Get Your Scream 4 Fix With Three New Images (Now Four, and Hi-Res)

Oh look, new Scream 4 photos! Heavily watermarked, but they’re not hidden on the corner of a magazine cover either. So what do we got? Confrontations in a classroom, a parking garage, a barn and now a house. We’re guessing that’s a Stab Drinking Game going on in the bottom pic which resulted in the peculiar ‘teens drinking’ mention on the R-Rating.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting (thanks to Tristan for the tip)

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18 Responses to “ Get Your Scream 4 Fix With Three New Images (Now Four, and Hi-Res) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Alison Brie!! <3
    I`ve always wondered if her voice in Mad Men is real or if she`s making it more "posh" for her role. Guess I`ll find out when I watch Scream 4! lol! :D

    Nice to see there`s still unseen promo pictures!

  2. I LOVE how the teaser poster image was used on that backdrop!!! Am i one of the few that liked the teaser poster? Great shots…thanks

  3. aha, the part where Rebecca get’s the call..

  4. gale looks annoyed

  5. NICE!! We are getting sooo close! this is getting exciting folks!

  6. Perez Hilton…….. a name like that should not be associated with this amazing movie

  7. Rory Culkin resembles George Washington. He could play as the 1st president when he gets older.

  8. So Sid has the scratch on her face already. Interesting.

  9. looking at this shows that they survived one attack, that’s good. I WANT THIS TO COME OUT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! although, it does just feel like yesterday I was reading about Scream 4 shooting in the summer. I hope the opening week doesn’t do by tooooooo slow. LOL

  10. Welcome ;)

  11. I love the pics, it looks like Emma is either going to burn herself on an oven or she may have survived an encouter with the killers (not spoiler, a little speculation). Also, since no one else is saying it, i will. Jill’s wound on her arm (emma roberts) is in the same place that Sidney’s boyfriend (Jerry O’Connell) got it in Scream 2. That is also not a spoiler, I was speculating that the Killer is trying to mimic things done in Scream 1, 2, and 3. Parking Garage could equal Tatum getting killed in Stu’s Garage, and Stab party resembles to me either Jada Pinkett’s death scene in scream 2 or the party thrown by Stu at the end of Scream. Is anyone else feeling me.

  12. I am Lovett! Maybe they are remaking scenes in STAB 1-3.

  13. One of my many theories is that Jill is in on everything, but she’s not actually doing any of the killing herself. There are two killers and she’s only playing along as the victim while giving instructions. Why? Who knows. Maybe she wants the fame Sidney received or she’s pissed off for some other reason. The small injury to her arm could lend credence (why would the killer merely slice her on the arm without doing much damage, etc.). I could be (and most likely am) totally wrong. Still fun to theorize.

  14. Does anyone else NOT trust Emma Roberts? Every still of her i’ve seen of her makes her look so suspicious.

  15. @Lovett Uduebor

    In the theatrical trailer it shows how Jill gets the cut on her arm. :)

  16. Lovett & Lance’s theories about the killer mimicking deaths from Scream/Stab 1-3 – I think this this it totally the case, yeah, as Sidney says in the trailer “there’s a killer out there patternig his murders on the original movie”. MOVIE. She wouldn’t refer to her own life as a movie so when she says “original movie” she must be talking about “Stab 1″. Plus, when she says that in the trailer it then cuts to a shot of the Stab-A-Thon as the “Stab” logo comes up onto the screen. So I think this is definately part of the Scream 4 plot…

  17. True Andrew though it is also a nod to the originial film for us the audience, this April 15th meta goes ultra meta!

  18. in the pic with with sidney in it is that nico standing next to her? who i personally think could be the or 1 of the killers. she is definately face to face with the killer i think. cant wait

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