From Russia With Love: Amazing New Scream 4 Photos

A series of Scream 4 photos hit surface level on the internet today, most innocent enough but some quite in your face. We held out a while in order to do some digging. Whilst they’re being attributed to the spoiler-conscious Dimension Films because they appeared on the official Scream 4 Facebook, their account has a public album which anyone can post content to. In this particular case, the photos were posted by someone in Russia.

The spoilery ones are only linked at the bottom of the page, not shown.



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44 Responses to “ From Russia With Love: Amazing New Scream 4 Photos ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. THANK YOU Wicked for doing this RIGHT! Sad how 90% of the other sites out there couldn’t care less! Many thanks! Keep the news coming today!

  2. I’m officially shocked. Ok, I mean, it’s an horror flick, I got it, but this is more than I expected (I’m talking about one of the spoiler pics, that was scary)
    Can’t wait!

  3. Okay wow if you want to stay death free, i wouldnt look at the first link. But man this has shown how gory while still referencing the original this one will be…looks awesome!

    Just gave me that feeling wow if i go back through pics ill see the victim…but NO I MUST STAY STRONG! NO MORE SPOILERS.

  4. AWESOME! I especially love the last one. :D

  5. is it me…or does Ghostface look a little heavyset in the first picture…hmmmmmmm :)

  6. Well, this is great! Ghostface looks really mad this time, and I think Sidney should be REALLY careful this time around… by the looks of things, he is really in need of a bloodbath.

    About the spoilery ones, I was shocked… they are really terrifying. =X In other words: I CAN’T WAIT TILL APRIL 15th!

  7. “someone”? by me…

  8. AWESOME!!!! I saw this on facebook & was super excited. Why isn’t it April 15th yet?? Feels like we’ve been waiting forever for this movie to be released. Doesn’t it?

  9. One of the spoiler-ish photos has confirmed how one of the characters dies. It matches what I have heard from rumors. This is a brutal kill!! I feel so bad for him/her!

    What one badass movie this is gonna be!!! XD

  10. I knew that person was going to die like that!


  12. Dylanimal, no need to shout. Every comment passes through me first. You don’t even see the ones I withhold. So no, the comment box won’t be going anywhere.

  13. One is missing, is it to spoilerish?

  14. Not that I know of Kenneth. Many are publicizing 6, we’re showing 7. If you know of any extra ones, please email it in.

  15. Hey Wicked-Scribe, On my computer it shows your avatar missing. Just letting you know.

    Also, to the dude complaining about spoilers.

    Personally im glad they released that photo.

    Alot of people were scared to the rating and the gore levels.

    Well that shows that everything is going to be awesome!

  16. I think the last picture is when Ghostface confronts Erik Knudsen (Robbie).

  17. @wicked-scribe, does it not bother you that this whole movie is probably spoiled for you since your are the one who moderates all the spoilers?

  18. Dang i didn’t check out the spoiler pics but reading the messages about how scary they are makes me want to! but i ccnt!!! i cnt wait for this movie!!!! April 15th come already!

  19. Hell yeah!! This looks amazing!!!! = ) Wes linked these photos himself! Ah, I love this site. Always protecting the fans. = )

  20. @dontdiesid Any spoiler without proof means nothing to me. Besides, I have access to a test screen attendee who can debunk things for me anytime.

  21. i apologize if i came of as if i was complaining.i typed in caps to get your attention,i was just mad. my bad. but,to all the screamers out there,be careful where you read.

  22. Just an FYI…there’s more in that spoiler first pic than most people realize…..look right behind Dewey’s gun and you’ll see what I mean.

  23. The last and third from last pictures are so creepy. I Love It!

  24. @ScreamShatter “Just an FYI…there’s more in that spoiler first pic than most people realize…..look right behind Dewey’s gun and you’ll see what I mean.”

    Ty. Didn’t see that other “thing”. Good call.

  25. After taking ScreamShatter’s hint, it just finally hit me: Scream 4 will have a lot to do with what happened in the original Scream, especially one particular memorable scene.

    Now I officially cannot wait to find out what happens. 4/15 cannot come soon enough! Ahhhhhh!!

  26. @screamshatter a lamp? LOL. that’s what it is. if you zoom in you can clearly see it’s a lightbulb..

  27. @ScreamShatter What do you think you see in the picture that is more than what “most people realize”? I’m not seeing anything particularily surprising that pops out behind Dewey’s gun…

  28. Have a good time explaining this one without posting a spoiler! Oh… and top find.

  29. @Screamshatter – I can’t see it either! :(((

  30. Thanks, WickedScribe!

    It’s tough to give any more detail without posting a spoiler comment. If you don’t see what I was referring to, you need to be looking for a particular color (and that color is #ff6600 on the HTML color code scale)…so if you’re struggling to see what I’m talking about…go look up that color code via google and then find that just behind Dewey’s belt. It will all start to make sense then.

    I think that’s the best hint I can give without saying too much. Good luck.

  31. @Sean and ScarierTheBetter

    You need to look behind Dewey’s entire belt’s worth of contents. I think you guys are just looking at his one gun towards the front of the belt. His belt goes all around, all the way towards his buttocks area as well!

    So… make sure you look all that Dewey may be covering with his rear ;)

  32. It’s the lower left corner of the picture.

  33. well heavyset guy or girl or cant run that fast its probally a man with big strong muscles and arms so cant wait till scre4m

  34. There is nothing behind deweys gun. I really think you guys are seeing things, or thing ur seeing something that u arent.

  35. I don’t get how the second spoilery picture is a spoiler. I mean the first one is a spoiler to a certain point but the second one doesn’t seem like that much of a spoiler to me but its cool how this website cares enough for us fans to put in that category just in case we don’t want to look at it.

  36. @ Screamer There is something by Dewey that adds more to the spoilery picture. I didn’t notice it at first either but its there.

  37. @matthew what is it that im not seeing lol

  38. @Screamer — just PM me and I’ll tell you (if that’s aloud).

  39. Well to tell you that it would be a spoiler to other people who don’t want to know about it lol so unfortunately i cant really say.

  40. How do I PM you ScreamShatter?? I simply need to know!!!

  41. @ScreamShatter Hey, how do you PM cause I really want to know what you can see?

  42. i went and saw the movie for the test screening with THREE of my friends. the last two “spoiler” pics are only very miinor. i know what you claim to see and let me tell you its not that big of a deal. you guys are only blowing it our of praportion just because it says spoiler. in the first 14 minutes of the movie you already know whats going to happen in BOTH pictures. and the beginning AND ending are AMMMAAAZZZIIINNNGGGG… so brutal.

  43. Oh I see what you guys are talking about now. I saw that the first time I looked at the photo, honestly I dont think its that big a spoiler.

  44. I realllllllly can’t see it! I googled the color but I just can’t make out what I’m lookin at!

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