Adam Brody Knew The Killer’s Identity

“I have known who the killer is and it has stayed the same.  From the script I read [at the beginning] to now, the killer has stayed the same,” Brody told E!Online during their final interview for Scream 4:  New Generation Week.  Brody is the third cast member this week to set the record straight about Kevin Williamson’s original vision remaining intact.  I think it’s safe to say we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

In Scream 4, Brody plays Ross Hoss – one of the younger deputies working for the Woodsboro Police Department under Sheriff Dewey Riley.  And if you’re expecting a high body count for the upcoming installment, Brody reassures horror fans won’t be disappointed:

“I don’t know the official tally, but I’ve got to imagine the death count in this is significantly higher than the others.  And there’s a lot of people [in the film], so there’s a lot of killing.”

Brody’s character finds himself partnered with Deputy Perkins, played by Scary Movie 4’s Anthony Anderson.  The dynamic duo have a run-in with Ghostface; and if the trailer is any indication, they may need to watch each other’s backs!

Source: E! Online

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12 Responses to “ Adam Brody Knew The Killer’s Identity ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. So I think some actors knew the identity of the killer (Adam Brody) and others did not (Anthony Anderson).

  2. I love Adam Brody! Happy to see he’s finally in one of my favorite movies, well I’m sure I will love Scream 4, if I love the trilogy. :D

  3. they’re all messing with all brains.

    by the way, i live in mexico and yesterday i saw a bus with the scre4m poster you guys realeased with the bad photoshop and all. haha.

    neverminding the awfulness of it, i was really excited.

  4. The question is: why (some of them knew and the others didn’t)? It’s really weird concerning actors who have about the same role (or roles with about the same importance)… just like Brody and Anderson. Why one has been informed and not the other? Unless…

  5. i meant with OUR brains.

    and the poster THEY released and you showed. :)

  6. Haha i had a shock then, i thought the headline said adam brody revealed as kilers identity, that scared me.

  7. Ross Hoss Dx

  8. I saw a bus on the TTC (Toronto) with the Scream 4 Poster… the big four with Neve’s face.

  9. Not a spoiler, just a theory : maybe Brody’s deputy appears (dead or alive) in a scene which takes place after the killer’s unmasking, which would explain why the actor knows the killer’s identity…

  10. After reading this ,I’m not so concerned with who the killer is but Adam’s characters name……Ross Hoss?WTF Lol

  11. Three weeks away!!!!! Gosh. It feels like an f’ing eternity that we’ve been waiting for this film to be released. I haven’t seen any previews in the theatres, but I have been seeing the posters all over the train stations & buses here in NYC.

  12. LOL @ Missy… too!

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