New Photos: Wes, Courteney, and Ghostface

Until we have Entertainment Tonight coverage for you, enjoy these new official Scream 4 photos – a Ghost in the garage, plus Wes Craven and Courteney Cox on set.

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15 Responses to “ New Photos: Wes, Courteney, and Ghostface ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS

  2. Courteney looks so awesome. Can’t wait to see her kicking ass as Gale again.

  3. i refresh this website like 100 times a day. nice to see so many updates lately. wait, yeah. i’m obsessed.

  4. Hey Nick, the two articles you complained about were written by two different authors. You act like we don’t know how to source stories without you. Did you write them? Did you take the photos? Your sense of ownership is both obnoxious and desperate.

  5. Ghostface’s knife… looks… FAKE.
    Courtney looks great :)

  6. Im just saying its awfully convienent that they end up on the front page of the website after I posted them on the forum less than five minutes ago.

  7. Nick, not meaning to interfere, but can you take care of this in a more private manner than in the comment section?

  8. You’re just paranoid and seeking to cause a public stir. If you wanted to discuss this properly you could have emailed me.

  9. Yawn. Im not looking to cause a public stir, I simply pointed out something that I saw. Your the one sitting here attacking me. Its a website, calm down.

  10. Its HIS website and if he feels the need to discuss a matter whether its complaints or otherwise he has a right to do so.

  11. Nick, you didn`t discover that picture! lol!
    It`s been on this norwegian website since before Xmas! I thought everyone had already seen it. :D

  12. OMG, It was a sarcastic comment. Like HE said, if I was actually complaining, I would have emailed him. Like I did once before about seeing the film during the screening.

    All must be calm.

  13. What time is it on et tonight?! Someone please tell me !???

  14. I really love that picture of ghostface. It really shows all the detail in the mask. Though it almost looks like there is masking tape (NO PUN INTENDED) on the knife which is kinda weird.

  15. Theres been ALOT of movie stills released..there’s been over 25…I love it:3

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