Alison Brie: From Yell To Scream

“I love the Scream movies!” Alison Brie told E! Online as their Scream 4:  New Generation Week continues with an interview from the adorable actress. And Brie wasn’t bluffing when she confirmed how much she loved the films:

“I could probably recite all the lines.  When I was in high school, me and my friends made a version of our own—an homage if you will—called Yell. I think I was the sole survivor. I was the Neve Campbell of Yell.”

In Scream 4, Brie plays Rebecca — assistant to renowned author/celebrity victim, Sidney Prescott.  “She’s a go-getter.  She’s very single-minded, type A personality—very ambitious.  She’s similar to Gale Weathers [Courteney Cox].  She admires Gale.”  Luckily for Brie, the bulk of her scenes were with the main stars of the original trilogy:  Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette.

When drilled about some of Scream 4’s mysterious, Brie compared the secrecy surrounding the film to her hit AMC series, Mad Men: “It’s not too difficult,” Brie said about keeping the Scream secrets to herself.  “I come from the Mad Men way of doing things—don’t ever tell anyone anything!”

Brie did reveal one tiny item she was allowed her take home as a keepsake.  “You know what I got to keep?  My hair clip at the very end,” she laughed.  They were like, ‘You can keep this hairclip.’  I was like, ‘Oh, this hairclip I can get at Rite Aid for $2.99?’

Will Rebecca end up becoming a Gale 2.0?  Find out when Scream 4 hits theaters April 15th.

Source: E! Online

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  1. They were like, ‘You can keep this hairclip.’ I was like, ‘Oh, this hairclip I can get at Rite Aid for $2.99?’

    Hah, Alison is fantastic. I think I’ve enjoyed her commentary on the film most out of the new cast members. Her college stories are always great – she was definitely (and probably still is) a free spirit.

  2. The second TV Spot of Scream 4 exists in HD, or at least HQ? And the interview of Hayden Panettiere on the set?

  3. I love her. She’s a true fan. And you can really see how much they merged the characters of Rebecca and Bette. For those who don’t know, Rebecca was originally the editor and chief of the Woodsboro High paper and was referred to as a “young Gale Weathers”. Bette was Sid’s assistant who was envious of Sid’s “fame”. But I guess they felt they had too many characters and decided to merge Rebecca & Bette. Now Rebecca is Sid’s publicist who is obsessed with Gale. lol. Kinda cool.

  4. She is probably one of my favorite new actresses to join the cast. We all know she will probably (understatement!) suffer a fatal fate from all the trailers/spots/whatnot, but I really wish we would see more of her in this series. I hope she gets tons of screen time, at least, in Scream 4!!!

  5. I’m really excited to see her in the film, too bad we already know hat happens to her (I was hoping she would live and be the new “Gale” of the series)

  6. francisco, pity, all of Gale’s nemesis bite the dust. Jennifer, Rebecca ect.

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