Introducing Sherrie And Trudie (and New Photo)

You want to know what’s been fun? Deciphering who is who among Scream 4‘s Sexy Six (Shenae Grimes/Lucy Hale, Kristen Bell/Anna Paquin, Aimee Teegarden/Britt Robertson). All were hired for cameos towards the end of an extended shooting period last year, and in pairs – hinting at opening scene participation for some.

TV Guide have released this photo of Grimes & Hale looking suitably scared. Hale is quoted as saying “The phone rings and we’re asked if we like scary movies” (is that an open window behind them? Our guess: the call is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!) and character names are dropped:

Lucy Hale is Sherrie and Shenae Grimes is Trudie.

Here is the source link though you may want a spoiler heads up, as the brunettes’ mortality and positioning is revealed. Still not even really a spoiler, if you’ve read past interviews, but it pays to remain on the side of caution. Sadly there’s no protective buffer for our mobile site users yet, but webheads can choose to highlight the text below:

TV Guide state Grimes/Hale are the first victims in Scream 4, pulling their best Drew Barrymores. We wouldn’t take it as clear-cut gospel, though – we still think there’s wiggle-room here for a Stab reveal or reversal.

Discuss the revelation below – spoiler purists, you’ve been additionally warned.

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17 Responses to “ Introducing Sherrie And Trudie (and New Photo) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Isn’t this a spoiler? I would have preferred to not have know that information….even though I guessed it.


  3. That’s it!, I don’t want to know anything else,

  4. I wanted to stay spoiler free, but even without highlighting, if you do any Google News searches, you get the answer anyways.

  5. I love Shenae Grimes so much! I think they’ll be the opening kills, just have a feeling….WHOO SHENAENAE!

  6. Ya’know, i’ve come to notice that all the cameo girls are all color coded and paired with the same color hair and solid color outfits. I find this vaguely interesting

  7. @ethandram I don’t consider “Sherrie” an elderly name. I personally like names that are a little uncommon. Of course we could give them awesome names like BETH or MARY or RACHEL or perhaps SARAH! (**HEAVY SARCASM **)

  8. Seriously does ANYBODY know people that age (or even in their 20’s) with names like that?

  9. I still think they are victims of Stab movies. A Stab victim can still be considered a Scream 4 victim, technically.

    Maybe they are releasing this info on TV Guide on purpose to throw us off. I really doubt their over-the-top acting is meant to be portraying real-life Woodsboro residents.

  10. I’m starting to think that these two are indeed the opening kill, because we’re less than a month away from the movie to be released and I think it’s about time that we discovered who gets it in the opening of the movie.(without giving any actual spoilers)

  11. Hell yes :] so now we know the two names of these girls we can soo now tell who’s names are for the other cameoes :p

  12. I think that Anna Paquin and Kristin Bell are going to be sort of how Heather Grahm and Tori Spelling were, their cameos will be in the form of staring roles in “Stab” movies. Keep in mind, we are going to be watching the Woodsboro youth watch the movies in succession.

  13. Here is a list of The name of the characters on French version of Wikipédia. They have the names because they are actually translating the movie in French in Europe (SCREAM 4) and in Québec (Frissons 4)

  14. Sherrie & Trudie?? I’d bet money that they’re going to be Stab girls. The names are slightly ridiculous so that points to them being characters in a Stab film. IF they are the opening deaths, I bet Scream 4 opens with someone in Woodsboro at home watching a Stab film. I reckon the opening death will be a Stab death and you’ll then realise someone’s watching a Stab movie and then THAT person will get killed in real life!

  15. According to IMDB, Shenae Grimes & Lucy Hale play Marnie & Patty. Aimee Teegarden & Brittany Robertson play Trudie & Sherrie. Kristin Bell & Anna Paquin play Chloe & Rachel. It probably doesn’t matter who any of them play. The likelihood is they are all gonna bite it at some point – either in the Stab movie in the movie OR as one of the characters of the story.

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