Ladies And Gentlemen, Your Official Scream 4 Cast Poster

In the past we’ve theorized that while the US seems to be focusing on simple, direct concepts for its Scream 4 posters, other countries have their own promotional requirements, so it was only a matter of time before a cast poster turned up somewhere out there in the globe. And the winner is: Mexico!

You might have seen it pop up a few days ago on both our Forum and Twitter but none of us really knew what to make of it – the slightly askew Photoshopping meant it was highly suspect, but at the same time perfectly in keeping with Hollywood’s reliance on cheap digital manip-work. Why so lemonface, Sidney?

Anyhow, that charming devil Uncle Creepy of Dread Central was the one to sit up and take notice that it popped up on one of the leading poster websites in maxi-size, IMP Awards.

Just for kicks, Scream-Trilogy slapped together its own “translated” version of the poster.

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45 Responses to “ Ladies And Gentlemen, Your Official Scream 4 Cast Poster ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. i dont like it ,theres alot of creativity that could have been put into this being the 4th movie and i think this is a big disappointment and to bland

  2. jill’s face is stuck onto kirby’s body.

  3. Doesn’t hold a candle to the brilliant knife poster. Glad this isn’t. The us ouster. Looks tired and cheaply done. I love the teaser poster but cast posters are old.

  4. i like it, but i think with the sliced 4 in the background instead of ghostface it would looke more like the original ones :)
    i edited it… e.g. like i wanna see it on a dvd cover!/photo.php?fbid=189290174442375&set=o.102299653148474&theater…hope you like it :)

  5. That poster is not Spanish. In Spain, Scream 4 will be released in May. It´s Mexican.

  6. Mexican or Mexi-can’t? Thanks, amended.

  7. It’s crap.

  8. You´re welcome ;)

  9. This is horrible … Jill’s face is placed on Kirby’s body …

  10. so awkward.

  11. I don’t like Sidney’s expression, she looks mad. Also there’s Kirby, Trevor and Jill 3 characters and only Gale and Dewey, I think they should have added another character maybe Judy Hicks or Hoss next to Dewey.

  12. are u serious ? they couldnt went to a photoshoot like they did with the last 3 movies, all they did it get shots off the scenes and copy paste them wtf lol

  13. people are so fucking greedy, they ask for a cast poster and when they get it they say it is not original, I love it, it could use a little work, but I think it is great.

  14. Neve/Sidney looks constipated.

  15. besides, it could still be a work in progress, they do that sometimes, like I saw this preview of the sims 3 and the game was WAY different when I got it,

  16. I think this poster has been out for years:

  17. Is it real ? It looks like a cheap 80s slasher poster. So fake it makes me wanna puke !

  18. Nah, this does absolutely nothing for me. Unoriginal and badly photoshopped. Much prefer the Ghostface/Knife poster.

  19. I really don’t think this is the official poster. The background just doesnt seem creative. This is just terrible. I won’t believe it until wes craven releases it on twitter.

  20. crappy mexican poster (yet charming, i’m mexican) but glad to know it’s coming out april 15th here too!

  21. Sorry its looks very ridiculous. The cropping is all wrong, what the hell is with Neve’s face?

  22. Woah this is so awful! Let’s hope the posters for s4 (aside from the knife mask one) aren’t an indication of the film. Because so far they have been terrible.

  23. This is why there shouldnt have been a cast poster as it will only disapoint. The teasers were all we needed but i suppose you cant say their not tryin to please the fans :)

  24. Something was probably just put together in a sloppy fashion just to appease people… this certainly doesn’t do the trick. The photoshop is so bad, but I won’t complain.
    Only a month left until we get the movie! Who cares that much about a cast poster anyway? I’m more pumped for the movie itself.
    On a side note, glad that Sid is still prominent; she seems to be angry a lot in this film too, judging by pictures out there and even some shots in the trailer(s).

  25. yes… it is not the greatest… but quit complaining! Everyone was complaining that we didn’t get a cast poster yet… and now that we have one… everyone is STILL bitching… goodness… just be thankful that we were given SOMETHING to look at and talk about… 39 days till Scre4m … GET HAPPY PEOPLE!

  26. That is some seriosuly dreadful work. Are we sure this is legit? Even for Mexico, this just stinks.

  27. To be honest, I think it’s a pretty decent poster, but obviously some things are off, and I do think it could be a bit better.

    Like everyone has said, Jill’s head is on Kirby’s body, the shot of Courtney is an actual shot of her in real life and not from the movie (I think), and using the ghostface image from the teaser poster is a bit lazy.

    I like the shot of Kirby, and Jill on the phone, despite the body not being hers, and the shot of Courtney and Nico is good, but Neve is puckering too much. It looks a bit odd to me.

    The shot of Dewey is great!

    If this is the real deal, then I think they should redo it with this image of Jill, but on her body, keep this image of Dewey and Nico and Kirby, but get a real shot of Gale from the movie, and tone down Neve’s puckering just a bit. I also think the teaser poster ghostface image should either be replaced with a grainier version of it, like in the latest poster, or it should be replaced with something new. Maybe a new shot of ghostface, with his cloak draping in the background perhaps?

    Now, despite my criticisms and the noticeble flaws of this poster, it’s actually not a bad poster! It’s just that they could do a bit better and try something new. The ghostface knife poster was terrific because it was something new, whereas the new poster has nice elements, but parts of it seem half ass*d.

    Above all, the one thing I LOVE about this poster, is that it appears to have some actual shots from the movie, which is something I’m a huge fan of. None of the other Scream movies had actual shots put on the poster, so this would be NEW and great to see! That’s why I like all of the shots here except the Courtney and Neve one, because they don’t seem to be from the movie. The Jill shot is perfect, and all it needs is a body change.


  28. The art concept of this poster is more worthy for a film to be released straight to DVD, not a film that will hit theaters …
    I am mexican and I have to say that I am very disappointed because I will see this poster in all the theaters where people go to see this movie and they are going to have a bad impression of the film when viewing this poster.
    Here in Mexico, posters of some movies, especially horror movies, have the misfortune to look like this.
    But I know the official poster for the film in USA will look bettter than here, I hope … But if art is the same, will be much better than this shit.

  29. Well i’m not a fan of it either but I mean there were so MANY fan made posters that the studio probably didn’t want to put to much effort into it!

  30. Could be better but I don’t hate it.

  31. Waiting for another one…

    It’s seems they can’t make up their mind with the logo.

    It would be great if they release a series of posters and made ppl vote for the final one.

  32. I think it’s a bad photoshop job, but a decent poster of its own right. I kinda want a poster like this in the US. Some may say it’s overdone, but for me, it gets the message across well. Or maybe I am just used to seeing the Scream movie poster formula.

  33. mmm it’s really bad :( whatever I’m still excited!!!
    Oh, and scream 4 will be released april 15th in Spain as well. I live in Spain and according to IMDB it will be on that day :) CAN’T WAIIIT

  34. Looks like the DVD covers for Scream 2 & 3 that I own.
    Not entirely horrible but everyone’s facial expressions are strange….I think it would be better if they removed Sid and the Gang & just had the Ghostface mask.

  35. Did anyone see “I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer”? It was the awful straight-to-DVD sequel to “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer”. Didn’t feature any of the original cast and the plot had nothing to do with the first two films; and because it was so low budget the cover art for the DVD was terribly photoshopped stills of the cast, from the film, meshed into a group. This Scream 4 poster reminds me of that. Check it out:
    A huge release like Scream 4, which is a legit sequel in the series, deserves to have a newly shot cast photoshoot!

  36. it’s too FAKE!!!!!!!!

  37. I don’t think this is the final cast poster, just a somewhat mediocre one for Mexico. We’ll likely be getting a different one soon.

  38. They should all be wearing black.

  39. This is awful.

  40. Jill’s face and Kirby’s body!!! so SUCK!

  41. @darius umm sorry to burst ur bubble but there isnt a language that is “Mexican”. In Mexico they speak Spanish, In Spain they also speak Spanish, just a different variation of it, in Brazil it sounds like spanish but they speak Portuguese. Just needed to clarify that. There is no MEXICAN Language, its spanish.

  42. @IWCIII Whether Mexicans speak Spanish or whatever really has no bearing on the fact that THIS poster is a Mexican poster.

  43. …what? Really? I actually laughed at this poster because it’s so bad.

  44. I have been quite silent over the whole posters and stuff. I have kept quiet keeping my comments to myself. But I’m sorry, this poster is just wow. Whoever is in charge of this stuff for that studio has to be let go. This one here looks better than this ‘official’ one. It literally looks like someone threw this official one together in a few minutes. I am so disappointed.

  45. OMG YALL R SO PICKY!! All I needed was Neve to be front and center looking ferocious. Hello its PART FOUR of course her face is gonna say “I aint fucking around this time…” id be glad for another version but I will take this. It oozes the 90s cheese …it pleases me.

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