Two New Scream 4 Posters Coming Soon

We have the final trailer, now where is the final poster? Closer than you think. Fun World’s R.J. Torbert has revealed that not one – but twoScream 4 posters will debut in around two weeks.

Torbert’s Tweets:

Yes —–there will be a new Scream 4 movie poster coming out — my guess– about 2 weeks

Keep your eyes open for its getting FUN. Because there will be two SCREAM posters not just ONE

We read somewhere one will feature the original cast, and the other with the new faces though can no longer find the source on that.

Furthermore, the public business face of the Ghost Face visage is currently in Houston for a buyer’s convention and has dropped the additional reveal of a “killer” statue (pictured) which should be¬†available for¬†Halloween this year.

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21 Responses to “ Two New Scream 4 Posters Coming Soon ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I’m guessing one will be the “classic” 3 & the other the newbies?
    But then again just because your on the poster it doesn’t mean you’ll be around for a lot of screen time.

  2. hey lea michelle don’t be posting spoilers like that! but anyway cant wait for the new posters!!!

  3. “lea michelle” has been flagged! The Mods. are on it, but I fear not fast enough. Hope they are banned for this (likely) untrue tidbit!

  4. I hope wicked scribe gets lea michelle in trouble and any ways there not true

  5. Lea Michelle better be full of shit or that bitch is evil!!! I don’t wanna know who the killer is!!! Ugh I hope that was a cruel joke.

  6. Bitch got no proof… but if she wants to post off-topic baloney, congrats to her: she’s banned. Same goes to anyone. This comment thread is for poster talk.

  7. So there will be two posters? That`s awesome!!
    But I hope the one they will use for the official cover will include “The Three” + some of the new ones. :)

  8. I hope the poster with the original cast goes something like this: Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courteney Cox, Marley Shelton, and Adam Brody. As for the new cast I think it should be like this: Emma Roberts, Hayden Pannetiere, Rory Culkin, Nico Tortorella and Marielle Jaffe or Brittany Robertson.

  9. I think the two posters will go like this.

    adult, which I think will follow the 2nd and 3rd poster.
    Paquin/bell, Courteney, Neve, David, Adam

    teens, which I think will follow the first poster.
    Hale/Grimes, Rory, Emma, Hayden, Nico

    I don’t think any of Robertson or Teegarden will make the posters mainly because they’re not as big as the other 2 groups of girls.

  10. Huh. While I’m more than pleased to have two posters instead of one (!), I have to wonder if a third will eventually be released with a mixture of both the old and new cast members (for the DVD, perhaps?).

  11. You never know, they could also change the pattern. “New decade. New rules.” They may not do the lineup again. It would be fun from a continuity standpoint if they did, but anything can happen. And no matter what the posters look like . . . WE’RE STILL GETTING A NEW SCREAM MOVIE IN FOUR MONTHS! LOL


  13. Wait, nvm my old prediction. I think Neve will be on both posters. One backed with the adult cast, and the other the teen. I can’t see them not using at least someone from the last 3 on each poster. The Audience will be confused.

    Unless she appears Drew Barrymore style on the teen one as the floating head haha.

  14. i think that Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Anthony Anderson and Mary Mcdonell will be on one at least for the adult / older cast

  15. If they continue to use 5 characters on the posters, 3 females, 2 males. I would like to see it be Neve Campbell,David Arquette,Courteney Cox,Emma Roberts,Adam Brody.

  16. i hope that whoever is writing spoilers like that dont evan kno evan if they saw the test screening they wouldnt let anyone see the real ending.

  17. Im glad I wasn’t around to see the spoiler… and I hope that whatever it was, its proven to be false.

    I’m thinking one poster will have the original three, and the other will feature new characters. Can’t waittt.

  18. I am prepared for any spoiler.

    I have seen the posters. They are awesome.

  19. @superscreamfan how did you see the poster and can you plese send me thee link

  20. Hey SuperScreamFan, can you say who’s on the posters pretty please? :)

  21. New Scream 4 image!,,20459266_20900212,00.html

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