I Only Eat Popcorn At The Movies…

One of our excellent forum moderators Nate aka Mr. Ghostface has been given the all-clear to reveal several Scream 4 props he was given as thanks for lending out a primary screen-used Ghostface costume to production so they could authentically recreate the “killer look” down to the last detail.

Among these, the Stab-centric items demonstrate how the franchise-inside-a-franchise has infiltrated the world of Scream. Consider the journey – from Jiffy Pop and “just some scary movie” to Ghostface Skip-N-Pop and Stab DVDs.

Check out the forum thread for descriptions.

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15 Responses to “ I Only Eat Popcorn At The Movies… ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Holly scholly, that is some really cool stuff. I want the balooons so bad. It would be awsome to have for my Scream-A-Thon/Scream-O-Thon. All in all thanks for the eye candy Nate & Scream Trilogy.

  2. I love that whatever that item is in the fourth picture (boxer shorts, maybe?) has the Ghostface masks from SCARY MOVIE. A nice shout-out to the real-world results of the success of the franchise. And I LOVE that there’s STAB-brand popcorn. That’s just too funny.

  3. Wow! this film is gonna be top notch! What are the three letters next to the Stab-a-thon on the top left corner???

  4. There are fantastic! Absolutely love the “Skip N Pop”, what a great nod to the original movie’s promotional Jiffy Pop packaging. Glad that these items are residing with Nate!

  5. STAB 4 – KNIFE OF DOOM! Love it!

  6. i love the world they’ve created. very real, very believable, the detail, sidney’s book. Everything looks great. not to mention that it’s early reviews have all been good. just makes me smile. I’m so excited.

  7. Wow! Amazing stuff there! I love the Skip N’ Pop, sooo cool. The Stab 4 dvd is awesome! And I would sell my soul for that “Out Of Darkness” book, I know it doesn’t have anything in it, but I would still sell my soul for it, lol. The balloons are awesome, the signed mask is fuckin’ sweet and that Stab-A-Thon flier is soo awesome! Ladies get in free, Lol.

    I said awesome a lot…

  8. wow. this stuff is amazing! Stuff that you cane keep for the rest of your life.. I especially love the mask.. and the blood on it. You are a lucky man Mr. Ghostface… a lucky man indeed

  9. I really want the mask!!!!!!!!!! If I tell you my favorite scary movie, will you give it to me? lol

  10. I’m 99% sure it says “3rd annual Woodsboro”

  11. Hey, on the stab-a-thon invite does it say “3rd annual Woodsboro..” on the top and then “Stab-A-Thon” at the bottom? i thought this was the first?

  12. ha does it say dimension on the side of the dvd lol?

  13. I want some of those balloons!

  14. Shouldn’t it be “Sun Rise Studios” and not “Dimension”?

  15. Who’s to say Sunrise are still in business after what happened on the part 3 set?

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