Poster/Airdate for Scream: The Inside Story

Perhaps not technically a poster, but we sure would purchase something like this to class up the office corner of Scream-Trilogy HQ. Daniel Farrands’ Scream: The Inside Story has been something of a dark horse, working steadily behind-the-scenes to get a top-notch production onto TV screens. And today we have confirmation and airdates for the program, which is rumored to focus on the production of the first Scream.

The documentary will premiere on the A&E BIO Channel Wednesday, April 6th @ 8PM E.T. with additional airings scheduled.

In 1996, director Wes Craven unleashed Scream, a slasher flick that shattered box-office records for horror films and turned Craven and some hot young actors (Neve Campbell, Skeet Ulrich, and Rose McGowan) into overnight stars. In this two-hour special, we go inside the Scream story with all-new, exclusive interviews with cast and crew. Viewers will learn that Craven originally didn’t want to direct the film, the production had to survive delays and objections to its violent content, and industry analysts predicted it would be a bomb at the box office. But Scream became a blockbuster and single-handedly revived the horror genre.

Source: Scream: The Inside Story

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15 Responses to “ Poster/Airdate for Scream: The Inside Story ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Wow just last year BIO does the be all and end all amazing HALLOWEEN documentary and now get this! Heaven.

  2. Wish I had the the BIO channel, but I’m still excited for the other documentary Still Screaming.

  3. I hope someone record in HD and put on Youtube :~

  4. Yeah I hope someone caps it and uploads it for us non American fans! I can’t wait to check this out and the Still Screaming documentary!


  5. I just set my dvr and it says it starts at 8pm eastern time and runs till 10pm so i think thats really cool. Two hours of scream should be good to keep everyone entertained till april 15th. It also says that it airs again from 10-12 then right after 12-2.

  6. Wicked-scribe, there is a typo here:
    “…it would be bomb at the box office…”

    Typo correction: it would bomb at the box office
    But in reality: it would be THE bomb at the box office ;)

  7. Thanks “Ghostface” I agree.

  8. can’t wait:) you can still see this in Australia on foxtel:)

  9. Too bad I don’t get Bio Channel. Someone please upload it after it airs.

  10. i only get a&e


  12. Can’t wait. Jaime’s face is priceless in the poster.

  13. Yes I cant wait. Im so glad I have the Bio channel on my tv.

  14. I can’t wait!!! but do any of yall know when Still Screaming doc will premier?

  15. bonjour ! je suis fran├žais. comment faire pour voir le documentaire si on habite en france ? il sera en ligne sur internet ?

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