Alternate Trailer Shot: The Two Sides Of Gale Weathers

Back when the initial Scream 4 teaser trailer was released on the internet, there were reports that a shot of Gale Weathers had been swapped out in the version that played in theaters. We now have the theatrical image!

Thanks to Aidan on the forums for tipping us off to the source cam video by JoAngel1987.

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35 Responses to “ Alternate Trailer Shot: The Two Sides Of Gale Weathers ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Very Different Shots
    One is alot more ominous then the other.

  2. So there’s a pirated cam-rip already available out thee somewhere? Not good. And how the hell!?

  3. in the hospital?

  4. I don`t think we`ve seen her in this outfit on any pictures or scenes before, have we? Yay! Yet another scene with Gale Weathers!! <3 :D

  5. God, I know what scene is this?

    I’m just wondering when watching the movie “Oh, while we did not know of anything out here, inside that house these things happened”

  6. God!another indoor scene *-*
    Gale looks so tired and sad in this scene…
    I think is the funeral of Sid´s Father… just a especulation.

  7. Why they change Gale’s pic in trailer?

  8. Phew! I totally misunderstood this when i first read it. Basically you guys are saying that the trailer that plays in the theatre has the top shot instead of the barn shot. I thought you meant they were removing that scene completely from the film! So, nevermind…i’m happy as long as they keep that awesome scene of GF creeping up on gale in the barn….in the film!

  9. does anyone know what movies this trailer is in? i keep hoping i’ll see the trailer, but I never do :( anyone seen anything in the past few days? thanks!

  10. Oh! Interesting! Damn I wanna see this trailer in theaters.

  11. Like someone wrote here before, more a character wears differents outfits, more he or she will likely survive longer or throught the movie :-) I’m glad Gale has a new outfit on this picture!

  12. Good

  13. Love the new picture

  14. What? I don’t get it? You mean the image has been flipped or what?

  15. Wait… Im kind of confused. Can someone explain to me what this means. Im not to smart lol

  16. Is that at the book shop?

  17. i dont get it……………..?

  18. I’ve never seen the first image before…

    Surprised that no one else has commented on this post today.

  19. This is hot :) But she looks more sleepy/drugged up.

  20. I didn’t know Janice Dickinson is in the movie !

  21. How can anyone not understand what this is? lol! :P

  22. i think the first picture was the scene where gale tells dewey thaat ‘its’ all over the internet…the quality might have ruined the color of the dress (purple) so it looks darker

  23. To all those confused: when the trailer hit the internet a few months ago, the first shot of Gale we saw was Ghostface creeping behind her in the barn. When the trailer hit theaters shortly after, the shot of Gale in the barn was replaced with the image of her you see above, just leaning against a door with curlier hair and more makeup on. Some theaters had the barn shot, some had the other.

    No real evidence as to what that all means, but yes, that’s a different outfit than we’d already seen, which puts Gale in at least one additional scene in the movie. Which, to me, is a great thing.

  24. Theatrical shot looks like from Gale´s and Dewei´s home. She seemed annoyed and bored. Fits perfectly.

  25. Her hairstyle is different for sure but how can anyone distinguish her outfit ?? To me, she wears dark clothes on both pictures, can’t say better.
    Also, what’s happening next to Gale in the first shot ? It looks like a window being broken !

  26. “To all those confused: when the trailer hit the internet a few months ago, the first shot of Gale we saw was Ghostface creeping behind her in the barn.”

    Not true… I think. (Sorry if I’m wrong.)

    The only time when you see Ghostface creeping up to her is during the Spike TV preview.

    By the time we have a teaser trailer (NOT THE SAME as the Spike TV one), we cannot see Ghostface. It’s the same barn scene, but Gale’s face shot has been slowed down, and you can only see Gale’s face, not the killer from behind.

    So I really dunno why they had to replace her shot all together. It was fine as long as there is no Ghostface visible.

    …Did that make sense?

  27. I doubt that’s Gale and Dewey’s home. There’s someone in the background and the wall she’s leaning on looks like it has pictures tacked to it. So it’s either the police station or Woodsboro High.

  28. it surprises me how even people clear things in previous comments or point out things we sometimes don’t see at a first glance, eveeen when they do that, there are later more comments from other people with stupid theories about the already cleared stuff.

    makes me wanna go ghostface on them.

  29. The top picture is a scene from Friends. HTH.

  30. @Ghostface Sorry man…i think you’re wrong. In the second half of the trailer you see ghostface lunge at Gale. I’ll admit you don’t see him creeping up behind her like in the spy cam video from trailer #2….but you do see GF lunge at her from behind.

  31. “@Ghostface Sorry man…i think you’re wrong. In the second half of the trailer you see ghostface lunge at Gale. I’ll admit you don’t see him creeping up behind her like…”

    No offense, but since this post is regarding her shot during Ghostface’s taunt to Sidney, I was strictly referring to the earlier part of the teaser trailer.

    During that shot, it is much less distracting and it makes the audience focus more on the characters’ head shot if Ghostface isn’t lurking in the background. That’s what I meant.

    (I do realize my comment was very confusingly written, and therefore there is misunderstanding. But I wrote it under the assumption that we are talking about that particular shot only. Sorry!)

    What you pointed out is definitely true, but kind of a given. :[ In fact, since you pointed out, her encounter with the killer is been emphasized in all the media released so far. It’s gonna be one epic scene. AND HOPEFULLY she won’t end up dying!

  32. it saddens me to say botox has claimed courteney

  33. I love this look! Seeing the clip in the trailer she looks remorseful or something. Seeing anything new is awesome!

  34. And on the right side of the pic, is thats a picture of a broken ceiling fan? Hmmm…

  35. I think Courtney looks fine. She is 46 after all.

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