You Asked For It: Scream 4 Cast Poster

That Scream 4 hasn’t gotten a cast poster thus far has been a minor disappointment for some fans. However the “cast line up” was a relic of the 90’s popularized by Dimension Films with Scream 2 and would become the prime example of everything old-school horror fans hated about the new slasher wave Scream inspired – beautiful people, lined up like a Vogue fashion shoot. With the simple, direct posters Dimension have offered up for Scream 4, they’ve wisely chosen to eschew perceived trendiness and exercise restraint to regain the interest of the general horror fan.

Still,what was new-school in the 90’s is now old-school for that generation. So behold, a cast poster – Click for high (and we do mean high) resolution.

Now, this poster isn’t real of course but it certainly should be. PL Boucher is the artist behind it, and this is the final version of his previous posters which were such high quality, they were floated by lazy outlets as official. We expect this one to be no different.

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45 Responses to “ You Asked For It: Scream 4 Cast Poster ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. WOW. Loved it. *-*

  2. I love it well not the people at the bottom they seem out of place for some reason but yayyy

  3. When I saw the tweet on my iPhone I thought the legit one was released I was like JASDFLKJSDF.

    But, this is insanely awesome. I love the eyes.

  4. I actually <3 it a lot. The team should hire this artist.

  5. That’s actually how I imagined how they’d do it.

  6. Love it! Nico looks out of place to me. Other than that I love it!

  7. Don’t like it at all. Sorry.

  8. Not gonna lie….the title of this post and the quality of the poster made me think this was the real deal! And you know what, that’s a darn fine poster. I don’t care if it came from some kid in his basement or a film studio. Nice work!

  9. I think it’s a very good poster, beautiful, but has one big mistake that the past immaculate fanposter had….there has been NO proof whatsoever that Sidney, Gale, and Dewey are no longer the main characters. No comment from Wes or Kevin saying Jill is the new lead, all we’ve heard is rumors when the project was first announced, but people who have seen the screenings in Pittsburgh and such have said that Sidney is still the main character, and Gale Dewey and Jill are the next in line.

    After the film comes out and Sidney in the primary character and Emma has the same role size as David and Courteney, then I think this person’s going to feel stupid. At least this one isn’t as bad as the last one where the trio was in the very back and small sized.

    Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but this always bothered me about the last poster and now this one. And even if they all three were gutted in the opening sequence, like Jamie Lee Curtis was, Jamie Lee was still front and center on the DVD cover.

    Great poster, but I’m very sensitive when it comes to my trio :) A huge step up from the last one. Still doesn’t surpass the first fanmade poster back in May with the traditional cast line-up and smoke that made the mask in the background.

  10. Very nice job indeed. But I was hoping for a “legit” one… I doubt it’ll come though. :(

  11. I thought it was a real poster too until I read the part under the picture… but still.. this is amazing… better than the other posters that have come out in my opinion.

  12. Oh, I thought this was official. Oops, I should of read the title. Hope we get a real one soon!

  13. Love it expect for the glowing eyes.

  14. I think this artist is pretty good but i think he should of kept the regular tag line ( New Decade New Rules ) instead of ( Someone is about to rewrite the rules ) but never the less its still a very good poster i like it.

  15. I miss the cast posters.. Id like them to have something non sloppy to put together for the dvd cover, which they will have to put faces on, and if there is no poster with faces on them theyll just do a bad photoshop job with clips from the movie or something. Why should horror films be the only films where its dated to have a cast lineup poster? as long asits not floating heads it wont look tacky.

  16. Thanks for the comments guys! Glad you like it!

    @ Ryan: The original trio accounts for almost half of the poster. What gave you the impression that I didn’t consider them main characters?

  17. GOOOOD TAGLINE! Much better than the “New Decade” one.

  18. They should just use this poster, if they’re not planning on making an actual cast poster.

  19. @ryan

    nothing about that poster even remotely suggest that they’re not the leads. If anything, having them above the new cast shows a greater importance for them. So no offense, but quit bitching because it’s not exactly what “you” want.

  20. I thought this was the official poster! I was like, OH HELL YES!!! And then I read the bottom half of the article and I was like, oh darn it!

    I love the poster! Only thing is I would have prefer Rory Culkin instead of Nico, but either way the poster is perfect. 10/10!

  21. “Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but this always bothered me about the last poster and now this one. And even if they all three were gutted in the opening sequence, like Jamie Lee Curtis was, Jamie Lee was still front and center on the DVD cover.”

    That’s actually a very good point! I agree upon hearing it!

    But on the side of the argument, maybe the writers/the team really want to move on with the series and give the new characters more weight. So having them in the front in posters (official or fanmade) may be an idea that the team and other fans will enjoy.

  22. If it was the real poster they’d have Anthony Anderson on it… like how they had Deon Richmond on the poster for Scream 3, and Jada Pinket for Scream 2 (I know she had the “Drew Barrymore” kill, but she wasn’t an important part of the story or as an actor at that time. Drew’s appearance on the poster for Scream was partially because they wanted the audience to think she was in the movie throughout.)

  23. Maybe you should have had a different headline, i had a heart attack coz i thought it was gonna be real

  24. Simply. Epic. Love this poster SO MUCH!!!!! This should be used in conjunction with the ghostface/knife poster. Best fan poster to date! Kudos to the artist. I’ve been following this franchise from the very beginning and as an old sod I’m extremely pleased.

  25. I will say i do not like the tag line. I personally feel the whole “SOMEONE HAS…..” line has been done to death already. It was good for the first one because it was actually part of the mystery. It worked in part 2…not as catchy but it worked. Then by 3 the tagline felt way overused. I love the new Tagline because it gives us a new voice for the film.

  26. Looks awesome!! I wish it were an actual poster. I think everyone looks great. Maybe I am not as fussy as others. I don’t see where anyone on the bottom would be out of place.

  27. I agree with almost everyone here. This is awesome!!!! Can’t wait! gonna have a scream marathon party b4 the fourth one premires

  28. I think it’s practically perfect and way better than anything official. Excellent, excellent job. I personally love how the original trio and Ghostface are elevated above the new kids. It’s the perfect way to fold the new generation into the history of the franchise while acknowledging how special Gale, Dewey and Sidney are to these films. Kudos!

  29. EFFIN AWESOME!!!! Love the Jill/Sidney Contrast!

  30. I love it :]]] I was so excited that they made one. But disapointed that its not real. But hope thay make a real one. I love how the 3 are on the top with ghost face. And I love the new cast on the bottom.

  31. @the_mad_butcher

    Sorry if I came off a little harsh :(

    The more I think about it, the more I like it as a whole. It just seems weird not to have the trio where Adam, Marley, and Emma are. I do like how they tie into the background with the glowing eyes.

    It’s great, I like it alot, now. I think my post above was me in shock of not seeing them with the other cast like it was in the first 3.

  32. @JRT Did they use it in the 3rd one? I thought it was “The scariest Scream is always the last”. I could be wrong but i don’t remember a “someone has…” tagline.

  33. I like it but the one thing I would change is Ghostface in it. Although I like the red ghostface, I feel it doesn’t fit in the poster. Maybe just have Courtney, Neve and David making up the back

  34. that is a great cast poster.

  35. What Jon said. They also used “Welcome to the final act” which was the one for most of the posters I believe.

  36. It’s cool, Ryan. Your comment didn’t seem harsh, I was just genuinely confused as to how someone could say I neglected the trio when their giant faces loom over everyone haha

  37. kool poster, the side on one of ghostface where his mouth is the knife is better, ofcoarse. i hope they put a more grippingl ine on the cover though, the first 3 (espeacialy 1 & 2) had really lines: to survive a horror movie you have to abide by the rules, some one has taken their love of sequels one step too far and The most terrifying scream is always the last. welcome to the final act. granted, the 3rd mmovie was the least scary of them all, but still all the lines are intriging. Like with the latest nightmare on elm street: Never sleep again. it just sounds.. terrifying i hope they make scream 4’s line better

  38. CourtyK, this is the last time a comment from you is approved if you’re going to keep entering fake email addresses like Same goes for everyone – the email address is required so I can contact you if need be.

  39. I appreciate this poster a lot for how he mixed the 90’s “cast lineup” with a more modern horror movie twist to it. It captures the eyes of anyone who stumbles upon it and is unique in how it draws attention to the movie. It’s one of those posters that makes you wonder what it could be about instead of movies like Chucky, Nightmare on Elm Street, and many others that show you the killer and such. I am very pleased to see a fan would go out of his way to make this for all of us.

  40. This poster should be a big disappointment for real fans. The top part is the same poster used for “stab 3″ except the real stars faces have been put in. Also, the new cast looks like they are looking at something really funny, trying really hard not to laugh. This takes the serious tone away from the poster- at least for me.

  41. That’s horrible poster. I hate that Ghostface is with main characters at the top of the poster, I hate pics of the cast at the bottom (looks like a crappy promo from a tv series), David Arquette face looks WEIRD, and what the hell is going on with Adam Brody’s hair?!

  42. @ Jon I think you’re right jon. They did use the “SOMEOE HAS…” line for part 3 once i believe. I think they used it in the format of “SOMEONE HAS TAKEN THEIR LOVE OF TRILOGIES ONE STEP TOO FAR.” But, as a whole you are right.

  43. I think is a really cool poster, is awesome!… but I also think that if this great fan-made posters keep coming out… the studio is not going to have many ideas left for the “official poster”.

  44. Dewey looks like he just smelled a fart.

  45. Don’t like it for the simple fact that Hayden Panetierre’s hair is short in the film. Not pulled back with a scrunchie. Come on!

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