Still Screaming: Putting The Pieces Together

It’s a new year – the year Scream 4 comes out! And expect things to ramp up in February, by our calculations. But spare a thought for Still Screaming: The Ultimate Scary Movie Retrospective, now editing – and with a far smaller window to lock down a finished product than Scream 4 had, we imagine.

Still Screaming director Ryan Turek posted this image of the editing-in-progress, via our Scream Forum. Since the project went public, he has been kindly updating fans with assorted bits of doco-related progress and adventure. Visit the Still Screaming Thread and you’ll be clued in more than most. Our thanks to Ryan for his time!

The team released this photo through their Facebook (friend them) which is a continuation of the exclusive pic we premiered last month. Who’s the pretty young thing, then? That would be Kaylee Score playing “Alison”. And as for who’s under the Ghostface costume? Scream-Trilogy knows and isn’t telling…

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5 Responses to “ Still Screaming: Putting The Pieces Together ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Why won’t u tell?

  2. Wow. They just edit the movie on a Mac computer in like their bedroom? I always expected movies to be edited in like a studio with a bunch of high-tech computers and such… :P

  3. Well this isn’t like a huge budget theatrical film, this is a documentary, bigger films are edited like that, this looks great! :D

  4. you are aware that docs are barely funded, nonetheless horror movie docs…

  5. What the eff happened to Rose McGowan’s face? She looks BAYAD!

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