Fangoria Magazine Reveal Blood-Splattered Mask Pic

We get so much Scream stuff zapped into our heads through our computer monitors that it’s easy to forget Scream 4 should be getting massive print exposure too. Here is Fangoria‘s April issue, #302 – and whilst the cover is hogged by a movie we’ve never heard of, ol’ Ghosty appears in a new official photo down bottom-right. From the looks of things, this is the first time in the series since part one that the mask has gotten… dirty.

Thanks to JoseMellinas from the forums for the tip-off.

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14 Responses to “ Fangoria Magazine Reveal Blood-Splattered Mask Pic ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I love the cover due to the fact that a photo of Ghostface and the cover art of Dario Argento’s Creepers (more known as the full cut titled Phenomena) are beside each other is just awesome. :D

  2. I think is a indoor scene…

  3. VISCIOUS. I wonder what pissed him off so bad this time.

  4. Didn’t Ghostface’s mask get a bit dirty when he killed Cotton?

  5. Is that the Argento film with Jennifer Connelly & Donald Pleasance? i love that movie!

  6. I think thats the mask in the trunk of the car!!

  7. No, you can see the “dirty” mask in both Scream 4 trailers out there. You just have to have a good eye. I’m not gonna tell for those who don’t want to be spoiled, but if you’ve followed this site, you’d know who that person is.

  8. Anyone know what the film is in the bottom left corner?

  9. Does anyone else find that mask … sexy? Lol .. I think it’s about time GF got a bit of blood on his mask consiering some of the kills the trilogy has created and we’ve never seen blood on that mask.

  10. it’s a new movie from the creaters of saw and paranormal activity….supposedly a new twist on ghost stories. very original from all the reviews at festivals….i’m interested

  11. Anyone knows which movie photo is on the left side below of that bloody guy which is covered half in barcode stamp?

  12. To answer your question dee123, yes it is. And it a fantastic movie. I prefer the original cut rather than the 30-minute chopped American version (which was released by New Line Cinema around the time of Wes’ Nightmare on Elm Street)
    And Donald Pleasence is great as always. And Jennifer Connelly was great (in a pre-Labyrinth role)

    And hopefully there’s a larger version of the bloody Ghostface mask that will be released online soon.

  13. Does anybody know when this issue will be available to purchase? Thanks.

  14. Fsngoria hasn’t been good since Tony Timpone started running it.

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