Massive Scream 4 HD Video Roundup (Updated)

This week has seen numerous Scream 4 videos posted, from scenes from the film itself to interviews, on-set footage and new TV spots. Here’s a new video of in addition to our list of recent clips updated with superior quality and additional footage.

Scream 4 Cast & Crew Press Conference Video

Much of the basic ground is covered to re-educate the public but there are plenty of interesting quotes to be found in here, such as David Arquette on the complexity of “films within films” and Wes Craven stating he thought Scream 3 was a little too goofy and Scooby Doo. Thanks to Scre4mQueenGale on the forums for the find.

Multimedia Updates

Scream 4 Three Video Clips – updated with HD video

Scream 4 TV-Spot #3 – updated with HD video

Scream 4 TV-Spot #2 – updated with HD video

Scream 4 ET Coverage – updated with extended interviews

Scream 4 Cast Video Collection – updated with Hayden Panettiere video

Scream 4 Soundtrack Official Track List – updated with audio for Track #6

Neve Campbell

Wes Craven

Update – links fixed

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31 Responses to “ Massive Scream 4 HD Video Roundup (Updated) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Nice!

  2. I wish it was longer and happy to see part of the cast together and smiling. :)

    BTW, all of the other links below the press conference video, I’m getting error pages.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Very nice, thanks! Courteney and Sidney look GORGEOUS! David and Courteney look happy together and I’m glad to see that. Wes Craven still looking good for his age.

  4. nothing works *clap clap clap*

  5. Thank you so much! Great footage! Could watch them talk all day!

  6. why are they saying not found when clicked on?

  7. this makes me more excied for the film then any piece of information i’ve see thus far. and Im glad wes made the comment he did about scream 3 towrds the end, he gets it.

  8. That was awesome, thank you – love wes’s response to the noise outside question lol XD

  9. I enjoyed watching them speak about this film, although Courteney seemed a little out of it. Also, the links above don’t work… just want to be helpful. :)

  10. :( the links aren’t working

  11. Uh-oh. There’s a few broken links.

  12. So i’m guessing craven saying S3 was a little too goofy/scooby doo….that implies 4 will get back to the original??

  13. I keep getting error messages when I try to open the links :|

  14. Their bond is so touching.

  15. Well, Wes saying #3 was “goofy” and “scooby” is a good sign. in other words he’s saying it was bullshit, and the only reason i can think he’s saying that is because this one will go back to the real screams. agressive, gory, scary :D.

    plus, gale is SO back. not monica from friends making an appearence like in scream 3.

    all seems to point scream 4 is going to be greatgreatgreat

  16. Awesome footage. Nice to see the original cast together in one interview. Great chemistry. This made me more anxious now =/

  17. Ty… much easier for me to collect them videos now :)

  18. None of the links work…but the positive review of the screening that Wes mentioned in that conference is VERY good news!

  19. Was this really record on March 23rd? The behaviour between Courteney and David is interesting. At times it almost implies that they have got back together while at others Courteney looks quite awkward.

    With regards to the film, i love this video, it’s so great to see everyone represented and I get the vibe that a lot of consideration and care has gone into the film, which can only be a good thing for us guys!

  20. So nice to see them together again and see Courteney and David on the side of each other smiling *-* I feared she wouldn’t participate in the publicity, but she’s very professional and loves the franchise as we :D

  21. my other one got deleted. On the links you posted of all the other videos if you click on them it just takes you to PAGE NOT FOUND.. its because you have double of /2011/03 IN the address.. you can delete this I just wanted you to be aware so you could fix it so people could just click the link easily and get to the page as you intended :)

  22. Gah! That’s what I get for being up 24 hours straight. Thanks all, and links fixed.

  23. I’m not sure if this is just how he always is….but David seemed…..tipsy, or maybe even a little drunk which became obvious when he was speaking. An awesome video though with great questions and answers :D

  24. Neve is stunning! Xxxx

  25. didnt my post get approved?

  26. LOVE Wes’s comments about Scream 3..and the seemingly positive response from the screening. This has reinvigorated me!
    I’m so friggin excited!

  27. No andy, your comment directing people to spoilers did not get approved. Are you really surprised? If you want to discuss it email me. Thanks.

  28. ok wicked scribe i wasnt directing them to spoilers.i was warning people thats all.

  29. david arquette is all kinds of fiiine.

  30. Man, Neve is looking good! In that press conference vid she looks like she just stepped off the set of Scream 2! She aged well!

  31. The Arquette’s are acting like they’re back together. And what they’re saying about each other implies it as well. Oh I hope so. Either way, the way they act with each other is very professional/comfortable/endearing. They clearly still care about each other. This is a good sign for Scream 5 (if they both survive Scream 4 of course).
    Glad to see David being mature and not acting like an over excited teenager. Makes me think that some of the stuff written about him in the press lately might not be true. Hope so!

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