Empire Magazine Shows Off ‘Minimalist’ Scream 4 Poster

If you thought the recent posters were dialing the imagery down to bare basics, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet… until you see this. It’s not official, but it’s not fan-made either. So what is it, then? Why, it’s a commissioned piece by British artist Olly Moss as part of Empire Magazine‘s April coverage of Scream 4.

Source: Empire, Olly Moss

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13 Responses to “ Empire Magazine Shows Off ‘Minimalist’ Scream 4 Poster ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. It’s actually my favorite. Hope it gets to be official.

  2. woah! this is bad ass! freakin awesome

  3. Wow, fascinating to see the cast they list on this poster!
    Campbell, Cox, Arquette, then Brody, Panettiere, Roberts, Shelton

  4. Simple perfection!

  5. Olly Moss may offer it as a print later on, keep an eye on his twitter/online shop if anyone is interested.

    Why no mention of the massive graph/timeline they have, you can see pics in my post. I will be scanning it tonight.

  6. whoops, just seen the previous post linking to the forum thread, my bad!

  7. If that wound up being an officiao poster and the cover of the BD…i would cry! Cry with pure 100% Joy!

  8. You gusy are gonna laugh at me….but i didn’t notice the Knife was a 4 until i looked at it twice. Brilliant poster!

  9. love it!

  10. Simply fantastic. I’d take this over the poster for The Eye 4 any day.

  11. it reminds me of a restaurant logo

  12. It’s a shame ghostface doesn’t use a kitchen knife. Still BA though.

  13. It screams Hitchcock!

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