Shenae Grimes Talks Not Talking Scream 4

It’s been far too long since Canadian cutie Shenae Grimes has been grilled about Scream 4, since October (for TV Guide) in fact. Now she has broken her silence and deconstructed said silence, within an interview at Movieline focusing chiefly on her upcoming indie film Sugar.

Obviously one of the things you’re doing is Scream 4. I would imagine that you aren’t really allowed to say anything about your role though.
Yes, I have been sworn to complete secrecy by Mr. Bob Weinstein. He warns me not to open my mouth, and I have not since the day we spoke. The first day on set basically, he literally before — it was not even my shooting day, I was just going to meet everyone — and the first thing he said was like, “No, it’s great, I’m so glad you’re a fan of the originals! But: If you tell anybody what happens, you’re dead.” I was like, “All right, I will stay quiet.”

How did Scream 4 come about? Were you looking to star in something like this?
I had no intent on doing a project like that. I don’t really know — I basically got a magical phone call one day that was like, “Hey, do you want a part in Scream 4? Cause they offered it to you.” Which never happens. I’ve auditioned for like hundreds of projects that I’ve never even called back for before. To get a straight offer was crazy, but it’s a very tiny cameo. It’s not like Emma Roberts role or anything like that; those girls were there for months and months.

But yeah, you know, a horror film and another remake and all the rest was just like, “That can’t be the first major step for me.” So I could never audition for the lead role — when those auditions were taking place — but I know a lot of people did. I just didn’t think it was the right step for me. But a cameo in one of my favorite movies of all-time? I was like a kid on Christmas. The original Scream is one of those classic things, but it totally pokes fun at itself too. It’s never taking itself too seriously, which is why I think it’s such a cult classic.

We’re noticing a pattern here – Tori Spelling of Beverly Hills 90210 played Sidney in Stab – so Shenae Grimes of nu-90210 as a Stab character would make sense in the upside down world of Scream. Surely?

Source: Movieline

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10 Responses to “ Shenae Grimes Talks Not Talking Scream 4 ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Well that’s cool she had a nice time filming her part in the movie. I wish it was April already lol.

  2. Man! I wish I got a phone call to be in the Scream movie(s). I can’t wait. When will we start seeing the previews on tv and in the theatres?

  3. 8 weeks guys….can ya feel it??? Hang on!

  4. Actually she is probably in the opening scene of the film.
    Since Lucy Hale revealed in an interview that she was in the opening scene and Shenae Grimes is opposite her in a scene as shown in the trailer!
    Sow hopefully they are the opening scene, and it would make sense as they look like high schoolers like the main cast.
    I just cant wait till April, hopefully my suspicions are correct. It seems likely though, right?
    The anticipation is killing me!

  5. I expect to see both of them, Lucy and Shenae, in the beginning of the film. From the looks of it, they will be STAB characters. The way they keep talking about how small the roles are, and the fact that they are cameos–YES, SURELY, they are STAB characters in the opening scene :)

    But that’s just my conjecture, of course.

  6. i’m thinkin’ ‘stab’ cameo.

  7. I hope they are not Stab characters, Kristen and Anna looks more like Stab characters with their awful colored top. Stab movies are always compared to cheap horror franchise with all the cliché used in bad way according to Randy. Anyway we’ll have to wait 2 months and then find out. The movie is opening April 13th in France :-)

  8. Man….give us some news Craven!!! I just about can’t wait 8 more weeks man. Every day feels like a month! I swear i check the news on here 50 times a day just dying for a new poster…or trailer….hopefully some tv spots! It’s like christmas for grownups. Arghhhhhhhh =)

  9. Oops…I meant 9 weeks. :). I’m so excited I forgot how to add.

  10. I agree, I think Shenae and Lucy are the new Drews, Kristen and Anne are Stabs

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