Scream Trilogy Finally Coming To Blu-Ray

Lionsgate (Saw) have partnered with the Weinstein-less Miramax to release the Scream trilogy onto blu-ray in the USA within two months. Studiocanal will release the titles in UK/Europe.

Lionsgate, Studiocanal and Miramax announced today that they have entered into a worldwide home entertainment distribution deal. Under the long-term deal, Lionsgate and Studiocanal will distribute more than 550 titles from the Miramax film library on Blu-ray. The studio will soon release the Scream trilogy, and Pulp Fiction will finally get its Blu-ray release in June.

Lionsgate will partner with international distributor Studiocanal to distribute Miramax titles in the UK and Europe.

The first home entertainment release under the deal will be The Switch in the US, the romantic comedy about friendship, fertility and family, starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, which will be released on Blu-ray on March 15.

While commenting on the distribution agreement just announced between Miramax, Lionsgate and Studiocanal, Miramax CEO Mike Lang revealed that upcoming titles include all three films in the Scream franchise, tying in with the theatrical release of Scream 4 (due out April 15). Pulp Fiction, in turn, will come out in June.

Whilst there is no mention of the trilogy being released on standard DVD, we’d be surprised if it wasn’t, considering the movies are essentially out-of-print.

Source: via Nate

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28 Responses to “ Scream Trilogy Finally Coming To Blu-Ray ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. lol….anyone else see the irony in this?

  2. Great news. But I assume a blu-ray four-pack will be released once Scream 4 hits the shelves? If so, I’d rather wait for the Scream 1-4 blu-ray set.

  3. ohhh my effin god!!! <3

  4. Hi Gabriel. Anchor Bay are distributing part 4 on DVD.

  5. YES! Guys…i was praying all day for more SCREAM news and here it is! This is amazing and i’m so happy to be a fan….woohoo! Thank you JESUS! =)

  6. So, are the Blu-rays coming out in April or what? There’s no release date.

  7. Sounds like it’s coming out right along with Scream IV Jerry. I’m guessing the 12th, but that’s just a guess.

  8. Well, let me tell you something. Lionsgate puts out the SAW movies on DVD, among other things, like “The Expendables.” Their movies tend to require you to put an SD card into your Blu-ray player because Lionsgate creates menus and stuff that require more disc space than what typical Blu-ray players have. Playstation 3’s don’t have this problem, but my Blu-ray players (and a lot that are 2.0 enabled) have this problem and everytime you wanna watch the movie, you have to have the SD card in the slot.

    So, although I’m glad that the “Scream” trilogy is finally coming to Blu-ray, I’m worried that Lionsgate is gonna mess them up with all of their powerful menus and Lionsgate Live features that require SD cards for the disc to even play right. And yeah, I’m gonna call Lionsgate out on this because it’s well known in the Blu-ray world that their discs tend to do this and I hate it. Wish they had gone with some other company besides Lionsgate.

  9. I picked up my Scream Trilogy on Blu-Ray in Canada in the fall. Bare bones yeah, but it’ll do fine until the new one is released as well…

  10. @screaming4more I have SAW1-6 on blu ray and i have zero problem playing them. Never heard of this problem. Interesting.

  11. I hope they`ll get a European release as well!! :D

  12. Sounds like it’ll be a bit rushed.

  13. I want more special features not only the movies on blu ray. In Canada there is a Scream Trilogy pack in Blu Ray without bonus features or documentaries.

  14. @JRT — Not all Blu-ray players have the problem. Unfortunately, mine do. If you search “Lionsgate Blu ray problems” stuff will come up about it. There are Lionsgate movies that don’t have the problem, so I’m hopeful that the “Scream” films don’t, but my mind would be more at ease if Lionsgate wasn’t putting them out. I cannot play films like “Crank 2″ and “The Expendables” and “Saw 6″ without my SD card – I just hope they make the “Scream” trilogy trouble free.

  15. I really hope they re-release the dvd’s for the trilogy.

  16. so they will be released in us right? Not just uk RIGHT? im confused

  17. Sorry about that Kenneth, I’ve now clarified in the article. Lionsgate=US, Studiocanal=UK/Europe.

  18. I know this doesn’t directly relate, but does anyone know if the upcoming Scream Documentary/Retrospective is gonna be on BD?
    And btw SCREAMING4MORE i hope your BD playback issues come to an end…especially with the trilogy hitting soon and S4 in the fall.

  19. YES! So glad I didn’t buy the Canadian release. I had it in my hand last month too… I was so about to too but I realized the U.S. would release a better set :) I was right

  20. This is great news i’m willing to bet the trilogy will be out on blu-ray. Around Scream 4’s release as a way to cash in they’d be stupid not to. I just ask that they don’t give the same shit from the prior box set.

    I’m saying give us some new special features with the old ones.Make the first three film uncut if not,then include the uncut footage. As additional/extended scenes,some new commentaries bottom line: give us the works. Because just giving us improved image quality ain’t gonna cut it for me.

  21. Well said Daniel!

  22. Hahaha I just noticed that someone left a comment here using the name “Cory Gillis.” If my memory serves me right isn’t CG’s # 555-8176? LOL Man, some of the people that comment here are so creative and downright funny.

  23. I hope these are director’s cut versions and not the MPAA revised versions!

    And they had better give us some serious behind the scenes footage!

  24. I hope that they release the extended cut of Scream 1, I used to have it on Laserdisc but then the damn things shrunk!

  25. @wickedscribe. Are you sure Studio Canal are distributing in the UK? The Switch, the first movie to be released under the new distribution deal, is being released by Lionsgate in the UK, not Studio Canal. I also read in the Los Angeles Times that Lionsgate are distributing in the US, UK, and Canada whilst Studio Canal is distributing in continental Europe.

  26. I am all for new material but I mean there could only be so much of it. I mean could there really be even more stuff to even add to them

  27. Ok, i was wrong…it’s 0176. Close enough for comfort though. =)

  28. @madnessoftheheart I’ll tell you something i would love to see….interviews with Marco! It’s kinda sad how the film score composers get looked over in the extras on film. I know we film score fans are probably a small number, but i would love to hear Marco talk about all 4 scores.

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