Complete Stab DVD Boxset & Covers Revealed

Removed by Request

Here a complete look at the snazzy Stab DVD prop boxset from Scream 4, including looks at the covers for parts 1-7. Some cool easter eggs for the squinty-eyed, such as – Stab 3: Hollywood Horror is the title of the re-filmed third chapter following the “true-life” events of Scream 3.

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33 Responses to “ Complete Stab DVD Boxset & Covers Revealed ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. That is way cool. :) Definitely some awesome easter eggs.

  2. Okay, I’m not one who thinks everything is a spoiler, but the inclusion of that image of those two actresses is disappointing.

  3. They should defiantly sell something this. I am sure a lot of collectors would buy it even if had no dvds in it. I don’t know how they would do it but I would defiantly love to own something like this.

  4. What’s the spoiler Glenn? They could be watching the films, or even in the films themselves. Who knows (That’s a rhetorical question, by the way).

  5. The Scream trilogy should be re-released in this same manner. And eventually include pt. 4 when it comes out and 5 & 6 if they end up happening.

  6. And besides… that photo was released months ago…

  7. Wicked is right. They could just be in the movie themselves or watching them. Probably the former. Anyway, I’m looking forward to this.

  8. Also Hollywood Horror, the real Hollywood Horror is the same of Tia/Tamera’s horror movie that never came out (it was supposed to back in 1999-2001). I wonder if the producers of that will sue. Hmm.

  9. I wish there was a better shot of the DVDs’ spines so we could see all the Stab subtitles.

  10. Screamingly, Stab 4-6 are based on novels by Gale Weathers. Stab 4 Subtitle was revealed to be “Knife Of Doom”, and I assume Stab 5 and Stab 6’s subtitles are “Clock Of Doom” & “Game Of The Hunter” respectively.

    No idea what the subtitle for 7 is.

  11. the Stab 6 spine says “Ghostface Returns.”. I can’t quite make out 7…

  12. I think I can tell what most of the titles are… It looks like 4 says “you can’t kill a mask,” 5 says “sometimes it’s ___ to die,” 6 says “ghostface returns,” and 7 says “a true horror ____ of all time.” That’s what I see…

  13. Khy, on this image, Stab 6 has “Ghostface Returns” as the title, so maybe they’re different than the Gale Weathers books.

  14. I like that in the “Scream” world Dimension is the motion picture unit behind the Stab films. Meta, Meta, Meta…

  15. Glenn probably meant the OP implied that they are Stab characters, but that’s probably what most people are guessing anyway. And there is always a chance that most people could be wrong. We won’t find out for sure until 4/15!

  16. Stab 7 looks like “A True Horror Epic of all Time” if im reading it right and Stab 6 definitely says “Ghostface Returns”

  17. stab 6 is ghostface returns

  18. Oh okay, I think I got confused. I thought this was an a fake ad and that the inclusion of Anna and Kristen was like saying “it’s a picture from a Stab movie – hence, they’re not real characters in the Scream universe”.

  19. Its a play on Saw already I think… because there are 7 saw movies… and 7 stab movies

  20. I think Glenn is bothered by the image because it seems to confirm that the girls are definitely -in- a “Stab” movie.

  21. Yeah Stab 5’s subtitle is “sometimes it’s time to die.” Sounds like something stephen king would come up with ha

  22. is this official? but stab 7?

  23. Well here it the subtitle for Stab 4 is “Knife Of Doom” That’s why I assumed 5 & 6 would be Clock Of Doom and Game Of The Hunter, weird

  24. I agree with Khy above. I would’ve thought the subtitles for Stab 5 and 6 would match the titles of Gale’s novels, which the movies are based on, I thought…

  25. I can understand where Glenn is coming from. Putting a picture of these two girls next to a stab boxset implies they are either in the films or watching them. I personally don’t see then point of releasing the photo of the boxset with the photo of the girls next to it unless……well unless the girls are relevant to stab.

  26. Stab 7’s subtitle is A True Horror Classic of All Time.

  27. One of the Gale Weathers books IS Ghostface Returns…. so it make sense it is one of the movies.

  28. Who requested to delete this content? Dimension Films?
    Isn’t this promotional?

  29. Can someone PLEASE send me these images. I was out of town and missed them! I am member ‘scaryclown’ in the forums. PM me there. Thanks!

  30. Do you have any more pictures of the Stab Boxset? Maybe of each individual ones? :D


  32. I’m filming a Scream fan film this summer with my friends. It will be uploaded on YouTube. IT will be great! :)

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