Listen to 3 Minutes of Marco Beltrami’s Scream 4 Score

From early indicators, Marco Beltrami’s Scream 4 musical score carries the creative maturity of ten years passed – Don’t Mess With The Original has all the hallmarks of a long, winding chase scene that constantly ratchets up the tension before dialing back for a false sense of security. Jill’s America is an epic, haunting track, bringing to mind loss and-coming of-age. It’s clearly Emma Roberts’ character’s version of Sidney’s Lament – in tone.

It hasn’t been easy for every fan to get to listen to preview tracks for Lakeshore’s soundtrack album, buried away in iTunes and country-locked, while an official clip on YouTube compiling brief audio from every track (including the only songs we haven’t heard in full yet, Axel F by Raney Shockne and Denial by Stereo Black) carried spoilery photos. Hopefully the internet’s #1 Scream website won’t get slapped on the wrist for correcting all the issues and bringing them to you all in friendlier format. We’ll see.

Updated – nope, all videos removed by Lakeshore.

The preview clips for Don’t Mess With The Original and Jill’s America run a minute and a half each, three minutes total – plenty of time to get acquainted with the aural world of Scream 4. The third party music acquisitions of the soundtrack will bring flavor to the film, but only the instrumentals reveal its true emotional design.

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Thanks to Wes Carpenter on the forums for assistance.

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31 Responses to “ Listen to 3 Minutes of Marco Beltrami’s Scream 4 Score ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I love Jill’s America

  2. I want to listen to the full score of Jill’s America… It seems like it’s going to be the theme song for Jill’s character like Sidney’s Lament was for Sid.

  3. I just adore Marco Beltrami. Can’t wait for this score to be out to buy! :)

  4. I TOTALLY see at the 50 second mark of ‘Don’t Mess With The Original’ a big climax (maybe a death of a main character) cuz it just seems so dramatic a lot like the score for Halloween Resurrection when Laurie died.

  5. I like the start of Dont Mess with the Original.

  6. The music almost sounds synthesized. I wonder if Marco did something to it, like the way Hans Zimmer does with his.

  7. I just listened to “Don’t Mess With The Original” through headphones and I could swear there is another song playing just beneath the surface. It sounds like dramatic underscore, and you can hear it whenever the action music gets quiet. I didn’t notice that when I listened to the track on iTunes. Not a big deal; just wondering if anybody else heard it too?

  8. wait, so does this mean that Red Right Hand won’t be featured in this movie like it has in Scream 1,2 and 3?

  9. Out of these three I like Jills America the most.

  10. love them!

  11. At the end of Jills America, it sounds like it’s going into Sidney’s Lament, the two piano keys at the end. anyone else hear it?

    Love ‘Don’t mess with the original’ :)

  12. actually, I mean NC-17 from Scream. Thats what the end of Jill’s America sounds like

  13. I am buying this come pay day lol

  14. Glad it’s getting out there for all to hear — not a problem, Wicked-Scribe. I can’t see wrist slapping for simply spreading promotion for legal clips already out there and accessible; they’re just more-so now!

  15. I got goosebumps

  16. These tracks sound awesome…

  17. Is the score released on the 19th?

  18. I’m likin it. I hope they play ‘trouble in woodsboro’ in this next one, or at least a remixed version of it.
    and sidney’s lament too.

  19. I TOTALLY see at the 50 second mark of ‘Don’t Mess With The Original’ a big climax (maybe a death of a main character) cuz it just seems so dramatic a lot like the score for Halloween Resurrection when Laurie died [2]

    @BadRomantic I also thought about it, I hope we are wrong :(

  20. OMG! I loved DENIAL *-* Resembles the type of rock that played after the death of Cici or may be the song played over the closing credits.

  21. In “Jill’s America”, it *really* sounds like the end of it is leading into ‘Sidney’s Lament’.

  22. Loved DMWTO. Jill’s America isn’t that memorable. It’s nice, but has nothing on Sidney’s Lament. I hope it’s in the film.

  23. Just because the music gets dramatically slow in “Don’t Mess with the Original” doesn’t mean it will be the death of one of the three main characters. It could easily be a moment like when Sid killed Roman. Lots of options…but I love the depth and richness of the low brass in both of these. These scores sound much more full than the previous scores.

  24. This is great stuff. The album out just before the film, the film on the 15th, and the score on the 19th. Scream 4 is going to rake in the cash from fans, no doubt.

    I wasn’t completely impressed with Jill’s America until the :50 mark, that’s when my opinion turned. Looking forward to seeing where all the music is incorporated.

  25. I hope there will be a score album out as well!! :D

  26. Something to Die For (The Sounds) is absolutely awesome!

  27. The Sounds + SCREAM 4 ?!?!?! ^_^ AMAZING BEYOND WORDS!

  28. To me, Jill’s America is a different sound to Sidney’s Lament – I don’t think its the same “type” of track. Meaning, Sidney’s Lament was clearly heroine-themed and rather sad sounding; but there’s something about Jill’s America that isn’t quite like that…almost as if there’s more to Jill than her just possibly being a new, younger heroine. I think there’s something deeper to her character, have always thought that from the clips I’ve seen of her…

  29. Jill’s America is extremely suspenseful, One of the best track in Scream franchise.

    For anyone wanting to here the previews, small clips of music is available on official lakeshore entertainments youtube channel.

  30. Happy to say I’m now a proud owner of this soundtrack and love every track :D

  31. hmmm…i dont know what to think about Marco’s score… I was hoping it would sound more similar to the original scores to the Scream films. I guess new generation, new score as well…

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