Scream 4 Trailer #2 Available in HD

It aired on Entertainment Tonight in cut-up format earlier this evening, but has now made its way to Apple in uncut, pristine 1080p glory. Opening with what sounds like a brand new Marco Beltrami score. Enjoy!

And here’s the ET segment:

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47 Responses to “ Scream 4 Trailer #2 Available in HD ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I like this trailer, but for some reason, I feel like the music on the previous one went better with the pacing of it. It almost sounds Halloween ish. Regardless, I am just so happy Marco Beltrami is back (I love his music) and that Scream 4 is only three months away! :)

  2. Thanks Wissig4ever, I’ve now added the embedded copy. That was quick!

  3. At 1:41 it looks likes there is a scene of JUST Sidney & Kirby.

  4. Has anyone noticed the cord thing on Sidney at around 1:50? It looks like something to protect Neve while shooting that scene (like a cable or something)… Wonder what it is..?

  5. Rebecca no longer has the blood on her stomach. It slipped in on accident on the last trailer maybe?

  6. I noticed the blood too. Also, with it being in HD, it looks like the very last clip of Jill screaming doesn’t seem like an authentic scream. It almost looks as though she is mocking Sidney who is to the left. It’s such a quick snip, who knows, but it almost looks like Sid is like “That’s not funny” by looking up as Jill fake screams on the phone. Maybe? Haha. I didn’t explain that well at all. LOL.

  7. Question?

    When Ghostface is on the phone with Sidney does he say:

    “Watch the preview of coming events”


    “What’s the preview of coming events?”

  8. I was wondering if it was “what’s” or “watch” myself. I want to say it’s “Watch” but it would be just as chilling if he said “what’s” in reference to her being “posion.”

  9. @ Stephan
    Yeah the blood has been removed. In the last trailer it was there but they changed the color to black, just like on the wall ‘what’s your favorite scary movie’, because if the trailer has what’s look like real blood it will be rated R and can’t be played that easily in theaters.

  10. cant wait
    have a feeling this is the last for the original trio :/
    hope its at least a good farewell.

    it always amused me how ghostface’s voice is always the same, no matter who’s behind the mask ha.
    gotta love it.

  11. Yes. You can’t show blood in trailers, most of the time.

  12. OMG!! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love, love it already. LOL

  13. They did change the music from Red Right Hand to something else at the beginning????

  14. I think it might still be Red Right Hand just the music not the lyrics.

  15. No, they got rid of it. I hope that it’s put back in the film.

  16. Did anyone else notice some alterations to certain bits of dialogue? The “Not true, Sid’s expendable” line from Olivia sounds MUCH better (I cringed during the original trailer release). Just an observation.

  17. At the 1:18 mark when Sidney is looking shocked there is a big J on the door/wall, Jill’s room?

  18. i think i figured out the scene when kirby and jill are on the phone with olivia. you can see olivia through jill’s window so when the killer says he’s in the closet, he’s really in olivia’s closet. and then jill and kirby watch as the killer chases her, so they run out the house and go next door to help her. you can see that when jill is grabbing kirby by the arm and kirby is looking out in the distance scared of something. then there’s probably a scene when jill and kirby run in the house and thats where jill gets slashed in the arm.

    i don’t know…could that make any sense or am i way off?

  19. @mathieu

    The part where Jill is screaming, looks more to me like Sidney may have been stabbed just then, in the back or something (hence her head’s position) and Jill screaming at the sight of it (?)
    I hope that’s not the case, but it just kind of looks bad for Sidney at that glimpse.


    I totally agree with you. I think that Sidney is the one who goes over to Olivia’s house (which is the part where she is seen running outside) to help her. Probably told Jill and Kirby to call Dewey for Dewey while she went to help.
    Dunno, but good observation.

  20. call for Dewey*

  21. The part where Jill is screaming … you can’t really tell who it is she’s screaming at. From our POV, it could be Sidney, but it could also be one of the other girls who has a similar profile….judging from the trailer, Sidney and Jill are not the only ones with black or dark hair.

  22. I love the look of HD, however I hate the way they cut Hayden’s “liar” scene. It’s like one min she has her cell phone in her hand, next she does not, then she is back on it saying “liar!” This movie looks intense.

  23. Oh Em Gee!!! I pee’d my pants again. Lol!!! Can’t wait, can’t wait and can’t wait one more time. April 15th is too far away.

  24. can anybody saw that jill is infront sidney┬┤s day, sidney going to day, see the last face on the trailer, if sid die, i wii kill gost face and also wes…………rrrrrrrrrrrr

  25. I LOVE the new score, I hope they use it alot in the movie

  26. In the scene where Hayden Panettiere is guessing what horror movie remake the killer is referencing, she does not mention “The Last House on the Left” which would have an interesting correlation to Craven.

  27. Or Nightmare on Elm Street!

  28. When Jill is screaming in front of Sidney, it kind of looks like Jill is mocking someone getting a phone call from ghostface.

  29. yeah, its totally Sidney. In 2:15 you get a glimpse of her shirt, in what seems to be the same scene.
    and the hair style is hers as well. it’d be an extreme coincidence that it’s someone else.
    Looks like she bites it… hopefully not though.

    The ONLY thing I dont like about the idea of Scream 4, is the fact that they may be bringing back old cast members just to kill them off, after all they went through to survive, they come back and get picked off.
    Sid should’ve stayed outta town ha
    Their legacy will live on though.
    Sid, Gale, and Dewey!

  30. It looks funny when Hayden asks ghostface if one of the answers is right he say’s NONE OF THE ABOVE! Well can’t wait to see Scream 4. When the movie is released im gonna get my costume my bloody knife and mask and go to the theater to scare everybody off. T H A N K S W E S C R A V E N! You’ve made my dream come true.

  31. But Gary, if you scare everybody off, the film wont make money and we wont get any sequels. >:(

  32. Ive gotta say, i loved this trailer the first time, but now it makes me feel crappy i mean if you look in the trailer in big teases or even little flashes it gives away a lot of likely deaths i think i can see about 5, 2 are questionable, 2 highly likely and 1 a complete basic giveaway now, i miss the days of no spoilers and simple teasy trailer like the first that give very little away!!! But i am literally going out of my mind waiting for this now.

  33. I won’t scare anybody off just kidding. But,i’m still gonna get my costume over there and watch it with my costume on because i never thought they were gonna make a scream 4 but after i saw the ending of Scream 3 i wonder if there is gonna be another one. i looked since the summer of 2010 and there the teaser poster was which means there is gonna be a scream 4.

  34. What’s up with the jacked up musak version of Red Right Hand? The Canadian version had the real song, but this sounds like cheeze doodle porn horror.

  35. For anyone who wants it, here is a link to download it in HD if you didn’t already see it in the forum.

  36. oh crap, sorry about the double post, i dont know what happened there, delete it would you please moderator? thanks

  37. why is dewey questioning Olivia,Kirby,and Jill when they were attacked by the killer?

  38. @Gary Rangel
    I think they are questionned between the opening ‘murders’ and their attact in the trailer

  39. They’re being questioned AFTER an attack. Notice Jill has bandage on her arm in Dewey’s office and there’s also the shot of Jill being sliced in the arm and holding it (very much like Derek in “Scream 2″) so Jill/Kirby/Olivia obviously survive that long.

    “i miss the days of no spoilers and simple teasy trailer like the first that give very little away!!”

    Hope, have you watched the trailers for the original films lately? It’s very easily to tell that Casey/Tatum die from the trailer, same goes for Maureen, Cici and Randy in “Scream 2″ trailer. Hell, they even show Debbie Salt in killer mode albeit not waving a knife so easy to not assume she’s the killer.

  40. I’m glad someone – and a fellow Aussie – posted that about Debbie. It jumped out at me when the trailer aired on ET way back when. Even the Scream 3 TV spot gave away one of the climax deaths, Tyson. We were all screencapping and decoding the trailers back then just like we are now. There was no “innocent era” except before Scream came out because there was zero expectation, and even then Fangoria gave away many of the deaths. It wasn’t a phenomenon then so no one cared.

  41. I think there will be three killers this time around.
    such a large cast would allow that too.

  42. I think, the girl that falls through the glass table is Jill. I know this is going on all over the forums, I was going to say that it could be Lucy Hale’s character, but after watching the teaser trailer again, the two possible open scenes are wearing tank tops, not gray shirts. But, yet again, think about all of the actresses in this movie that have long, dark hair: Neve, Courtney, Emma, Marielle, and others. So, it could or could not be Jill but, it probaly is.

  43. I rewatched the teaser trailer shown during the scream awards and there was a scene from the top showing clearly that Jill is the one falling through the glass table. Same shirt same bandage on her left arm

  44. I Keep Stoping It at The Part Were She Falls On the Glass table..But i dont see anyone Next To Her..Sho She Either Threw Herself Or she Fell From The Top Or Something

  45. okay so u know how olivia is sitting around with her friends at school and she says that sid is expendable … why does she say that?

  46. Well im my opinion i think that either gale or dewey will die in this movie that would be a shocker huh? i mean they have been in all three movies plus this one i mean come on one of them has to be killed.

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