Ghostface: From Killin’ To Chillin’

Here’s a decidedly unique Scream 4 behind-the-scenes photo taken by Wes Craven and released by Fun World’s R.J. Torbert through Twitter. It depicts Ghostface relaxing between takes. A rare moment of vulnerability for the usually energized killer.

Let’s go in for a closer look…

For the record that’s stuntman Dane Farwell in the costume (Scream, Scream 2) whose return to the costume (after sitting Scream 3 out) we confirmed back in August.

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15 Responses to “ Ghostface: From Killin’ To Chillin’ ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Love it!

  2. It’s ironic that he came back for the Scream that has Kevin Williamson involved. Ha! He’s great.

  3. LOL He looks bored…”Wish they’d come out of the house already” oh I amuse myself


    Great pic!

  5. “why is everyone always running away from me?”

  6. Even ghostface has to chill sometimes. After he is done with a hard day of killing.. I bet he loves to take long bubble baths and kick back and watch some American Idol :lol:

  7. It looks like he’s going into some nostalgic moments….:)

  8. “Damn that sidney…and her little friends to!”

  9. Must be tired and hot to be in that black outfit all shooting long.

  10. Lol DavelsGhost! I was going to say something similar, but not quite as great as your saying. I think the picture is kewl. I mean, don’t we all need to chill sometimes? Why not Ghostface? I see nothing wrong with it. ;-)

  11. He looks like a real sad tomato…

  12. I’m not sure what’s going on in the bottom of the picture but is that a ceiling fan outside the house? what the hell?

  13. Good eye! WTF!??! Ceiling fan OUTSIDE of a house? Never seen that before. Weird.

  14. Why so blue Ghostface?

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