Scream 4: The First Review! (Spoiler Free)

Scream 4‘s first test screening has come and gone, and in it’s wake here’s what you’ve been waiting for! Brief but to the point, this review is verified as genuine and was written by lucky attendee ‘DanielleRocks’ (obviously not his/her’s real name).

It was phenomenal! What can I say.

I was the first in line, and my friend and I waited in the line for about an hour and a half. They let a bunch of ethnic minorities in first, but once we got in, the excitement hit.

This outshines the 3rd one easily.

Definitely the bloodiest of all of them, but I feel like they’ll edit some of it down. An unrated DVD would be nice to have though.

All the acting was superb. Not one flaw.

The opening scene was hilarious and brutal.

Definitely a lot of great Williamson writing.

The characters all felt very genuine. Gale was back to her bitchy self, and had a bunch of great one-liners.

The music seemed to be recycled Beltrami music from 1-3 but it worked well.

The ending was insanity. Easily the best of all the series, in my opinion, anyways.

It didn’t end when I thought it would, and they even commented on that in the movie.

The crowd experience was great, and everybody was totally into it. Cannot WAIT to see this in theaters come April. Hopefully they don’t change anything. Loved it loved it loved it.

Thanks to ‘Adamantium’ from the forum for the tip-off!

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Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. That’s really good to hear! I do hope that this is a review from a big fan of the original, and that they’re not saying all positive things out of loyalty. I have deleted the IMDB Scream 4 page off of my history and favourites, so there is no chance I can go to it. It’s like second nature now to check that board.

  2. Now I’m definitly gonna see it plz put a test screening in “LA”

  3. I forgot to ask how long is the movie?

  4. Very cool! I’m dying to see it.

  5. OMFFFFGGGGGGGGGGGGG loveeee it!!!

  6. sounds awesome, im staying well away from imdb from now one, its crazy on there hahah.

  7. I still can’t believe that this is for real…

  8. what the hell does “They let a bunch of ethnic minorities in first” mean!?!?!

  9. What do you think? They wanted a wider range of races in there to get a better view on the public opinion. It’s actually smart of them to do that.

  10. I was at the screening as well….one of the last 15 people they let in the theater (sorry for all of the people who didn’t get in, all 150 of you).

    Continuing with the spoiler free nature of the review, let me add my two cents:

    -By far the best opening in the series. Smart, hilarious and absolutely brutal.

    -The movie is a lot like the first in the series in a lot of ways, something that is commented on with plenty of self-awareness throughout the script. This is a very, very good thing.

    -I disagree about the gore….I felt that was the one thing that felt unfinished about what they called a “work-in-progress”. Some of the effects shots seemed toned down or incomplete, but it didn’t detract from the experience at all.

    -Acting was great, with one major exception. I definitely think they seriously miscast one of the roles. No more detail about that, but still, it wasn’t that big of a deal for me.

    Anddddd that’s it. I will DEFINITELY be seeing it again come April.

  11. btw, is the person saying the ending was the best of the series, or the movie was?

  12. I was there as well. A friend of mine asked if we could stay for the Q&A afterward with Wes Craven, the person in charge asked “are you black”, he said no, we got sent on our way.

    The movie is very fun, perfectly acceptable as is. A good experience over all.

    Don’t know how long it was exactly since we had to leave our phones in the car and who wears a watch these days?

  13. Well Wissig4ever the best wording for that would have been “they allowed a mixed crown of people, different minorities, races to experience the movie” not “they let a BUNCH of ethnic minorities in first” like it was a negative issue. That’s all :)

  14. *crowd…not crown lol

  15. To, HelloSidney –

    Firstly, I’m very glad you enjoyed the screening. Wish they would do this in the U.K.
    Anyway, I was wondering if you maybe would comment on who you thought was “seriously miscast” or who’s acting was “below par”?
    Just so we can prepare ourselves and possibly put to bed any of those initial thoughts/speculation of who may not be up to the job for such a franchise.

    No pressure though, if u’d prefer to keep it to yourself then that’s fine.

  16. To HelloSidney,

    Do not talk about the acting. That is all.

  17. I’m glad the opening scene is getting a lot of love… though I still doubt it’s better than the first…it’s too classic lol.

  18. A bunch of Ethnic Minorities? what the hell kind of offensive wording is that? This reviewer clearly has some issues. I couldn’t even enjoy the rest of the review after that random ignorance!

  19. Know what I dislike, how people take offense so easily…

  20. When the organizers say “Sorry we are not letting you in yet but we need to get ethnic minorities to the front of the line” it is valid to report it that way.

  21. scream 4 review turns into a big social fight

  22. Please don’t tell me you’re not talking about Hayden as Kirby. I was really excited for that character and I think it was a chance for Hayden to show she’s not just pretty bimbo.

  23. What was the writing credit and how has this been “verified”?

  24. No writing credit, just listed Craven as the director.

  25. Wouldn’t it be more offensive to say “a bunch of blacks, hispanics, and asians first” than “ethnic minorities”? Seems like a pretty harmless euphemism. Unless you’re a hysteric.

  26. I know lol that’s what i was saying! I thought i was the only one that caught on to that!

  27. no but it def could have been said more properly than A BUNCH OF MINORITIES

  28. i don’t wanna know who is the killer but people who attented discover the face or faces behind ghost face?

  29. if you mean did we see who it was then yes….

  30. “I was the first in line, and my friend and I waited in the line for about an hour and a half. They let a bunch of ethnic minorities in first, but once we got in, the excitement hit.”

    The issue is quite simple. It stands out of context with the review and worded in a way that may suggest that the writer has taken issue with said “bunch”. There’s quite simply many other ways to word things.

    As for the actual review of the film….

    What’s the story like?

  31. Well, this is surprising. This is the review I posted last night on OHMB, so it’s kind of cool to see it here. I was tired when I wrote it at 12 last night, and I think it shows. I didn’t mean to make it sound like such a negative thing about the different ethnic groups. They just did it so that there would be lots of variety in the audience. Sorry if I offended anyone; looking at it now I even feel offended. Sorry again about that. Addressing a few things from above:

    1. I am a loyal fan of the movies, especially the first one, and this one was VERY similar to the first movie. Very well done. As someone above who was in attendance posted, they comment on this fact several times in a self-referential manner which was entertaining and completely fit with what I was thinking as I watched it.
    2. The end credits showed “Directed by Wes Craven” and then the lights came on. So, still no news about a writing credit.
    3. The page above spaced out my sentences, I originally had it written to show that I thought the ending was the best of the series. That’s just my opinion, though. It didn’t end when I thought it would at all. I was completely satisfied with the killer or killers plural, not going to ruin it for anyone.
    4. The opening scene was very different from the original’s, so please don’t think that they are. They are both different, and both are amazing and perfect.
    5. And yes, as I said above, we did find out the identity of Ghostface, and whether there was more than one killer.

    Overall, I loved this movie. It ties with Scream and Scream 2. The first 2 are very similar to each other, and this one is similar, but in a good way that will fit with today’s audiences. Loved it, can’t wait to see it again!

    Sorry again about the offensive comment from last night, I was speed writing so I could go to sleep.

  32. As I said, I was tired and didn’t mean to word it that way. I would never have a problem with someone due to their ethnicity or skin color. I regret wording it that way, sorry again to all.

  33. too much too much, STILL TOO MUCH… I dont want to know any more!

  34. “…in ITS wake…” :)

  35. Thanks, Alex! I’m so glad this film is going-down well with fans. It has been a bit of a nightmare since the Zap2It reports on Williamson and Kruger last July. And how nice that the discussions on here are civil…I think I’m going to get-on without IMDB just fiiiine :)

  36. Why is there so much drama regarding the information about the writers? Don’t we have a right to know who worte the script? Why the mystery?

  37. 2 Questions for Alex, if he would be so kind:

    1) I get that it was gory, but I think the money question is was it ever disturbing? Like Casey-Becker-Trying-To-Call-Out-To-Her-Parents-disturbing or Billy-Stabbing-Stu-disturbing?

    2) Was it surprising? I don’t need specifics – I just remember being bored watching Scream 3’s predictable plot turns/set pieces.

  38. AWESOMENESS!!!!!! I’m soo psyched. Can’t wait until April 15th. I wish it would be released earlier. I enjoyed Scream 3, so if this is better than that one, double awesome ness!!!!

  39. none taken :) i just wanted more clarity on that…but thank you so much for the review!!! Debbie Salt: “I can’t wait for the movie”

  40. No Hispanics or Asians.

  41. Can`t wait!!!!!!!!

    And I think that the Beltrami music will change for the final product. It`s probably not finished yet.

  42. 1. Not really so much Casey calling out-disturbing, just disturbing as to how brutal the kills were. I felt so bad for some of the victims, they really got it hard in this one.
    2. Yes, there were some good surprises.

  43. Is it jumpy!!!???

  44. But they let them in FIRST. So it would be “they insisted on allowing different minorities and races into the screening first” if your PC-Police agenda would be suited. Frankly, what was said is fine as-is, as it’s a factual statement. You just seem to take issue with the perceived “tone”.

  45. I think you just worded it in a quite straight-forward manner and people are taking offense simply because they CAN construe it negatively I don’t blame you for it at all. You said how you felt – maybe not with the most tact – but you did. I didn’t read anything negative into it at all because I’m not busy looking for things to claim offended me. They wanted a decent demographic representation in the audience so they let some varied groups in first. Great. You just said it in a more direct manner.

  46. is the ending at all predictable because some people have been saying that it is, and it’s kinda got me worried, but coming from you, it sounds as if the eding is quite shocking, is that so? And does the movie stay true to the whole ” new decade new rules” tagline

  47. Where is the picture from scream trilogy? I have never it before

  48. I meant I have never SAW it before.

  49. No more comments guys, sorry. You’re just going to have to see it on April 15th! I know I will be!

  50. oh c’mon! i almost didn’t even post on here to begin with cause i didnt really wanna know anything but i asked simple questions?

  51. Well if you were a minority you will probably take offense too.

  52. Now now, play nice and respect that he dropped by at all. Fan greed is what’s going to lead to a spoiler outbreak.

  53. Please let us know which actor you’re referring to.
    But oh wait… You’re legally bound not to tell us that. Sorry ><

  54. He said nothing about the “tone” yet you clearly picked up on it. so one it to assume that there is definitely an “issue” there. your callous reaction to his problem with the quote reveals more about you than anything else. as does your use of the term “PC-Police agenda” at the end of the day, you’re an ignorant idiot. continuing the conversation with people like you serves no purpose. Enjoy your Fox news and F*** off!

  55. He’s clearly not, probably just some clueless, privileged little white prick.. who doesn’t get “why everyone is so sensitive” hey Tony please die douche bag!

  56. I’m Mexican and I’m not offended. I think some people get offended to easily. I’m sure that the statement did not mean anything, and if it did, well that shows how uneducated they are. Don’t be like them by throwing insults and swears. how does that halp anything?

  57. I didn’t pick up on any “tone” – I just surmised that others felt it was stated abbrasively or else they likely wouldn’t have taken offense.

    Also, Fox News? I don’t watch Fox News.

    I’m annoyed at people who are over-sensitive and miss the point of what people are saying because they get caught up on HOW they said it. So I clarified that by pointing out that the “political correctness” issue regarding HOW it was said (as opposed to the sentiment – which was not negative) relates to an agenda rather than anything inherent to the phrasing used.

    I don’t think you know much of ANYTHING about me nor what this “reveals” about me. What would make you assume I watch Fox News or start ranting about how I’m an “ignorant idiot” baffles me. Your assumptive nature just goes hand-in-hand with the type of attitude which causes people to have knee-jerk reactions to phrasings which have no inherent ill-will. Such as “they let a bunch of ethnic minorities in first”.

    So the people with knee-jerk reactions – where they clearly haven’t thought about or considered the exact and appropriate context for how something was said – get all “up-in-arms” about how something wasn’t “politically correct” and, as a result, “offends” them or “is inappropriate”.

    It’s absurd. As is your general attitude toward me for making valid statements regarding my views.

  58. absolutely

  59. freakin awesome man. hell yea

  60. Type your comment here./Users/mfarkash/Desktop/images.jpeg

  61. From one of the 2 trailers.

  62. okay your right, just got carried away…sorry
    but the anticipation is killing me:) I wish they would release the second and final trailer already

  63. what is runtime of scream 4?????

  64. Telling people to die now… that’s pretty “problematic” of you… you have issues.

  65. ALSO, calling me a priviledged white prick… now that’s pretty racist. The world needs less negativity.

  66. I rarely read anything about movies Im really excited for on fan sites due to everyone wanting to know the spoilers. I was linked here and I thank all that saw the movie for being very vague and leaving out the surprises, don’t worry everyone, april 15th will be here before you know it………

  67. just putting my 2 cents in here, my wife and i were one of the fortunate to attend the screening here in pittsburgh. i am one of those die hard fans of the franchise, although the second and third were heavily criticized, i loved them as well. so the fact that i knew we were getting in, was an instant awesome feeling. i have always appreciated wes cravens work (from last house to now), and with the scream franchise i loved how the genre he helped establish was being turned into a movie in itself. scream 4 is very intelligent on both the writing and directing aspect. with all of these new horror “re-boots” (remakes) it really helps pave the way to let scream 4 shine bright on its own. we did sign form after form, so i cant/wont say ANYTHING specific, just in-general praise. it was a test screening, everyone in that theater was asked for their criticism, opinion and feelings. and almost all of mine were positive, not coming from a die hard fan, coming from an open minded viewer asking the same question over and over in his head since the annoucement of the film “who is going to be the killer or killers?” if you are a fan of the trilogy, you’ll love it, even if you’re just a fan of the first one, you’ll love it. the kill scenes, the acting, the plot, beginning, ending, were all pumped up for scream 4, i cannot wait to see it again in a few months, and hopefully my 2 cents help to get you a little more excited too. thanks for reading, take care.

  68. What else should he have said? Jesus Christ people are too fucking sensitive these days.

  69. does anyone know if there going to be doing additional test screenings in different locations or was the one in PA the only one?

  70. okay, can anyone tell me if the stuff people are saying on imdb message boards are true or if they are all just making it up? cause some idiots put major spoilers on there without warning and im pissed off

  71. I’m pissed too. Same thing happened to me. I won’t be going back on their. I read who the “killer or killers” are. Hopefully someone will tell us its not true.

  72. well alot of posts were deleted on there for revealing too much and since the ones we read are still on there, maybe they are false? hopefully

  73. Look man, it’s not that big of a deal. You worded it JUST FINE! I’m black and I took no offense to it what so ever. You’re good. Loved your review.

  74. YOU’VE GOT ME SO EXCITED. I was REALLY hoping it would be brutal like Scream. Scream 2 and Scream 3 weren’t really brutal to me at all. They were fun but that’s about it. I want a Scream movie to give me a chill like SCREAM did.

  75. It is unfortunate that anyone talks about these movies after a test screening. I understand how excited Alex Barndollar and others were after seeing the movie but posting anything spoilers or not only puts you in jeopardy of being sued for breaking the agreement let alone ruins any chance of anymore test screenings coming to Pittsburgh or your home town. Trust me, I know, I was there too. The producers are not happy with the actions of a few. I’m disappointed that anyone posted anything. All you have to say is go see the movie when asked about it. But, some people put there interests first over others. I hope all posters receive the maximum $10,000 fine.

  76. Well of course the ending leaked. When you do a test screening for a movie that fans are waiting for 10 freaking years of course it is bond to leak.

    I hope they change the ending, a dumbass put it in bold character in a thread title over at IMDB, i hope they change it because a) i don’t want to know in advance and b) it sounds ridiculous.

  77. something tells me that posts like that aren’t true because they would have been deleted by now. so im not worried anymore, at least i’ll keep telling myself that!lol but seriously, it’s been 3 months since the teaser trailer and still no theatrical one? That’s bullshit. Do they want this movie to be successful? Time for them to start marketing! I expected there to be one sometime this month but people have been saying it wont be until next month! And we’ve been stuck staring at that boring teaser poster for almost a year now! How about a final poster? Im excited for this movie but I want it to be a massive success so that we can have more.

  78. something tells me that posts like that aren’t true because they would have been deleted by now. so im not worried anymore, at least i’ll keep telling myself that!lol but seriously, it’s been 3 months since the teaser trailer and still no theatrical one? That’s bullshit. Do they want this movie to be successful? Time for them to start marketing! I expected there to be one sometime this month but people have been saying it wont be until next month! And we’ve been stuck staring at that boring teaser poster for almost a year now! How about a final poster? Im excited for this movie but I want it to be a massive success so that we can have more.

  79. um. fare warning for everyone don’t read Screen Rants article on the early screenings some ass hole low life posted who the killer is in the comments, and i unfortunately read it without knowing what i was getting into. It sucks to be me, but just a warning for everyone else here who possibly goes to that site.

  80. if they have not deleted it, then i doubt that’s the killer. however, it could be true. idk. i have not read it. even if i knew who it was, i would stil watch it and lovei t! i wouldn’t be as happy, bu i would still love it. :D

  81. This is just AMAZING. Can’t wait to see it. *–*

  82. on @ bunch of ethnic minorities..and oh no@ at people thinking that it shouldn’t be offensive

  83. I really cant wait to see it, I have probably seen the movies about 1000 times!

  84. I sit and watch the days pass by till scream 4 hits my local cinema I have waited for almost ten years to see it, yet the last month is really dragging, will it redefine horror all over again, are we about to have another wave of ironic slasher films in its wake again, will the 3 screamigos be killed off, will the opening death be as amazingly brutal as the first or as clever as the second or as quaint as the third, will the young cast be as good as the rest, who will die, who will be the killer, killers and what is his hers motive, will fans love it, will people go to see it, will it make enough money to warrant a sequel, I hope so

  85. OMG I cant wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!! thk u!

  86. You do a lousy string of basic opinions, yet you bother to include a statement about “ethnic minorities”?! This makes you look like the morons you are, and has led me to decide to not see this film, if they let idiots like you in to give the first reviews. Unbelievable.

  87. I doubt a website dedicated to the scream trilogy can be trusted to honestly review the movie without being biased. I honestly felt the entire scream franchise was a terrible series.

  88. phenomenal eh? Are you working for sky tv, because I’ve noticed that sky raves about the simpsons when it hasn’t been watchable since 2002. It’s the same with this movie, totally unwatchable nonsense, the deaths weren’t creative andneither was the plot. I got lost halfway through with it’s convuluded message about how the killers are working through a new system where all I saw was a bunch of guys hiding in closets. Piece of crap!

  89. Btw i wouldn’t call what I saw in this movie acting, Courtney cox’s head jerks were about all the life she put into the role, I’m not sure why Hayden pennetrie was even there, the ones that turned out to be the killers had very silly reasons for murdering people. You know what, I give up, the world can like whatever it wants

  90. the film was very good. i hated it at first but, when i left and thought about it for a while, i enjoyed it. the kills were pretty gross like *spoilers* when perkins was stabbed in the forehead or when olivia was gutted on her bed. That was definately the most gory death of the whole series!! There were lots of similarities and reimaginings of the first in under cover ways, though. *Lots of spoilers here!!* like the opening scene has the garage crush her back as a more realistic version of tatum’s death, robbie being stabbed at the doorway ala dewey or when jill, kirby, and sid open the door to find robbie bleeding to death and he tells them to go and then finally dies to only have ghostface running at the girls from behind him was very much like when billy and sid let randy in and billy then shoots him. or when gale tells robbie to turn off his camera in a rude way when wanting to talk to him and charlie privately like in scream when sid tells gale to turn off her news camera. there is also the party at kirby’s house that looks a tiny bit like stu’s and just so happens to be his like in the oiginal where the finale takes place. another one is the sleepover and movie kirby has with jill like in scream tatum and sid. or trevor sneeking into jill’s window, someone being tied up during the finale, the killers stabbing each other (and themselves billy and stu style), the hallway scene with trevor, jill, kirby and robbie such as in scream with stu, tatum, and kirby. kate being killed in reminicense of maureen prescott, the finale taking place in the kitchen, charlie asking kirby to let him in like stu and randy in the original, watching horror movies at a party in the finale, and much much more…

  91. when i ment the original scream hallway scene i meant with stu, tatum, and sid. there is also more similarities, like kirby answering horror movie trivia questions from the killer like in the first, olivia being gutted like casey and steve, charlie being tied to a chair like steve and this scene also has a similar scene as to when kirby unties him…he stabs her such as when billy and sid let randy in and billy shoots him,the chase through the house like in the first, sidney and jill being cornered by ghostface in kirby’s room and putting something in front of the door to block ghostface from getting in such as in scream when sidney is chased through the house by ghostface after billy is stabbed and goes into stu’s room and puts his surfboard in front of the door to block the door( notice that kirby and stu’s house are also the houses that take place as the finale and it is their rooms), sidney getting chased onto the roof with ghostface on her tail, sidnay wearing a blue shirt and a blue jacket in the finale like what she wears in the original, the rules from the geeks like randy, kirby and stu both host a party, sid’s best friiend tatum is killed by stu at his party and jill’s (the new generation’s sidney) best friend kirby (the new generation’s tatum) is killed by her crush and wannabe boyfriend charlie, and i really can’t think of anymore except gale going to the stab-a-thon and setting up cameras while sneeking around like what she did in the original.

  92. sorry for all my similiar scenes if they spoiled the movie for you. i was stupid to even write them because it could easily be a pain in the butt if you were trying to avoid any spoilers. JUST IGNORE THE TWO STEVE MACHER ONES ABOVE ME FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE ARE A JUNK LOAD OF SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! SORRY SCREAM FANS! IT WAS ALL MY FAULT!! JUST IGNORE THEM, IF U DONT WANT TO KNOW THE SPOILERS THAN DONT READ THEM IF YOU HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE OR WANTS TO KNOW THE SPOILERS IT IS THE SPOILERS FOR YOU!!!!

  93. i never thought Scream part one was that good it seemed kinda weak and not scary softcore horror part 4 dont look very good to me i dont get why people are so excited about this series

  94. Wt fak is up with the comment about “ethnic minorities” what kinda bull trash is that

  95. Sorry I just read that apology comment but still geeze not a needed point o
    Of fact

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