Original Scream A Blur To Rory Culkin

Rory Culkin’s first viewing of Wes Craven’s horror classic is a bit of a blur. “I was pretty young when I saw it [Scream],” Culkin says. “My sister would cover my eyes every time something scary would happen, so I didn’t really see it until I was a little older.”

E! Online recently caught up with Culkin during their Scream 4:  New Generation Week.   And Culkin doesn’t mind the secrecy surrounding the film’s characters or plot.  “I kind of dig it.  I like not being able to tell anyone anything because it’s a cool secret to have.”

With little to no information being released about any of the newbies, Culkin offered up this tidbit about his character, Charlie Walker – President of the high school cinema club:

“No one really pays attention to him, and then these killings start happening again, and they sort of look to him because he thinks he knows what’s going on,” Culkin said. “So as messed up as it is, the killings are pretty good news for him. People are coming to him and he’s enjoying that.”

Source:  E! Online

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  1. I don’t know if you guys realized this yet I just did but I guess scream: the inside story is premiering on April 6th on the BIO channel. I just set my dvr. It says right here on there facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Scream-The-Inside-Story/120657644664429

  2. Robbie and Charlie are very similar, for that reason I don’t think they’ll both survive. I hope it’s Robbie, I like him the most!

  3. He sounds very suspicious to me!

  4. (When I said “he” above, I meant Charlie Walker.)

  5. this makes him a suspect also

  6. That’s understandable. O can remember movies from when I was seven, but it’s funny how when you go back after 20 years and rewatch that film…you realize you only remember tiny pieces and the bulk is gone.

  7. JRT, so true. I can remember clearly from 2 years old and upward without a problem. But for some reason I don’t remember all of Scream when I saw it in theaters. I remember the day we went to see it, the minutes leading up to it, us coming home after, but not much of the movie itself. Isn’t that weird? All I remembered clearly was Ghostface spying on Sid and Tatum, that freaked me out and when we got home I was worried Ghostface was watching us from behind our trees, lol. I was only 5. But to make it stranger I remember EVERYTHING about seeing Scream 2 in theaters and I was only a year older. o.o

    S2 was pretty much my first considering I can’t remember much of my theater experience with the original. lmao

  8. Khy – how on earth did you manage to get into an R Rated movie at ages 5 and 6?? Lol.

  9. Parents, lol. One of the reasons why I probably can’t remember the original Scream is because my mom was covering my face constantly, lol. And I saw Scream 2 with my Dad and Brother so Of Course I didn’t have to worry about that, lol.

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