Final Girl: What Should Sidney’s Fate Be?

While eagerly awaiting Scream 4 I feel torn inside. We all know that the trio is back for another round with Ghostface in, what I like to think of as, the most exciting sequel in the series. The thing that plagues my mind is the track record of the returning characters from the previous movies. As it’s been speculated many many times since the movie was announced – the idea of Sidney’s death seems to be part of the package with this movie.

When Randy survived Scream and died in Scream 2, a little part of me died with him. I loved Randy and even though I relished the story point of the character being killed off as a writer – the fan inside me was upset. Cue Scream 3 when Cotton died in the beginning, and some would say that there is now a trend with the series. Granted, that may be a generous leap – but is it too far fetched? To me, it’s like assuming that Dewey is going to live after getting stabbed repeatedly. It’s just a part of the series that you welcome with open arms.

Now, 11 years after the Scream 3, we are approaching the forth film in the franchise that has been talked about as the beginning of a new trilogy. Speculation of Campbell’s involvement due to her own hesitation has stemmed back to her role in Scream 3 and it seems that after some negotiation they got her to come back. It’s enough to make me wonder what they promised her in this movie to get her back into Woodsboro and under the knife of our favorite pasty faced masked murderer.

I should note now that nothing I say here should be considered a spoiler, it’s all my personal observation on her character as a whole. I respect the people who stay away from spoilers far too much to try and ruin it. You’re way stronger willed than I am and you deserve the fresh surprises of an unknown movie as the result of your hard work.

With Sidney back under all the pretense of Campbell’s worries about the character, it begs the question. Will Sidney finally become a victim herself? It’s certainly been on my mind since the movie started shooting and I know I can’t be the only one. Whether or not she bites it in 4, I think the honest question here is does she deserve it?

Don’t get me wrong, I am all about the idea of shocking the audience in the best way possible and Sidney dying would certainly do that in spades. What kills me (no pun intended) is that we’ve spent nearly 15 years setting up a heroine who has become inspiration for overcoming the odds and then you bring her back after a long break to axe her off? She’s Sidney Prescott, the soul survivor of three movies – the face of the franchise. Can she really be killed without utterly destroying the arc you’ve built her?

Some would say that killing Sidney would make the plot a little easier seeing as her story was all but completed in the third movie. She’s free of the reign of Ghostface as well as her own self induced isolation from the people who could either kill or be killed as a result of her (or to a greater extent her mother’s whorish ways, but I digress). I hate to sound negative, but there’s only so many times you can have a friend or family member of the original cast who wants to kill Sidney because of X, Y, or Z. It’s old, it’s tired – we need some fresh blood (Again, no pun intended.). Scream 4 is offering all that and more with the idea of someone killing teenagers based off of the movie that is based off of her life. It’s kind of a get out of jail free card for Sidney’s plot.

She’s the audience now. Ghostface said specifically in the trailer “watch a preview for the coming events.” as well as “What good’s it to be a survivor when everyone close to you is dead. You can’t save them, all you can do is watch.” It seems to me that the killer knows that he can’t kill Sidney, or at least he doesn’t want to try. He wants to hurt her in a different way. This alone could paint the picture either way for the character. She can live on and just not be in the movies while they in turn focus on a survivor from this one or they could kill her off and take the same focus, giving another character their own trilogy.

All in all, I see it going either way logically. I for one don’t know how I feel about her dying personally, but I know that the series just won’t be the same without her. Sidney is an icon in horror because she’s the only main female to last through three consecutive movies and then go onto a fourth. She’s victim royalty.

How do you feel? Will Scream 4 this be Sidney’s last? Should she have a pulse by the end credits?

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60 Responses to “ Final Girl: What Should Sidney’s Fate Be? ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I DON’T WANT HER TO GO!! and gale too… dewey can bugger off. Great article, bradlee_scott!

  2. Great article I’ve been waiting for something like this. It is all thats on my mind. Can I just tell you that if she dies I will fucking have a nervous breakdown and run out the theatre? Laurie Storde (Jamie Lee Curtis) was the true queen and killing her off was stupid. But Jamie herself was indeed tired of being called back for more. But that was different. She chose to do the opening scene..we knew where it was…sadly..going. But here Sidney is front and center she is still the core in the trailers, posters, etc. and that is exciting. Sidney is Kevin Williamsons baby and I believe he would not want her dead. …Neve has talked in interviews about the strength of the character and how she likes it…If she has to be in the PERFECT way otherwise I’ll be furious …like you said – Sidney IS Scream and the original trilogy will without a doubt seem different knowing her fate was death in part 4. I just hope she lives. I hope so bad :( . . as much as a I love Gale (and lets be honest she was the true hero of part one and shouldnt die either) I’d rather see her go than Sidney.

  3. GREAT! GREAT! GREAT analysis. I think the chances of her death are severe. Because in order for her character to stay believable, she needs to keep progressing.
    This movie seems to present us an almost goddess-type Sidney, in the sense that she has regained her strength and is, as you said, untouchable. She posseses the knowledge, the experience and therefore the power. Much like Buffy in the final episode. Like Buffy, her power isolates her and she needs to find a way to share her power with a new generation, in this case her own kindred.
    But this also raises the question: what’s next? For Buffy, the sharing of her power also meant the liberation of her duties. I know that her story continues in the comics but that’s because they found a way to make her character progress in her role as a leader of a international army of slayers. But I don’t see Sidney as a international hunter of massmurderers. So unless Kevin Williamson (or whoever is going to write a Scream 5 script, should there even be one) finds a new way to make Sid’s character grow in a different direction I think the best way would be to let her die in a final act of power.

  4. Did we ever think maybe that Neve Didn’t want to come back because of the fact they wanted to kill her character off ? and maybe they promised her a role in all three of the next films so maybe no shes on board knowing that she could live till the sixth installment :)

  5. Ive always thought this would be the end for Sidney, I believe the killer this time has no personal vendetta with her this time around, she is just victim royalty, killing Sidney Prescott would make the killer go down in history. The killers real motive could involve Jill and her friends, but sense Sidney is there, back in Woodsboro, it no longer becomes a “random killing”.

  6. Thank you so much for writing this! This has been on my mind DAILY since the movie went into production. You share my exact thoughts on the matter.

    I believe what you said about Sidney being victim Royalty is completely 100% accurate. I do not think it would be a wise idea for our precious Sidney Prescott to die. She is an icon, like you said and I’m not sure how well the series will do without her. Of course, I’m not saying it isn’t possible for a ‘Scream’ film to turn it’s head to other characters but I just don’t see what the point of killing her would be. I personally think if they did kill her, it wouldn’t surprise anyone. In fact, I’m certain myself that I’ll be mourning her death after the films release on the 15th. I can’t help but shake the feeling that this is the end for her. Over the past few months I have been able to come to terms with her death as a very high possibility and I really just want to see her go down in the blaze of glory. Which I believe, Kevin, Ehren, Wes and Neve herself all understand that Sidney is a fighter and will not go down without a good climax. At least I hope they see and understand what the fans do. Her death will play a very large role in these upcoming and most likely inevitable sequels. If they choose to rid Sidney of her nightmares, the writers of further films may have a nightmare to face of their own. On another hand, like you stated above, I truthfully believe that Sidney could easily become a more minor character and let someone else step up to the plate. Is it really a requirement to kill her off, just because it’s a new trilogy? I don’t think so at all.

    Then there is the fact that you also nailed on the head in the above article. They had a hard time convincing her to return for the forth entry. While I’m not sure if what I’m about to say is true in any way, but I would like to believe that Neve cares as much for Sidney as we all do. Therefor, I can say there had to have been something about this script that got her to come back. At least…I hope so anyway. Regardless of Ms. Prescott’s fate, I respect Neve’s decision to keep Sidney going, or letting her go. Just like Jamie Lee Curtis had to do. Hollywood really doesn’t care about the characters like we do and they will bleed anything dry if they’re given the chance. It’s very bittersweet.

    Good luck Sidney.

  7. Did it occur to anyone that maybe she will survive this round and just simply not return for the next movie? I mean just because she isnt in the 5th or 6th movie( which both are not set in stone yet) doesnt mean she has to be dead.

  8. I still think Gale could bite it this time.

  9. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Scream 4 TV Spot online now!!!!!!!!! It shows new footage, scary new footage, this is no joke I will put a link to the website I saw it on. It is only 30seconds but it will be the best 30seconds of your day today. Put it up on this website, I don’t know how to get in touch with the guys here but if someone reads this does or if one of them read this, this is huge news that you may want to post.

    Also the website I watch it on said their may have been updates made to the official Scream 4 Website so you all may want to check that out too. 25 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Um yeah lovett, we actually posted it days ago, not only that but we have a big HD video of it on the front page. Thanks for the enthusiasm though.

  11. I think id be a bit annoyed, the three originals make it through an entire trilogy just to be killed off in a new one. Also ive been thinking about it and honestly im kind of wishing this would be the final Scream (i know it wont) but i think this one will be good im doubting the death of any original, i dont think Courtney cox or neve campbell will return after this one, david arquette will which wouldnt make much sense and sooner or later end in his death, which would be crap proberly like the next 2 sequels without a proper ensemble. Not that sequels can’t work without the originals, that should be the set up of 4 but if there’s no Kevin willimson then all i can see is other writers just trying to drag up the past instead of being original, if theres no williamson then this should be the originals final film but that makes it hard to accomplish because if scream 3 had gone the way williamson originally intended and took place in woodsboro it would be easy to take sidney etc out of the picture because alot of the curse could fall on the town of woodsboro, and it would’ve shown that killers are only after sidney because she’s still in woodsboro but scream 3 taking her out of that continuity, made it appear that killers will come after her at any time (i know scream 2 but that was loomis’s mother coming after her and they never went far away from the original cast together in that film, where as in 3 they went after her at her reclusive housel,kinda)if in 3 theyd returned to woodsboro it would of brought balance with a curse of woodsboro killers and made it simple to remove sidney, now though it seems to make it so they cant try and make sidney return again & agian she’s gonna have to die!(which i still dont think she will but it still puts neve in a crap situation till she has to do a jamie lee curtis) My opinion end her chapter here, i dont think jill’s the new heroine i think she’ll either die or be a crazy killer, end the originals scream on 4 end the whole original chapter unless williamsons writing and Reboot with brand new characters without a link to sidney or maybe even woodsboro because honestly theres thrill seeing the originals but there is huge thrill in seeing scream kill anyone who is Now a horror icon no matter who he’s after his ghostface will sell tickets!!!

    Finally sidneys fate either has to be survive with a few more cuts then usual or she has to go out heroic…by maybe saving gale or dewey by taking the killer to hell with her!!! or maybe a big bang like loomis and michael myers in halloween 2.

  12. Want her to live, I wont be impressed that she was able to survive the first 3 movies, and having made her peace with her past, become stronger because of it gets killed. Can honestly say if she dies in this movie I think I can honestly say that I’d have prefered her not returning at all.
    All the horror heros get killed off in all the sequels that get made (that I know of) so I want her to live to be different from past trends.

  13. I say Sidney lives through 6 and then she’s the final ghostface.

    no wait.

    She marries Ghostface at the end of Scream 6. In a church where everybody has been killed. Married by Cherokee, Sidney’s dog. They just kiss. The end.

  14. I dont want her to die in part 4. If anything at least kill her off in part 5 or 6 if they really make those.AND let it be a really good kill if it happens.

  15. She will live. Can you really see her dying after all this? No.

  16. I agree with what all of you are saying. I don’t think that Sidney should go but the chances are HIGHLY probable.
    You ever think that maybe Kevin left his involvement because the producers and what-not changed the fate of some of his beloved characters, therefore changing his ideas for the course of the next few, leaving him less enthusiastic about writing it?
    I think, because the main powers of this film believe it to be the right decision, the main characters wont make it through this one, or at least Sidney. It will better helm a new trilogy with the newer characters.
    I hope this isn’t true. I hope Sid survives this one or it will be like the first trilogy was for nothing. Sidney is Scream. Don’t kill her. So many fans will be disappointed.

  17. Besides, wouldn’t it kind of make sense to leave her alive if “the unexpected is the new cliche”? we’re all expecting her to go…

  18. interesting article, very thought provoking. same goes for me, i have been throwing this idea around like a game of volleyball.
    ..anyone remember this tweet?
    “@kevwilliamson: i aint got no sid-less scenario.”
    i keep forgetting about that. for a while i was thinking that this would be a scream sequel with sidney in it, not really focusing on her life..or death. shame on me.
    i completely agree with the feeling of being presented the ‘goddess sidney.’ there should probably be chuck norris jokes about sidney prescott, maybe like ‘sidney prescott doesnt sleep, she waits’ ..etc. so far she really does seem untouchable and if she does have a few scratches or bruising its because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time or defending someone. she doesnt feel like the main target but it does seem that this story is very much about her.
    i can still feel my jaw hitting the floor from back in 2000 in theatres watching sidney getting two to the chest[pad]. i actually think i shouted “what?!” i just want to say that i am very for sidney living to the end of any scream film. cant wait to see ‘everybody’s favorite little victim’ give ghostface another beatdown or at the very least knock him unconsious with her self help book or something. kidding. ill leave ya with some of my favorite ‘sidney prescott jokes.’ haha hope you enjoy.
    -sidney prescott does not hunt because the word hunting infers the probability of failure. sidney prescott goes killing.
    -When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night he checks his closet for sidney prescott.
    -sidney prescott has already been to Mars; that’s why there are no signs of life there.
    -sidney prescott frequently donates blood to the Red Cross. Just never her own.
    -sidney prescott doesn’t see dead people. she makes people dead.

  19. I will be the first to say I walked out of Halloween 8 when Laurie was killed. However she could always come back.It is as they say I see a body I will believe it.

    I always said Laurie was not stupid and she faked Michael Myers out once why not twice. So I will always say when Laurie fell off the roof into the trees she had a net there and took off into the night letting Michael Gloat on the Roof.

    So Sid may have a contigency plan as well.I know wishful thinking but I don’t think Sid will die she is too smart to get caught. Gale however well I don’t know which life shes is on. She has nine I hope.

  20. Love this! Thanks so much for the intelligent look at the 3 movies and the Sydney quandary. Something you wrote about her now watching, and the killer “killing” her in another way, plus the whole new rules new decade, makes me think Jill will not survive. I see Sydney either being devastated that this happens, and retreats and we do not see her in 5 and 6, or she sacrifices herself thinking it will stop the killing finally. We soon will see. I can not wait!!! 4 -15 will be here soon enough.

  21. I agree, I think Ghostface does not want to kill Sidney in Scream 4 but rather has another reason behind the killings and it happened to coincide with Sisdney coming back to Woodsboro. But then again who knows I personally hope she does not get killed, look at previous heroines from other franchises Laurie Strode (Halloween) dead, Nancy Thompson (ANOES) dead. If Sidney dies the only way to bring her back would by doing a remake a couple of years from now which even at that point I’m sure will be stupid. I think if Neve Campbell does not want to return for another sequel, they should finally give some closure to her character in this one (but not necessairly killing her off). Also even though I’am not a big fan of Scream 3 either I think the ending of the character of Sidney in part 3 was great with her leaving the door open (she had finally overcome her fears).

  22. I think the classiest way to do it would be for her to sacrifice herself saving Jill.

  23. There is no point in killing a character that has survived for 15 years… I mean, that reminds me of Halloween, and it totally sucked. And the idea of the killer patterning the movies was not that creative to me, since the killers in Scream 2 were doing the same (at least in the beginning). So I just think she should be a recurring character in 5 and 6 and stay alive.

  24. I have been thinking about this exact thing since it was announced MONTHS ago that they were doing this movie. My first thoughts were, is Sidney going to be back and are they going to kill her. Before I had threatened that if they do kill her I will immediately storm out of the theater and demand my money back. But I don’t think I could ever be that strong, plus I would want to see the movie through to the end and find out if they killed her for a good reason. I don’t want them to kill Sidney and I don’t think they will. If they do I am pretty sure I will cry in the the theater in front of a crowd of people I don’t know. I have loved,idolized,feared for, and wanted to BE Sidney Prescott since I was seven years old. If they have decided to kill her, I just hope she goes down fighting and takes somebody with her.

  25. This is a great post. I really have no idea if Sid will survive. Of Course, there are going to be people who will riot no matter much they were warned before hand that the original trio weren’t “untouchable” in this film. I think we all should open our minds up a bit and just go in prepared for ANYTHING. I don’t want Sidney to die just for shock value. I also don’t want her to live just to keep fans happy. I would hope Sid’s death(or survival) is simply a natural direction the story took and wasn’t based on any superficial reason.

    You brought up a good point. It would be great if they switched it around and had Ghostface going after the people she loved instead of her. That could lead to Sid dying on her own terms and sacrificing herself for a loved one. Sid seems strong in this film, very prepared, like she knew this was going to happen again sooner or later. So it also would be awesome if she could once again face off with Ghostface and kill him/her(or have a younger character do the “honors”) and then have Sidney truly move on with her life, there for securing an out, so she wouldn’t have to do S5&S6.

  26. Watching Sydney being killed would be really, really painful. Dewey’s death would be OK for me, Gale’s would be harder to swallow but I couldn’t stand Sydney being killed off. She’s become like a good friend, so of course she doesn’t deserve to die.
    On the other hand, her story has been told. So where to go for her now ? If she survives, they can’t go on with 5 and 6 without her. She’s so closely linked to the franchise that having the murders continue without her being involved wouldn’t be believable. If she dies, her death must be the most memorable one, even topping Randy’s infamous demise.
    For me, the easiest solution would be for her to fake her death and living under a false identity (à la Paget Brewster/Emily Prentiss from Criminal Minds). This way her absence in 5 and/or 6 would be OK and she would still be alive.
    Anyway, this thread, as well as Scream 4, wouldn’t even exist without Neve Campbell’s talent. So whatever Happens : thank you Neve !

  27. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I’m not really jumping up and down for S5 & S6. Maybe it’s because all I ever wanted was SCREAM 4, that I never really got the chance to take in the idea of a new trilogy. I wouldn’t mind if they left it at S4. All I wanted was to see my favorite characters in a theater one more time. If it all ends with this film, I’ll be satisfied. However, money talks and S5/S6 will indeed happen. But I fear the studio might ruin them by rushing ‘em, leaving no time for a good script. Aka, Scream 3 all over again.

    If Kevin came back for them, then I would be a bit more relaxed. If Ehren did them, I wouldn’t mind just as long as they give the man time to come up with something good. I would certainly give the Ehren a second chance, I think he has it in him to write a good Scream film if he’s not rushed.

    But anyone new and I’ll lose interest.

  28. i what sidney to live in scream 4 gale can die or dewey.

  29. IMO i believe that Sidney is going to live. Back in May of last year I believe, Wes tweeted or an article was brought up about how the original trio is going to pass of the torch to whoever lives in Scream 4. So I think that the trio is going to survive again but of course just like how this film is not entirely focused on Sidney, its just a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. The main focus of Scream 4 I think is the fact the new killer or killers are remaking Stab (ala, Scream 1) plot. Meticulously and premeditatedly planned the murders and were going through with it regardless if Sidney showed up or not. But having Sidney there is just icying on the cake. Since Sidney knows that this whole plot doesn’t revolve around her and that Jill is involved, being that Jill and Kate are the only family she has left in Woodsboro anyway she is going to throw herself into the ringer to protect them and anyone getting killed as best as she can. Which is a different approach on the character because in the previous trilogy Sidney was always running away and was pressured into dealing with the circumstances facing Ghostface. Which maybe is one of the reasons why Neve wanted to come back, its not like she is repeating doing the same things over and over again with the character like she did in the original trilogy. But IMO I honestly believe Sidney might get bruised up a bit or stabbed once or what have you, but she will live to see another day. But Scream 5 and Scream 6 will focus on a new story with the new surviving character(s) whoever that may be. But if they make a Scream 5 I am sure out of the original stars, David Arquette will return if Dewey survives.

  30. @wicked-scribe Actually, the link that ‘lovett uduebor’ posted is in real 720p HD, the best quality of the spot so far and it’s on Clevver TV channel on YouTube.

  31. Moreover, the best quality 1080p was posted on the official movie twitter:

  32. I really really really hope that Sidney survives throughout the 4th Scream and if the make Scream 5 and 6. If she dies, the movie to me wont be as interesting as she is SUCH an important part of it. I honestly believe they will not kill her off. Although it would create shock value, they know how upset us fans would get. All in all, I absolutely CANNOT wait for Scream 4 and since the day I heard they were making it, I cant stop thinking about it.

  33. Thanks Mozart for the super HD – have updated the embeds.

  34. i think it would be really stupid if she survived this far and then gets killed off, even if this isn’t about her this time, its been yrs you would think she be more prepared, more about her surrounds 5 people tried to kill her, most likely some others tried we don’t know about nor if it be mentioned in this film, but to be completely honest if Neve dies in this i will walk out of the theatre and scream will not be my fav horror movie ever i know that sounds lame

    but like i’ve read before on here i watched halloween 8 and jamie dying in the beginning was really effing stupid and lame the whole point of the movies was Michael was wanting to kill his baby sister, and killing anyone that got in his way or that she knew but after killing her why continue the movie killing random people for no reason it was just pointless

    so if neve dies it’ll be a waste even if she isn’t the main focus she’s there for a reason if they do scream 5 and 6 and she doesn’t come back then who knows if alot of scream fans will see it, maybe some will it’s supposed to move on be this years generation but Neve is the star she survived scream 1 so not having her in it don’t call it a scream movie

  35. In the trailer they said that Sid cant be killed because shes victim royalty. BUT then Olivia says shes expendable. so that means she can die right?

  36. Well i would have to disagree with some people on this whole topic. I LOVE SCREAM and Sidney but i feel like keeping her alive will just make it feel like she is just on a long roller coaster that never ends, ya know? I strongly dislike the idea of keeping her alive and moving on to a different person and leaving her Sidney out just because the audience needs closure! Lets all remember that (unfortunately) not everybody are die-hard SCREAM fans like us and so people who are just gonna go see it will be like wtf??? where is sidney and why isn’t she in the next movie?? If she dies i really do hope she goes out with a big bang. Honestly in my head i have a strong feeling that she will die. it would suck but i wouldn’t be surprised. But i think it would be a mistake to make them all live thru the next trilogy (if there will be one). SCREAM is all about taking chances and doing the unthinkable, i mean hey, Sidney had sex in the first movie and survived all the way up to the forth. And if nothing happens to them then its like the audience is used to them being alive and making it thru each movie so that fear goes away little by little.I would definitely miss Sidney and SCREAM wouldn’t be the same without her but SCREAM isn’t known for “being the same” now is it?

  37. it would be different but in a good way is what im trying to say

  38. Great article! It perfectly sums up how all Scream fans feel about the films and Sidney the character to be precise. It would be unfair to axe her off just for the sake of starting a new trilogy with a different character. It would seem like a very “Halloween” thing to do.

    I’d rather have the series shift focus from Sidney to another main character like Jill for example. She could still be referenced in the the future films or appear in more or less significant roles, depending on how the storyline shapes up and if this is what the writer really wants – to get past Sidney and move to another character that will move the story forward.

    But, having said that, she could be killed in a glorious manner so that we, as fans, would not mind her being axed off as long as it makes her character appear heroic and gives her more depth. Although having her chased by Ghost-face and then getting killed would be lame, because after she has managed to survive all three times who is this guy to finally be able to win over her especially after all these years?!

  39. you have more fresh blood when you have another scream movie

  40. Neve Said she will never take a role where she dies grusomely so i dont expect her to die this time maybe next time her arc is complete shes of no use she can only guide the new generation to the next movie

  41. She should be offed. It’s getting redundant that she’s escaped this many times.

  42. Gale has survived 3 consecutive movies and gone into a 4th..

  43. To be honest even though I am so excited for the movie…everytime I see the final shot of Scream 3, I go back and kind of wish this was not happening. Flawed movie but truly PERFECT, poignant ending. Poor Sid.

  44. I’d almost rather see sid bite it this time than her have a cheap survival exit. I think she might just based on neve being hesitant about both 3 and 4 (I read somewhere she wanted her character killed off in 3) I seen scream 3 in theaters when I was 8 and I remember yelling at the screen when she was “shot.” If this is her last round I just want her to go out in action and I want the killer(s) to be worth her dying. This movie’s gonna rock

  45. They cant kill off sid. If sid dies ghostface has no reason to return in scream 5 and 6. Sid will not die in this movie. If they want scream 5 and 6 to happen sid will live. Sid dies so dose the scresm series. Theres a better chance of sid becoming the killing in scream 5 and have it leading into scream 6, or have her live thru scream 4 and 5 and her becoming the killer in scream 6. Plan on neve campbell finishing her part as sid till tthe end! Sid dies scream will loose many fans.

  46. ….i am going to see scream 4 when it comes out, if sid dies in this movie, no matter when in the movie it happens, im getting upp and walking out…I know im not the only one who feels this way….they kill of sid scream ill loose alot of fans, wes and kevin know this, plus if sid dies ghostface has no reason to return in S5 and S6, and both r deff to happen.

  47. I love Sidney, Gale, and Dewey. And if they wanna return for the next one (if there is one) then I’m all for letting them live. But if they don’t want to come back (and I’m guessing they don’t), then I say kill them off. As long as its not done in a throw-away manner, I wouldn’t mind.

  48. It’s kind of annoying that some people think that if sid dies there isn’t any reason for ghost face to come back but there is and kind of seems like thats how it is in scream 4 to me anyway. What I mean is it seems like the killer or killers we’re going to kill people regardless if sid came back to woods boro or not but the fact that they know she does return to her home town its like perfect to the killer or killers. Lets not forget about jill to I don’t know why a lot of you are outing her out before you even see the movie. Whatever happens I’m sure its for the best but it will be sad if sid doesn’t make though she is my favorite character.

  49. You have to remember that Sidney didn’t become a victim in the 1st film, she was ALREADY a victim. The off screen events of her mothers death had already held a big weight on her life. So for her to go through all that, plus the events of the 4 films is a little far stretched in my book. It became far stretched by third one actually, so i would have to say it is time to kill her off. I wouldn’t say it would defeat the purpose of her surviving in the first three films. She survived for a reason. She was able to live for 10 whole years and was almost able to put it behind her. But you can’t keep stuff like that behind you and maybe Sidney’s destiny was to always have this fucked up life. Maybe her destiny wasn’t to be a survivor but a victim. I say it’s time.

  50. Sid cant die, if she dies the scream series is over because ghostface won and he has no reason to return.

  51. I must say I don’t want her to die in Scream 4 but logically, she cant be in Scream 5 and survive that one as well. It just wouldn’t be believable. I love Sid so I just want her to live and not be in anymore Scream films. I’d rather that than her death! If she does die in this one, no matter how good Scream 4 is, that will ruin it for me. I think her death would just be shock overkill.

  52. I really don’t want her to die…
    Great article!

  53. @Screamer Ghostface has never been the same person though and all the people connected to Sidney that wanted her to die are already dead so Sidney won already. In this new generation it seems like its all about copy cat killers. As for a reason for ghostface to return in scream 5 and 6 if Sidney were to die would be to try and get Jill who is a pretty big character seeing as shes related to Sidney. That alone would be more then enough of a reason for some copy cat killer. Never the less time will tell. We will find out all the details come April 15th.

  54. I think if they are gonna try a Sidney death I’d say no death but they pretty much should have her surpriise the killer in the end where we all thought she was dead but like the killer comes back. You can’t keep Sidney down.Damn right”NOT IN MY MOVIE!” it’s her movie!

  55. @matthew your right, the killer has the different thru out every movie. But look back at all the killers….billy and stu, billy wanted her dead bc her mother was sleeping around with his father, which made him leave billy. Mrs. Loomis and mickey, mrs. Loomis wanted sid dead bc she killed her son billy. And roman, sids half brother, the one who paid billy and stu to kill sids mother, bc roman blames sid for there mother shutting roman out of her whose to say the killer isnt mickeys mother, bc sid killed mickey. Whose to say the killer isnt related to roman some how, bc sid killer roman. Whose to say the killer isnt related to stu, bc sid killed stu. Whose to say the killer isnt gale or dewey, bc there so pissed at sid for putting there life on the line for so mamy years….so there is still many ppl alive to possibly want sid dead…..there a very god chance of sid becoming the killer in one of the last 3 films, going out to kill everyone bc it gets to the point that she cant trust anyone…

    So, matthew, u still think theres no one still alive to want sid dead? The way i see it theres many ppl alive to possilby want to kill her.

  56. Excellent article.

    I understand the attachment to Sidney, but for the sake of drama, it only makes sense to FINALLY kill her off. the greatest mistake they made with the original franchise was allowing Dewey to live past Scream 2 and then allowing everyone to survive Scream 3. The original film and most of Scream 2 kept us on edge because we knew it wasn’t safe, or at least we felt it wasn’t. I wanted at least ONE key character killed off at the end of Scream 2 for some emotional resonance. Alas, it was not to be.

    Now, with Scream 4, they have a golden opportunity to correct these mistakes and give us a horror franchise that refuses to play it safe. Kevin Williamson has really sharpened his teeth with Vampire diaries and their willingness to kill off beloved characters left and right. I can only hope he brings that kind of dangerous spirit to a new Scream trilogy.

    I love Sidney, I truly do, but I do feel killing her off would show this entry has a huge set of balls and the the series is no longer fucking around. New Decade, New Rules, baby. Let’s make this entry count.


  57. Keep Sidney living there is no way you could continue a series without Sidney. I think i would cry if Sidney died she’s like an inspiration in a way. I would never watch SCREAM movies without Sidney. If it’s box office your worried about don’t kill her cause it will just drop the box office to an all time low. If Neve Campbell who is hesitating about coming back because her character could get killed or people don’t like her, show her the script and show her this and many other comments that want her still here. PLEASE NEVE CAMPBELL KEEP FILMING IM 12 AND I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH YOUR SO PRETTY, A GREAT ACTRESS AND MOVING CHARACTER I WOULD CRY IF YOU DON’T COME BACK!!!! Keep living Sidney!! Keep acting Neve!!!

  58. I Don’t Want Cidney to die or leave the films! If yall lose her yall lose your Fans because Cidney is the only thing keeping the Films alive!

  59. I Don’t Want Cidney to die or leave the films! If yall lose her yall lose your Fans because Cidney is the only thing keeping the Films alive!

  60. I Don’t Want Cidney to die or leave the films! If yall lose her yall lose your Fans because Cidney is the only thing keeping the Films alive

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