It’s Here: The New Scream 4 Poster #2

Today Moviefone premiered Poster #2, coming a few weeks after Yahoo debuted Poster #1. Echoes of Halloween, anyone? If Scream 4 is comparable to any movie, it’s Halloween.

Thanks to Mike for the tip-off.

Updated – the poster up top seems to be a revision copy, here’s the original one, via MovieWeb:

We have our theories on why it was changed (hint, bottom left corner) but want to know what you think!

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41 Responses to “ It’s Here: The New Scream 4 Poster #2 ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Your welcome! I told you it was pretty cool. I think of all the movies, this one plays up the slasher aspect. If this is the most brutal of the 4 then the poster is appropriate! I can not wait.

  2. Before I start, FIRST! lol
    I’m loving the new poster. It’s awesome. I still want a cast poster though!

  3. It looks very very cool..
    Although I was expecting a crew poster..

  4. I loved it. It’s dark and agressive, the best poster in the franchise, for me. Can’t wait until April.

  5. Saw it an hour ago and it is pure genius! This thing is going on my living room wall! Whoever designed this should be applauded!

  6. I like it. But I don’t love it. Not what I was expecting, so that’s good.

  7. great!! original i was praying they wouldnt do another stupid poster of the characters that was getting super old!!!!!

  8. LOL ok, nevermind…my bad. I just saw the revised post. Guess we’re all freakin out here.

  9. Like the all red lettered one better. The original has those swirls in front of the mask, no sparkle on the blade tip, the sharp part of the blade looks different and on the all red lettered one you cant see the mask above New decade, new rules.

  10. This is what I call a perfect poster. It’s brilliant on the part of someone who was very creative. Any of you kids who is worth his or her salt should know a good poster when you see one. Enough of the stupid cast poster. Nobody wants to see a cast poster. This is IT, right here. This is THE poster for Scream 4 and I want this on DVD box or Blu Ray box or whatever Box from now on. It’s simple, striking, and will surely be iconic.

  11. Great to see scream returning to it’s roots as a homage to the greatest horror movie of all time Halloween. It may be a bad thing how excited i am for the new one everything keeps making me think it’ll be at least the 2nd best of the series after the original and i love Scream2 almost as much as the original, so i may be going ott on this one.

  12. Not only was it changed for the bottom left corner, but because the Scre4m logo was a little off. The number 4 on the old poster was taller than the letters in the title. From a graphic design P.O.V. it’s messy. The logo on the revised poster is much cleaner.

  13. Yay! Genius indeed. Also, fudge the damn cast poster. I’ve never liked any of them and I know new one wouldn’t make me change my mind. Things just keep getting better and better and I can’t believe it’s almost April already!

  14. I like this, but I need the one with the floating heads! It’s not a SCREAM poster without the floating heads!

  15. Cast poster?!

  16. I’m loving the new poster cause they other one that was released a couple weeks ago just wasn’t looking like anything. It looked fake as well.

  17. Hate it. Im sick of that stupid mask. I wanna see a cast photo

  18. This poster is so much better than the first one! Yessss!!!!!

  19. <3 IT! Reminds me of HALLOWEEN 5 poster ^.^ which is even better, that was my fav. halloween sequel.


  21. Both posters do not impress me.
    I really wanna see some cast members :\

  22. Brilliant!!! So good! Knocks the socks off the poster from 2 weeks back! I reckon they saw all the negative remarks made about the “4” poster from 2 weeks ago and decided to put together a much better one-sheet to release. NEXT, will be the cast poster which I bet we’ll see within the next 2 weeks. Can’t wait!

  23. Plus – this one is scary. It’s creepy and quite menacing. They’re making sure this movie sticks to the slasher theme!

  24. That is so AWESOME!!! it would be cool if there could somehow work sidneys, gales and deweys reflection into the blade part, that would look really cool

  25. This is creative, but it will be great with cast photo as well. To keep the tradition ! Perhaps this in North America and cast photo international ?

  26. I prefer the first “draft” poster because there’s a subtle “4” next to Ghostface’s mouth. Not sure why they got rid of it in the revision.

  27. love it. all it needs is a few of the cast names and it would be perfect but easily the best poster.can’t wait

  28. @rick Doesn’t look like a 4 to me. Looks more like an M than a 4. I think it’s just a swirl.

  29. Great poster but to me it feels like a teaser poster more than the final product. Oh well, bring on April 15th or rather April 14th at Alamo Drafthouse!

  30. Great poster! Both versions of it! The top one is slightly better because of the flare on the blade and the look of the blade as well, but the 4 on the bottom poster is more appropriate and a nice dark red.

  31. I saw this on facebook yesterday. It’s so awesome!! I like it better than the other poster they had up. This one seems to represent the new movie. New decade. New rules. Kind of thing.
    Can’t wait!

  32. I’ll post the full resolution version and updated one
    on the forums in a sec.
    Don’t expect the mask to be in SUPER high quality.
    but just HQ :)

  33. @Dan the revised poster IS the poster where the 4 is taller than the lettering. The poster on the bottom is the original release, the poster up top is the revision.

  34. Yeah definately this poster reminds me of the Halloween 5 poster.Where it shows a merge between Danielle Harris and a knife.

  35. @Shrugs Oh. :-/

  36. What does the rating say? Rated R for?

  37. I like it. I do disagree personally with those who say the top one is better because I don’t think it is. I like the second version – the knife blends better and the logo is far better. The first looks like it was thrown quickly together to show the producers how it would look.

  38. All you little kids stop sucken the teat. This is BS after all the fans have done telling everyone about Scream and everything they do this shit to us. Fans have made way better posters and I know it’s not because Wes or anyone else but it still sucks! WTF!

  39. “Im sick of that stupid mask.”

    You’re on the wrong website, mate.

  40. ppssshhhhtttt!! this is the best poster I’ve scene from all the scream movies so you all can lay off. wes didn’t make this ether!

  41. If anyone see this poster in a theater…please snap a shot and email it to this site! I’m sure they would love to post it! We’d all love to see it! I saw the TEASER POSTER in a mall theatre and it looked amazing!

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