Emma Roberts Says Scream 4 Is ‘Utter Insanity’

Emma Roberts talks Scream 4 in a new interview by Moviefone. She thinks it’s funny she shares the same surname of her character too…

So you’re like the new female badass in the ‘Scream’ series…

It’s an honor. I mean, I’ve been a ‘Scream’ fan… Also, I love Wes Craven, and I love Neve [Campbell], Courteney [Cox] and David [Arquette]. I thought [they] have been fabulous in every ‘Scream’ movie, so to come in and kind of take on this new role — I play Jill Roberts, coincidentally her last name’s Roberts, Sidney Prescott’s cousin, and it’s just cool because if you had told me five years ago, “You’re gonna be in ‘Scream’ in a couple years,” I would be like, “Okay, whatever, I don’t believe you.” So it was just really surreal.

It’s an interesting return for the horror genre, because it originated this sort of meta-horror trend –

Well, ‘Scream’ has always kind of changed horror; it’s always kind of taken a new spin on it, and this one, I think, is going to open the door for a lot of new different movies. Not so much ‘Scream’ but I think it’s gonna really inspire people, because it’s just insane. I wish I could say more, but it’s utter insanity. I mean, when I was reading the script, my jaw was dropped the whole time.

Because it was…

Because every time you think that you’ve figured it out and that’s the end, it’s not.

So, you’re helming the new generation of the ‘Scream’ team. Are there plans for more? You’re kind of set up to be the final girl.

Who knows? I guess we’ll see. I mean, that would be awesome.

Thanks to Screamingly on the forum for the tip-off.

Full Interview: Moviefone

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9 Responses to “ Emma Roberts Says Scream 4 Is ‘Utter Insanity’ ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. It sounds like scream 4 is going to be awesome and I hope it is. Does anyone else think that Jill is going to be like the new Sidney in the new trilogy.

  2. I’d love both Jill AND Kirby to live, I LOVE Hayden Panettiere in the trailer… she looks like she does a good acting job in scream 4. But obviously both of them wont survive…. Im gonna say Kirby is gonna survive. But Scream would also be a great turn around for Emma’s career, coz in eveyones eyes she’s that little girl who played Nancy Drew lol Whoever survives, I’ll be happy :)

    and yeah, hopefully Scream 4 is “insane” :D

  3. – “So, you’re helming the new generation of the ‘Scream’ team. Are there plans for more?”
    — “Who knows? I guess we’ll see. I mean, that would be awesome.”
    AKA Jill survives. If it “would be awesome” then surely it’s a possibility that she’ll be ABLE to come back in the future? Therefore, she must live…???

  4. @ Dan Yeah out of the new cast I like jill and kirby the most and I hope they both survive to lol.

  5. It dont mean she survives, she might be dead or be the killer… just coz she said it would be awesome if there were more, doesnt mean to say that she’ll be in them, she might just think it would be great coz she would want to see another one… AND if she dies or is a killer… surely that mean Kirby (Hayden) WILL live? Hmmmmm? hopefully lol

  6. Jill is going to prob. die, I see kirby carrying on the rest of the series. I can imagine Ghostface saying, “Hello Kirby,” instead of “Hello Jill.” Sid is “expendable” too

  7. Emma Roberts rocks love her!

  8. I really want Jill and Kirby to survive but that wont happen but I think Jill is going die because in the promo u see her running from ghostface in a brown coat then u see someone in a brown coat falling ontop a news van it look like but I def hope Kirby lives

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    I am kick out my flat I will

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