Panettiere and Roberts Elaborate On Scream 4 Script Topics

“I knew from the beginning who the killer was going to be.  Whether it was me or somebody else,” Hayden Panettiere teased. Zap2it recently spoke with Panettiere and Emma Roberts, delving straight into the main topic on everyone’s mind – the rewrites on Kevin Williamson’s original script.

“That’s kind of how it always is though,” Roberts said. “Whenever you sign on to things you’re always getting new pages because you know, reading a script is one thing but making it come to life with all these different people that don’t know each other — or some do and some don’t — it’s like you kind of need to do some tweaks to fit everyone’s relationships.” Adding, “It was all pretty normal stuff. It was nothing too crazy at all. My part never changed drastically, just the words.”

When reporters asked Roberts if any of Williamson’s original storylines were scrapped, she stated only the dialogue had been rewritten for her character.

When shooting on the fourth installment began in the summer of 2010, rumors began circulating that cast members were only given the first 75 pages of the script.  Both Panettiere and Roberts dispel these rumors:

“I read the whole thing,” Roberts said. “They had me go to Wes Cravens house and read it, which was kind of intimidating, and then I auditioned and I got the part.”

“I was in Germany, they had somebody fly to Germany to watch me read the middle part of the script,” Panettiere said. “So it had no beginning. It had no end. Just the middle part of the script. And that was, of course, subject to change.”

While previous Scream entries saw actors being left in the dark about the ending until the day of shooting, both ladies appeared to know much more than their co-stars.  “Everyone said they [knew], but I think they were just saying that,” Roberts recalls. “Because half of them really didn’t.”

“But the ending was definitely kept from us for a little while. They were writing it and rewriting it and playing around with it so we had an idea, a general idea of it but it was subject to change,” Panettiere said.

Anthony Anderson revealed during a press conference on March 23rd that he had just discovered the identity of the killer(s). Scream 4 hits theaters April 15th.

Source: Zap2it

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13 Responses to “ Panettiere and Roberts Elaborate On Scream 4 Script Topics ”

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  1. Man, her saying only some dialog was changed and no major ideas were scrapped makes me breathe easy.

  2. Well, we can rule out Anthony Anderson then!!

  3. So if one of them is the killer, they knew from the beginning? interesting.

  4. Thats Interesting
    Anthony didn’t know until recently
    And Hayden & Emma have known from the begining.
    and Emma is sure they are the only 2 that did know from the start.Hmmmm.

  5. I knew it couldn’t have been many changes. If there were a lot of changes made to Kevin’s script they would have had to credit someone else per writers guild rules. It still makes me wonder whatit is that Kevin is so pissed about…

  6. I can’t see Hayden’s character as one of the killers. She’s what, all of 10 pounds & about 5’? I mean, no matter how strong she may be, there is no way. Maybe she can be the brains behind it, but not an actual killer. Not that I want her to be one of the killers mind you. I don’t want to know until I see the movie. April 15th come on already!!!

  7. You HAVE to wonder just how much knowing had adapted their interaction with the other characters and perhaps overall performance. I think the mystique of previous filmings left it too exactly the theme of the film itself reflects — “Everyone is a suspect!” Knowing their ultimate role (Killer or survivor) could easily affect an actor’s portrayal (their take on it), and may even give clues to a viewer familiar with a particular actor’s usual reportoire, so to speak…

  8. You have to keep in mind that actors who are not portraying the killer would still know who the killer is. Anyone who takes part in the finale would be given that information because they would need to read the lines. Emma or Hayden, or both, might be a killer – but if the article gives anything away, it’s that Emma and Hayden are both involved in the finale – which I’m happy about, but we already figured that would be the case, anyway.

  9. People took what one article said and totally ran with it. Hopefully is teaches us all not to believe EVERYTHING we read on the internet. But I do agree with Ckocher, I wonder why Kevin hasn’t been mentioning S4. He still has the writing credit which means not much was changed, what’s the problem? Oh well, I just want the film to be good. I could give a rat’s ass about behind the scenes drama.

  10. Khy, we have a lot to reveal on the matter. But out of respect will wait till after the film is release.

  11. Ah! Gotcha.

  12. wicked-scribe don’t you tease us like that! is it for publicity? is kevin williamson going to be the killer or what? hahaha

  13. I had a feeling that Jill was going to be the killer because Emma didn’t talk about her character too much.

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