A Gallery Of Ghostfaces

Screamorabilia expert Nate (a.k.a. Mr. Ghostface) passed us along some up-close looks at original screen used items from Scream & Scream 2. Nate acquired them from another collector who had them for ten years, and fills us in on their particulars:

The “dirty” looking masks is an original hero mask from Scream 1. Fully modified for filming and one of the scariest looking Fantastic Faces masks I have ever seen. Its also one of the few I have seen to have pretty much every modification that was done to the masks.

The bright white mask is also a hero from Scream 1. During Sidneys first attack at her house in the film, several masks were used for that scene and if you look they are all VERY bright and shiny. Thats because they were hand painted bright white and shiny black. It also has a KNB style hood. Its pretty much completely custom. This particular one has a large piece of fabric sewn to the hood too. When folded up, it gives the appearance that its a mask on top of a folded up costume, but is still built to be worn.

And the other lot speaks for itself. I know the Stab premiere costumes are fairly common, but this is the only complete set I have ever seen. This guy did an amazing job in tracking down all these items from different extras in the film. Granted, its technically not 100% complete as its missing the original costume package that held it all….but still…its a robe, mask, Stab costume card and plastic knife.

There has been a recent surge in fake screen-used masks on Ebay which are mostly nothing more than commercial Fantastic Faces masks. It’s good to be reminded of what the real deals look like. There is much secrecy surrounding the specific detailing of the screen masks, so those details can never be replicated. Buyers beware.

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  1. I like the 1st two masks, don’t like the eyes on the others.

  2. I desperately want the movie-version of the robe. I hate the cheap costume-store versions. They’re too tight, and the arm strings aren’t the same.

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