Neve Campbell Debunks Past Scream 4 Leaks (Video)

We’ve already told you about Neve Campbell’s Access Hollywood interview where she commented on the possibility of Scream 5, however during a rewatch we caught a morsel on the hot topic of spoilers and information leaks.

When asked how hard it was to keep Ghostface’s identity in Scream 4 a secret (because actors can’t wait to blurt out whodunnit, apparently), the former Wild Thing said:

“I think you just have to realize that it won’t be as fun for the audience if they know what’s going on, so that makes it easy to keep it secret. Besides we had to sign some really strict confidentiality agreements.”

“There have been a couple of times some things have come out on the internet but luckily it hasn’t been the right information.”

Campbell also revealed she has only seen an early cut, prior to the movie being tightened up in editing and final music dropped in. She will see it properly for the first time with the rest of cast and crew at the premiere on Monday, April 11th.


Source: Access Hollywood

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20 Responses to “ Neve Campbell Debunks Past Scream 4 Leaks (Video) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. What if it turns out she’s the killer. . . That would be one huge secret to spoil for the audience. I think she makes a great point.

  2. god i love her!

  3. I love her too, but there’s one thing I’ve noticed about her. She’ll laugh and then suddenly stop laughing as if someone flipped a switch. I think it’s cute, though.

  4. Always beautiful and youthful, but this is not one of the best hairstyles to show that :~

  5. why is it every time there is an interview and it mentions scream 5, she says “It could be fun”. doesn;t that almost mean that she is going to be in the 5th one if they make it?

  6. @Stephen Howard: there is more than one way for her to be in the next films…
    I just hope that she doesn’t die in this one…let’s get real people, she has to thank Scream for almost all her acting life, I don’t think she will ever drop out of making them…as for Cox, I have my doubts…I like her but she is the most volatile of the trio…I grew up with this cast…i don’t wanna be all hyped up for all of them to be back for 5 and 6 and then have a trauma like I had with halloween 8 with Jamie Lee Curtis dying in that stupid way!

  7. If the trio survives again then I don’t want to see them again. Pretty soon it’s going to become like a cartoon. Are we really supposed to buy them surviving six movies in a row? Come on now. Limit their roles to very small cameos in S5 & S6. Time to let the new gen take over, whether we like it or not.

  8. @ Khy: I couldn’t desagree more… I know a lot of real life cases about people surviving many attacks…usually by the same killer, but a few from various people. And besides… it is implied in trailers and official non-spoiler promo material that the film revolves around both “new gen” and the trio alike…didn’t you feel any nostalgia kickin’ when you saw a clip from Scream 4 where Sid remembers some of her past with Billy?
    And it’s always diferent motives and diferent people for wanting to kill them. Sometimes killers just want to finish eachother targets: happened in Scream 2 (with Billy’s mother) and with Bridger in Scream 3…if the person writing 5 and 6 does a good job it will be plausible if they survive and not cartoonish.

  9. After hearing this I’m glad Neve is open for another film, but I agree it would kind of be ridiculous if the three showed up again in a future sequel without one of them dying. But Sidney and the other two could have cameo roles in the future sequels (not necessarily killing them off).

  10. I agree with Stephen Howard… the first time I read what she said about “who knows… it could be fun” immediately told me that she’d be back if she survives and really, I think she does survive.


  11. I kind of agree with khy about the trio all surviving. They should kill at least one of them off. I wonder if dewey will survive another attack just like in scream 1 and 2.

  12. She seems to be in a better place with these films now, say then when number 3 was out.

  13. Why cant horror be like the action genre? Let our heroes live…its what we want anyway…..and yeah as for spoilers, Maria (who has seen the film) goes “So scream 5???” lol so Sidney must live? And Neves like “um….well bitch i dont wanna say that cuz itd be giving away the ending”

  14. If she did die in the movie, there’s no way Neve would reveal that or even hint to that, so of course she’s going to say something that makes us think she will live. I personally don’t want anymore sequels, because it will be too much I think, and while I love the characters, one of them needs to be killed. In a way, I’d rather it was Sid, because with her dead, the story will pretty much die as well, and there won’t be endless sequels.

  15. Pyrs, I respect that, but come on, Dewey/Sid/Gale being in the middle of it every time and surviving just won’t be appealing to me. These films are all about rooting for your favorite character and praying they won’t die. There won’t be much excitement if you know right off the bat the main 3 will live in EVERY movie.

    I’m NOT saying I want them to die in this film or to be killed off, but if they survive then limit their roles to cameos in the next two. They’ve been through enough.

    That’s all I’m saying.

  16. And of course this film is about the TRIO AND THE NEW GEN, but the new gen should be “in charge” come S5 & S6.

    I’m not saying I don’t like the trio being in this film, are you kidding me? If they weren’t then I doubt I would be excited. Ghostface going after a new group of teens after 11 years with no Dewey/Gale/Sid? Doesn’t sound like fun. But a film that brings the trio back to “pass the torch” to those new characters, now that is something I can dig. Which is what S4 is. But if you’re passing the torch to those new characters, then follow through with it!

  17. Way to give away a huge spoiler, Menounos.

  18. I wouldn’t look too deeply into things. It’s a soundbyte question. These reporters ask Liev Schreiber and Jamie Kennedy is they’re coming back – straight faced.

  19. The issue with the new generation taking over is all very good but surely most of the new kids will be killed anyway. Each Scream movie features a full cast of people, mostly all there to be murdered. If you think about who is left over of the main cast at the end of S1, S2 & S3 you’ve got the Gale/Sidney/Dewey trio and then Randy (S1), Cotton (S2) and Kincaid (S3). So ASSUMING that the original trio DO survive again, surely only a couple of new generation characters will survive with them. And so, how much of this new generation of characters will there even be to take it through to S5. Surely Scream 5 will need another new round of characters anyway…??

  20. This is what I like about these arguments…it’s a sign that Scream is here again, I remember doing this with my friends about Scream 3, the only one I saw in the cinema…the other ones I just got to see on the TV (European smalltown of Portugal, and no ghostface masks for sale either but at least Scream one was the uncut version).
    But I can see your points of view…and if Sid, Dewey and Gale gotta bite the dust then let it be in style and just not dying for the sake of bugdet or producers bad ideas, that is kinda of what I’m thinking- Imagine if Cox just wanted to do her death scene all rushed up and slapsticked.It would be disapointening. Or Campbell just saying that she had enough and just plain refuse being on film…for cameos,opinions,helpers of the new gen and ultimatly their death in a really cool way, I think they just have to stick around, for the sake of being able to give some credability among the old fans. Or else it would just be another slasher cashing in the title of the original trilogy.
    About the new gen: I sure am loving Kirby and Jill. I would love to see them around for more!and even without the trio…if they can make likable and make me care about them, why not?
    (these comments are getting long…sorry Wicked_Scribe)

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