Pre-Order Scream Trilogy Blu-Rays

Scream, Scream 2 and Scream 3 are now available for pre-ordering on Amazon with a $13.99 price tag knocked down from $19.99 list price. That’s a not-too-shabby $42 (vs $60) for the whole trilogy. No specific release date yet, though we know they’ll be out by the time Scream 4 hits, and the covers are subject to change, but the wheels are turning.

Included below are links to pre-order the BD discs through the Scream-Trilogy Store which pulls content from Amazon (and earns us some server-cost contributions if you do order via these links!).

Thanks to Craig for the tip-off.

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11 Responses to “ Pre-Order Scream Trilogy Blu-Rays ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Seeing these potential BD covers listed like this really makes me want a cast poster to materialize for Scre4m.

  2. Def’ will be upgrading. So long as I am not losing out on any features/featurette content from the DVDs. MORE CONTENT, if anything, please.

  3. I am extermly happy about this S right here! :D I hope the covers DO change! Not to were its unreganiable but a little change wouldnt hurt. Like maybehangeing the stupid piturs on the spine on the dvd and taking away those dumb red quotes from the font of the box! :) I hope new special feures are coming aswell as picres on the actu discs themselvs!!!!!! IM SO EXCITED OMFGIH!!!

  4. Yes! I’m ready! However, I hope we get some new covers! I frankly like the original scream poster for the original and the teaser posters for 2 and 3 over cast posters. Either way these will be georgeous and I will own them the second they are released!

  5. I have a feeling that the special features for the this release will be bare bones. I hope they at least carry over the previous release features fromt the special edition dvds. I know some people want new features but the previous dvds had more than enough for a horror release.

    I also recently purchased the canadian release for a price of 21 dollars, which was pretty good for three films for one price.

  6. Maybe a Scream 4 clip before it’s release ?

  7. I think it will just be a port of the dvd, with special features, but will be great quality :)

  8. I doubt there will be any new special features, especially with the low $19.99 MSRP price point.

    However, with the two in-depth documentaries coming out soon, what other special features could we really ask for?!

  9. I wonder if the scream 3 bluray cover description will still read “Greensboro” lmao… how do you eff that up on the vhs, dvd AND canadian bluray covers? hahaha

  10. Why no boxset of the 3 together? Annoying! :(

  11. Scream 2 is the only cover here where 4 out of the 5 shown live, which is why I personally prefer the cover with Jerry O’Connell.

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