New Clip: Teegarden Taunted By Phone Voice (HQ)

Tonight Scream 4‘s Aimee Teegarden presented an exclusive clip on MTV. And zap! Internet! Here it is. This is the fourth released scene we now have access to, and while brief, is our first proper look at phone interaction between killer and victim.

Girl: Who is this?

Man’s Voice: Think of me as your director. You’re in my movie.

Girl: What movie?

Man’s Voice: Same one Marnie’s in. Only, her part got CUT.


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49 Responses to “ New Clip: Teegarden Taunted By Phone Voice (HQ) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. So there’s Sherrie & Trudie, then Marnie & Patty.

    I remember back before filming even begun thinking they re-named Sherrie/Trudie as Marnie/Patty, little did I know they were all different characters. lol.

  2. i say STAB!

  3. …or Ehren Krueger messing with things again. ha!

  4. Marnie is Shanea Grimes’ character right?

  5. Woohoo i filmed this!

  6. I’m pretty sure Aimee Teegarden will be Jenny Randall. Didn’t one of the sides mention that Marnie had a friend named Jenny Randall or something?

  7. sarah darling?

  8. reminds me alot of that scene

  9. @Harrison dizzle “Marnie is Shanea Grimes’ character right?”

    No, her name is that not that. I don’t wanna post her character, though, because it may be considered a spoiler to some. But if you don’t mind that, you can go through the behind-the-scenes videos posted last week, and you can hear Shenae say her character’s name in one of her lines.

  10. Her acting isn’t convincing for me in this brief scene, but I am keeping hopeful that Aimee will do great in the film.

  11. @tr i say STAB!

    There is a big chance that they are not in Stab, rather, they are real residents from of the town of Woodsboro. One of the more spoilery pictures released before may/may not have confirmed that.

    @tr …or Ehren Krueger messing with things again. ha!

    Some speculate that this possibly re-shot scene is written by none other than Wes Craven himself!

  12. Could anybody give me a link to youtube for this video please? Wicked-Scribe man. I can’t view the video from my phone on here. Only on youtube and I can’t find it. Much appreciated

  13. Thank you sir.

  14. Luce Hale- Sherrie
    Shanae Grimes- Trudie
    Aimee Teegarden-Patty
    Brittany Robertson-Marnie

    IMDB is incorrect.

  15. How can you be talking on the phone then throw a bitch through the window that quickly?

  16. Looks good, they need to stop giving away more scenes.

  17. They’ll stop giving away scenes when you stop watching them, Scream4fan.

  18. @Ghostface

    just let me go with the kruger hate.

    my heart wouldn’t let me do that with wes. haha

    and isn’t it ironic that kruger is present in all this stuff…wes craven’s new nightmare 2.

  19. I don’t like Aimee Teegarden. DO NOT LIKE.

  20. khy, IMDB says Aimee Teegarden is playing Jenny.

    And they can’t really be trusted anyway.

  21. Her acting is bleak and the dialogue is a bit contrived but im still jonesing for scream 4 like crazy

  22. Brittany seems to be the better actress. You could really see the fear in her eyes. Aimee is a little too “typical”, kind of like she’s trying. Not as authentic as Brit. But I’m basing them both on what? 2 seconds of footage each? lmao. Gotta wait until April 15th before we judge too harshly.

  23. @tr “just let me go with the kruger hate…my heart wouldn’t let me do that with wes. haha.”

    Nooooo… I never hated Kruger as a writer. I believe Scream 3 wasn’t as good as 1 and 2, but I am not one of those that hated him. I am one of those who is satisfied as long as the movie turns out good.

    But anyhow, the reason why some speculate it’s Wes that wrote it… well it’s due to an article that was posted on this same site.

  24. @tr

    Oh, I totally misread your comment above. Sorry about that.

    After reading it CORRECTLY, awwwwwwwwww, I guess you consider this scene bad writing then? Hopefully you will like it when the movie hits the big screen. Maybe Wes’ writing is better for you when it plays out in its entirety.

  25. @HGY “How can you be talking on the phone then throw a bitch through the window that quickly?”

    If it turns out there are 2 (or 3 or 4 or 5) killers in the movie, then probably doable. As a matter of fact, I had a similar question during Cici’s scene in Scream 2 (talking and sneaking in at the same time), but I forgot there’re 2 killers.

  26. I’d like to preface this with I didn’t watch the Youtube vid.

    I don’t wanna hate on Aimee,but from the very begining she never looked like a Scream Girl.
    I like most people am hoping she rocks hers scenes though.

  27. Assuming they didn’t phone this entire film in, this clip is either cut down immensely or obviously a scene from a Stab film.

    Reasons to think it’s Stab include:
    The lighting’s uneven.
    The pacing’s all wrong.
    The voice is quick and quippy, not dark and deliberate.
    Aimee is overplaying simple lines.

  28. Updated with HQ

  29. The tone of the voice sounds too much like the one in 3. Too clar or something. The voice was creepier in the first two.

  30. Yeah, I hope Ghostface’s dialogue for the rest of the film is delivered better than that. He sounded so nonchalant.

  31. @Denny
    Thats the problem I have with Anna Paquin & Kristen bell’s scene from the trailer.
    Waaay too bright and they seem to be overacting.

  32. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re doing a reverse psychology “meta” thing where the Stab scenario has realistic characters while the real life scenario is more outlandish just to mess with us before the story proper begins.

  33. Aimee does a dreadful performance in that clip… but it is only 10 seconds, so I’ll wait and see… and I dont like the voice… it’s the one from S3 and I dint like that one

  34. Judging by the trailers ghostfaces voice is creepier then what we heard in this scene. It also seems like this is a stab scene to me.

  35. Apart from Hayden Panettiere and Kristen Bell, I can’t tell one actress from the others in this movie : Lucy Hale, Shenae Grimes, Brittany Robertson… They’re all the same for me. I don’t think the characters they portray will be as memorable as the ones portrayed by Rose McGowan, Sarah Michelle Gellar or Parker Posey : these womens were brilliant, unique. That’s why I really don’t care about who plays who in the movie. Grimes (of the dreadful 90210 reboot fame) can play Trudie, Sherrie, Marcy, Lily or Thingie for all I care, all the posting about her, the others and their characters are very funny, imo.

  36. Is this a clip from Scream 4 or Scary Movie 5? Because Aimee’s acting wasn’t believable at all!

  37. I can’t believe the line “What movie?” has made people think they can judge this girl’s performance already. That’s insane and nitpicky to me. She’ll be just fine.

    (Also hilarious how everyone just assumes that this is Ehren Kruger “messing things up.” Based on WHAT? Ugh. Can’t wait for this movie to come out so we don’t have to bother with this speculative nonsense anymore.)

  38. i think its hard to judge a persons acting skills based on the 5 words she says. she seemed fine to me.

  39. Ok, this is not a spoiler, just my personal opinion.

    Here’s how I see it. Marnie (Britt Robertson) is the opening kill. Somehow, the killer throws her through Amy Teegarden’s glass door and then kills Amy Teegarden? I know it’s Marnie who gets thrown through the door because you can see her blue sweater and cowboy boots (which also is spoiled in that hi-res crime scene pic). So Marnie and Amy’s character are the first to go, making the “two girls killed the exact day…” part make sense. My theory too is that Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell are Stab victims, whereas Lucy Hale and Shenae Grimes are Woodsboro victims. I know I should just wait for the movie but I can’t help it!! Again I’m not trying to spoil anything, just amusing myself with ideas. Can’t wait!

  40. @Matthew, I completely agree. I didn’t even believe her scream, she sounds horrible.

  41. @rick

    we’re also just teasing about stuff. don’t take it so seriously…

    as aimee should have in this clip. ha!

  42. @Missy

    I just assume or hope the overacting is likely a part of Stab and meant to show how cheap later slasher sequels become.


    Good point. I hadn’t thought about them doing a more realistic Stab than what really happens, but that’s interesting. More commentary on the superficial nature of certain people or modern society. One problem being that Scream 3 went for commentary on superficial people and fans tended not to like it because there was far more comedy than horror. So if they make “the movies” more realistic than reality, many people might not appreciate the awkward comedy that might cause or the clever twist on things which that might be.

  43. this is definitely not from the movie stab. i think that is pretty clear. ghostface does not sound as intimidating. still going to be an awesome movie though.

  44. @dontdiesid

    How is it clear that it’s not from the Stab franchise? I know some think that some of the released pictures show people from this scene or scenario, but nothing is clear-cut that I’ve heard.

  45. I don’t think these scenes match up. Because it shows her walking up to the door and then she is just standing there. I don’t think this will exactly happen in the movie but it will happen if that makes any sense.

  46. @brendandy but we’ve never seen the opening kill setting as a crime scene after the fact. Never. which is why I don’t think Brittany is opening.

  47. @Glenn Oh you’re very right. There was never a crime scene (scene) with Casey Becker and Steve or with Maureen and Phil (or with Cotton and Christine, haha, doesn’t count) GOOD POINT

  48. Then it must be Shanae and LUCY!!!

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