Scream 4: Carnage In The Editing Room

It may not be April yet but that didn’t stop Wes Craven from pranking his Twitter followers with a tantalizing “Shhh… SCREAM4 Killer Revealed”. Revealing on the other side was a recent photo of the amiable director editing Scream 4.

Additional photography on additional suspense and terror recently wrapped and we now look down the barrel of 8 weeks and change until due date.

Full Size: Wes Craven Flickr

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11 Responses to “ Scream 4: Carnage In The Editing Room ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Bring it….we’re ready!

  2. Wes…thanks for the tease! You’re fans are ready and we know you’ve got an amazing ride ready!

  3. I HOPE there’s a mention of “Himbry Field” even if over a campus loudspeaker in post-production…

  4. Looks like the parking garage scene… nice.

  5. Ha Ha Wes Craven is awesome.

  6. What is Wes’ obsession with the parking garage scene? lol the whole scene has been given away in the trailer, frame by frame nearly haha oh well good pic :D cant wait till we start seeing tv spots! and where the hell is this second poster? I have a feeling it was just as crap as the first one, so they thought “omg, they hate that poster, we’re gonna have to ditch the second one and try and make a different one”

  7. i cant wait for this……..and i cant believe its only 8 weeks

  8. ghostface looks like a dog xD

  9. Nice!

  10. Well since the the garage scene was one of the only scenes being edited, i presume due to reshoots, he didn’t want to give anything away from the start or the end..?

  11. Gasp! Oh my god! Wes behind you!

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