12 Things To Learn From The Scream 4 TV Spot

Drew Barrymore was making popcorn, Britt Robertson is making Hungarian goulash or something. Yeah, we’re not getting the thematic resonance either. But this shot sure does visually harken back to the opening scene of Scream in subtle ways.

With all the modern-as-possible communicatory tech in Scream 4, Lucy Hale’s clunky cordless seems out of place. Unless what we’re really seeing here is one of the older Stab sequels.

Ghostface removing wiring to disable the vehicle recalls the scene in Scream where Sidney trapped herself in the car, only for the killer to dangle the keys in front of her.

Allison Brie tries her best Ghostface impression to scare off her attacker. Don’t do that girl, it’ll just make him madder.

A hidden camera in the eye socket is the type of realistic technical advancement that the voice duplicator/changer in Scream 3 failed to be. We’d be surprised if this shot wasn’t culled from the requisite “unmask and explain my motive” part of the climax.

Don’t just stand there Courteney, look who’s hiding behind you – Debbie Salt’s vengeful mini-me!

Someone let one go. And Anthony Anderson is on the case. Hint: it was Adam Brody.

“So what do you want to do, bonehead? Just sit here and wait to see who drops next?” Sure beats being the one who gets dropped.

Ah, the return of a sneaky-sneaky Ghostface stalking around a house ala Casey’s house. If indeed it is the pale-faced one – the shape of the moving shadow in the window suggests someone maskless out there.

The lighting seems like a visual reference to Dario Argento’s Suspiria but probably just wasn’t color-timed yet. But look at where there’s no lighting – perhaps Aimee Teegarden should be worrying about that door ajar into darkness.

The Friday The 13th films taught us that anytime a character is standing too far to one side of the camera frame, it means a dead body is about to come crashing in to fill the open space. Also note a possible secondary threat shadowed in the window behind.

Despite persistant rumors, Kirby is not a lesbian. She’s practically drooling over the geeks on stage in this shot.

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17 Responses to “ 12 Things To Learn From The Scream 4 TV Spot ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Lol at Debbie Salt!!! :D

  2. Why is it day time in Aimee’s picture?

  3. Now I saw it the person that is being threw to the window is Britt Robertson, at least looks like, it’s a blond person on the frozen image and the clothes are beje a dark pants!
    By the way, I guess I’m not the only one that saw that it’s Allison Brie dropping from the bulding and falling into the TV show car!

  4. Yeah, I really see the excitement on the face of Kirby for boys, this Maureen Evans expression…

    I loved the theory about Britt, agree. And the use of wireless phone isn’t alone with Lucy, but also with Britt and Neve. I think to give a nostalgia for the early films.

  5. For some reason, cordless phones haven’t evolved the way that cellphones have in terms of style and size. Having said that, Lucy Hale’s cordless looks like my parents house phone from 1996.

  6. Gotta love that hungarian goulash!!

  7. Why isnt officer Judy Hicks with Dewy Hoss and Perkins? hmmm….

  8. Wow, there was so many things I missed! I didn’t realize Ghostface was holding the wires or the camera in his/her eye. Freaking awesome. Ghostface seems like he/she’s gonna be an aggressive beast this time around. For those of you who don’t think he/she’ll be as intimidating because of “Scary Movie”- I’m sure you won’t have anything to worry about.

  9. Lol at Debbie Salt too ! You guys sure know how to spend time waiting for the release of the year !

  10. I noticed few of the same things, too :)
    (I was totally freeze-framing the TV spot also.)

  11. What’s a Hungarian goulash?

  12. Yeah….looks just like her….wait is it her???

  13. I’m Hungarian lol, it’s like a hot soup with meat and noodles and stuff.

  14. I think Britt is doing a Yakisoba, at least my aunt uses a bowl of that format :P

  15. Regading the Aimee Teegarden pics, does this mean her death occurs during the day?

  16. No, I’m guessing the shot hasn’t been color timed to look “night” enough yet.

  17. Damn I had this whole thing sorted out in my head.
    Shenae and Lucy – Stab
    Anna and Kristen Opening Kill.
    And then I figured as per Olivia’s lines in the trailer during the fountain scene about time for someone new to die paired up with the sides where it says a girl has been reported missing that maybe Aimee and Britt are killed during the day… fat fetched but may have been interesting

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