Kiss Or Kill In Four New Scream 4 Photos

Dimension Films have released four new Scream 4 photos that tease on a number of potentially deadly – and romantic – fronts. There has been some debate on if some of these are spoilery… but we don’t think so. More on that subject later today.

Source: IVillage

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34 Responses to “ Kiss Or Kill In Four New Scream 4 Photos ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I love the Sid+Jill+Kirby still *-*

  2. Certainly not spoilery if you’ve seen the trailers. LOVE the pics! So excited! Counting down the days. I’m looking forward to Kirby and Charlie having a romance.

  3. Here I was studying for my Administrative Law exam tomorrow and behold: distracted by these images…I am on an anti-spoiler crusade, but this can’t be considered spoilers, at least to me…
    Looks like Gale is really desperatly for something to happen, taking matters into her own hands…
    That first one…gosh…teased my curiosity…what are they looking at??
    Now I don’t wanna go study anymore…

  4. is that Kate behind Kirby and Charlie?

  5. The Jill/Trevor still makes me think of Edward/Bella for some reason. lol

  6. That shot of Gale in the barn is sweet! I’m guessing that’s the barn. And, that shot on Jill’s face is amazing!

  7. The more we count down the days till the 15th i gotta be honest…i’m looking forward to Jill’s character the most. Even over the original 3. And, could someone please explain why it made sense for them to change her name from Kessler to Roberts? I personally thought Kessler was a unique name. I just don’t understand why the name change?

  8. Why does kirby seem to be wearing the same jacket all the time, she’s wearing that jacket in the trailer before jill gets cut and in this shot obviously afterwards, just a lil weird. then again i think sidneys wearing that same clothing for quite a few scenes and in the clip before jills cut so i guess this could all be one crazy night!!

    Sadly for me i think i know who there staring at :(

  9. @ Khy: It kinda does…in the meadow scene… and you can really feel they desire one another…still, I am not trusting Kirby’s expression: too much of a tease for poor Charlie!

  10. I love the photos, but I really hate Kirby’s jacket. I hope Ghostface slices that thing up so no one can ever wear it.

  11. JRT, because Kate(Jill’s mom) is Maureen’s sister and Maureen’s maiden named was “Roberts”. Though “Kessler” could be Kate’s husband or ex-husband’s name and she kept it(if they would’ve went with Kessler).

    But I guess they just change it to “Roberts” to make it clear Kate is Maureen’s sister and Jill is Sid’s cousin.

  12. Who the frak is edward/bella?

  13. @JRT: They changed Kessler to Roberts ’cause in “Scream 3″, when Gale+Jennifer visit Bianca (the one and only, Carry Fisher)in the Sunset Studios Archives, she states that Sid’s mom real last name was Roberts.

  14. @JRT Emma said in an interview, she asked about her name, becuase she thought it sounded too much like Julia Roberts, and Wes Craven said that Jill Roberts was always the name the had in mind for her character. So, Kessler really wasn’t supposed to be her last name ever.

  15. It just seems odd. I mean…if Kate’s maiden name was roberts and she had a kid, that doesn’t mean Jill would get her mothers maiden name right? Example….Eve Roberts marries Adam Young. Now we have Eve young. Eve young has a child….the child get’s the married name. Sorry to be so long winded….i just don’t understand how Jill get’s her mother’s maiden name. To me it doesnt really fit. I like the name Kevin wrote into the script. It’s logical…robert’s isn’t.

  16. JRT, It was never confirmed that Kate was married. Maybe Jill’s father isn’t or her life or never was ect. There are PLENTY of possibilities as to why Jill has her mother’s last name.

  17. Ugh, that first “Or” was meant to be “IN”. Maybe Jill’s father isn’t IN her or life or never was.

  18. Goddammit, did it again. Lmao.

  19. Maybe Jill is this generation’s Jesus and Kate is Mary. No man needed.

  20. I don’t think there are as you say “Plenty” of possibilities. I only see three. #1 Lazy re-writing or they just bent the rules #2 Kate married a man with the last name Roberts or #3 Kate never married and adopted Jill.

  21. I want to know who they’re staring at(in the first pic)! LOL, it’s bugging me. MY GOD APRIL 15TH COME FASTERRRRRRRR! haha. I can’t take it anymore.

  22. Oh, Aimee Teegarden is hosting this spring break special or whatever on MTV and just showed an exclusive clip from Scream 4!

    It’s pretty much the bit we saw of her in the TV spots with Brittany getting thrown through the patio, but it’s a bit more to it. Ghostface tells Aimee that he’s the director and that she’s in his movie and something alone the lines of “Marnie was too, but her part got cut!” cue Brittany/Marnie being thrown through the patio.

    Hope it shows up on YT soon!

  23. Oh yeah…#4 Kate had Jill out of wedlock…but i think you mentioned that above already. Ok, sorry i’m done. =)

  24. “I don’t think there are as you say “Plenty” of possibilities.”

    Don’t get cute with me. You know what I meant. I’ve been nice to you so please be nice back. There’s no reason for underhanded bitchiness. There are MORE than ONE possibility, there, is that better?

    “I only see three. #1 Lazy re-writing”

    If they were lazy then they would have kept it as “Kessler”. It could be any of those 4 reasons. Though Kate having Jill on her own seems the most likely.

  25. KW invented Kessler, EK invented Roberts. Who do you think won out in the end?

  26. Don’t get cute with me.-khy lol I made a civil reply…i’m not being cute by any means. I didn’t agree with you saying there are “Plenty” of possibilities. Plenty implies much. By lazy re-writing i meant they wanted to make a quick connection to Maureen without using proper logic.

    *thanks wicked for your comment on my question.

  27. @Khy I want see this :O

    Is it just me or somebody else also thinks that this picture of Hayden almost kissing Rory is a special moment at the end of the movie? Tried to find out who these people are behind them, very mysterious…

  28. ….i said lazy “Re-Writing” meaning it was thrown together just to connect to 3. But, i am leaning towards the idea that they probably didn’t want to take the time to introduce another character (Kate’s Husband) hence the Roberts name.

  29. yes, and maybe it was a “fact checker” and not Ehren Kruger, big studio movies have those!

  30. “They probably didn’t want to take the time to introduce another character (Kate’s Husband) hence the Roberts name.”

    Keeping the name “Kessler” wouldn’t have forced them to introduce a “Mr.Kessler”. They could have easily mentioned him or simply shown a picture with all three members of the Kessler family on a fire place in the living room(Cheesy, but gets the job done). As for why he wouldn’t be around? They could’ve said he was away on business(As a homage to Neil in Scream) or that he and Kate was divorced and he lived in another state. So there are easier ways to write around that without actually bringing him in.

    But I agree, I think they changed it to “Roberts” to tie into the third. As for where that leaves Jill’s father- who knows.

  31. That first picture is just amazing! Can’t get over it man.

  32. Lol studio fact checker. Man, that’s a laugh. Kinda sad how studios treat their audiences like ignorant fools sometimes. Like we Need connections spelled out….dots connected……spoon fed story lines. no wonder David Lynch made INLAND EMPIRE on his own terms.

  33. @Khy. And I wouldn’t feel alone on that stupid autospell either. I enter hotmail…and my autofill spells gormann????? Lol. I bet that’s how we ended up with Jill Roberts. Krueger entered Kessler into his Mac and his autospell shot out Roberts!

  34. @Khy / JRT —
    You guys are hilarious!! Who cares what her name is/where her father is? Is this really something to care about?? This is what I care about from this post:
    1) Why are they looking so horrified in picture # 1?
    2) What are they talking about in picture # 2?
    3) What’s Gale up to in picture # 3?
    4) Is Kirby really about to kiss Charlie in picture # 4?
    What I don’t care about:
    1) What Jill’s surname is!!?!!

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