New Scream 4 Photo Shows Ghostface’s Red Right Hand

Hot on the heels of the new Fangoria Ghostface pic we showed you this week comes another small piece of an official still via the cover of April’s Empire Magazine.

We’re guessing that’s not corn syrup on the knife…

The ish also contains ample interview coverage based around the forth chapter and a neat Scream flowchart that traces the tangled relationships of the living and the dead. For a sneak peek at the pages, visit this forum thread.

Source: JoseMellinas, StarryKat.

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5 Responses to “ New Scream 4 Photo Shows Ghostface’s Red Right Hand ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Must be when they use the prop replica for ease of handling and safety concerns, but this is one of the moments in the franchise where I notice the blade looks STUBBISHLY SMALL…Would that kill someone? Know the real deal on the other hand…

  2. It’s got yellow & orange on the blade. Is it meant to be rusty?

  3. Only thing I can think of is that perhaps they have had to sensor it slightly. Perhaps it was coated in blood. I don’t know. Love it though and very glad that Scream 4 is starting to get coverage.

  4. I cant believe Scream 4 is actually on the cover… i didnt think it would get any advertisment like this in the UK

    i wonder if it will get front page spread for the April edition?

  5. oh, lol it is the april edition… my bad :L

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