, 2011. That’s all I got for right now. If I get anything other info I’ll pass it along.” He also mentions no one under 18 will be allowed in, despite what the invitation (see below) states.

While we certainly congratulate the few, the proud that will get to see the movie so early, we can’t help but feel screening the movie is counterproductive to Craven & Co’s anti-spoiler measures. Sure, audience feedback may assist in re-editing or reshooting portions of the movie that don’t go down so well, but these benefits are surely outweighed by the negative: we live in a time of instant thought processes spewed out through social media. No matter if viewers pledge on paper to not share, all it takes is one bad apple to ruin major character deaths and the killer’s idenity, then that info can never be retracted, only repeated indefinitely, and without warning.

What can you do to avoid being spoiled? Stay off un-policed places like Twitter’s #Scream4 stream, Scream-related Facebook profiles and the IMDB Scream 4 boards. Those places are like the wild wild west. Scream-Trilogy is a heavily moderated website, and our forum has several diligent moderators ready to swoop. Anyone posting, quoting or hinting the spoilers in plain view will be completely banned and offending text removed. We take this issue very seriously. So to spoilerhounds, our advice: Act responsibly.

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20 Responses to “ Scream 4 Test Screening Confirmed ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS

    Did you guys get invited to this thing?

  2. Im going to try and attend this if possible!

  3. Darn! I love in NYC and can’t make it. I hope the movie is great for those who do attend. Even though I don’t want to know anything about the movie per se. I’d love to know how you (who attend) liked or disliked it without giving away too much information. Tx.

  4. Sorry I meant to say live not love. Darn computer problems!

  5. I just called and talk to a guy about getting a pass.. he asked me how I even knew about it and I told him i read about the screening on Sceam-Triligy…lol.. he said if they were not so booked he would be able to help me. ): Oh well it was worth trying though i guess.

  6. I still can’t even believe they’re doing this.

    I kind of would laugh if they ended up just showing the new trailer.

  7. I’d rather risk having a screening to see audiences reactions and opinions rather than having a Scream 3. :P

  8. Nope. No press allowed.

  9. As of now: screening will begin within 15 minutes :)
    I wish I was there… :

  10. Screening should be done by this point… Can’t wait for some legit reviews!

  11. Things on the IMDb actually imploded a few moments ago with a guy who claimed to have attended the screening and answered questions about the movie. It was very funny to see how a thread got like 70 posts in 10 minutes and then the original poster disappeared (moderators took care of him).

  12. Oh that sucks

  13. What do you thinkn they did with him?

  14. I don’t want any spoilers at all. I just want to know if it is any good. I’m hoping for the suspense of Scream 2 with the feel of the 1st one.

  15. Most people who actually went to the screening are very good about keeping the details under wrap. They all signed official document that could get them into legal troubles if they were to leak out anything at all. I’d imagine this is the same type of agreement that all the actors signed.

    This is very good for us fans then! :) And I hope they can do a screening in LA!

  16. Also, most spoilers out there (as of right now) are proven to be pure rumors or fan-made scenarios. They are all very interesting to read, but bottom line, they are all bullshit. Almost every single character has been implied to die or to be a killer thus far. As Randy has put it: EVERYONE’S A SUSPECT! In the end, we know nothing still :)

  17. If they do the screening in “LA” can people that are under 18 still go with people that are 18 or older like in a rated R movie cuz I’m 13 and I wanna go if they do have a screening over here?

  18. When I was like 11, I was running around the campus of OSU with some friends. And we ended up in some theater building, and there was a big poster that just had Drew Barrymore’s face and the hand over her mouth hanging up. There wasn’t a title or anything. But the entrance was cut off by “do not pass” signs. I wanted to sneak in and see what it was going on…

  19. I guess all the trolls from that board got their accounts deleted between last night and this morning. There were many ”spoilers”, and people wanted to know everything about the movie whether the OPs seemed to be inventing many of the information. After all, who can actually confirm on IMDb that those people attended the screening? In many ways that board has to be one of the most disgusting and immature boards on IMDb. People are always insulting each other and the trolls have extremely severe self-esteem issues.

  20. I am 99.999999% sure anyone under 18 will not be allowed.
    That was true for the Pittsburgh screening.

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