Repairing The Scream 4 International Cast Poster

Official or unofficial, does it even matter anymore? Sure, when it comes to promotion. But percentage wise, you’re getting the lead-up to Scream 4 mostly on the computer screen. So to us, despite country of origin or who made it, it all comes down to – does it look cool?

He comes back more times than Ghostface – he’s artist P.L. Boucher and sent us this “classic” style poster, making reparations for Mexico’s recent slapdashery.

“After the release of the awful Mexican one-sheet, I thought “Why not do one last poster in the exact same vein as the previous ones, just to finally please the fans?” so here it is!  Unlike my previous posters, I only used official released promo photos or screencaps from the trailer, just to prove that Mexico COULD’ve made a better poster with the same material at their disposition.  I don’t consider it my best work or my favorite one (that would be this one), but it’s a classic Scream cast poster. Hope you die-hard fans like it.”

Thanks, amigo. Boucher claims this is the last Scream 4 poster he’s making, but we suspect he’ll be back for the DVD. Fingers crossed.

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28 Responses to “ Repairing The Scream 4 International Cast Poster ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. MAN I thought it was official. I would LOVE this to be the official one, though. It would be amazing.

  2. i like it. I just don’t like the Fan-Made “4”

  3. Haha! I love my intro “He comes back more times than Ghostface!” Thanks for the continued support.

  4. Am I the only one that prefers the Mexican one? Sure that’s bad but the images used here are NOT flattering. And I actually like the colors on the Mexican poster, I’m over them all being in black.

  5. Holy shit that looks amazing!

  6. Thanks to P.L. once more, as I’ve butchered his artwork for the (as of now) current banner. Also, if you’re interested in seeing his past artwork (and a finely crafted trailer), click on his tagged name at the bottom of the article.

  7. I actually like this one. IT NEEDS TO BE OFFICIAL! It has all the right people and its an even amount of people on each side of Sidney. *like*

  8. Kick-ass! Although I would replace Eric and Nico with Rory Culkin and Adam Brody. They’re more well-known actors and makes sense to have more well-known actors on a poster rather than lesser known actors.

  9. Thanks to P.L. Boucher! This poster is amazing I can’t even put it in words! It looks 10 times better than the other poster released in Mexico. I like the 4 way better than the Ghostface mask. The pictures seem to fit perfectly! Great Job. I actually can’t believe some people were complaining. Yeah, everyone has their different opinion but dang stop whining and be grateful. Once again great job! Neve isn’t over doing it with her lips, Jill has her body back, and there are 3 characters on each side of Neve to even it out.

  10. All his posters have been better than the official ones. I mean, yes, the official ones took another direction, a more simplistic, artistic route. But that’s not my cup of tea. What this artist does gets me each and every time. Good job.

  11. @Dealock “…They’re more well-known actors and makes sense to have more well-known actors on a poster rather than lesser known actors.”

    I think Scream posters or posters in general like to introduce less known actors sometimes also. Wes and the team even said that they like to just “randomly” pick out actors from the film, without thinking too much about it, to put on the poster. It makes the audience wonder more about who have important roles in the film, or something to that degree.

    But from a financial standpoint, you are absolutely correct!

  12. Exponentionally better then the Mexican one
    I love the Gang on this one but I really want Ghostface in the background.

  13. This is SO much better than that Mexican one. This one’s going on the bedroom door! (THAT’S how good it is!)

  14. An improvement, but it’s too many people on it, making it look crowded. A classic Scream poster has five people.

  15. It’s great, but I agree with the guy that the other linked poster is his best. But, this one is reallllly good.

  16. i really think this looks crappy the lighting is really ill flattering everyone looks really photoshopped and neve looks kind of happy? i strangely really like the mexico poster having everyone wearing color looks really fresh the whole black thing has gotten old. plus i strangely enough like neves pissed off lemon face in the mexico poster. maybe its just me.

  17. This is simply AWESOME. It’s like 100 times better than the Mexican one! I love it. Thank you Boucher, this deserves to be made official.

  18. MUCH better than el crappy poster de mexicano. I will never be too fond of that grody airbrushed 4, however.

  19. the 4 is still horrible, but the faces are awesome!

  20. While this is a vast improvement over the official Mexican version, I really wish the artist hadn’t raped the cast’s faces with his Photoshop abilities. Airbrushing is one thing and it can be done in such a way that it appears natural. This, however, is just too much. I go to a school for digital arts and if I turned this in, I’d get a failing grade for abusing the Blur and Smudge tools.

  21. I have no problem with the “4” and personally I would think that they would hire P.L. by now to do the work for the posters, the dude has some obvious talent and its a shame really that the lazy artists working for Dimension Films cannot do something soo polished.

  22. I’m confused why you guys are all hating the four. He changed it, it is nowhere near the same as the official one that came out. In it, Neve had a drawn look, in this it is an actual picture of an eye. Love the copycats better than the originals.

  23. Nothing Less Than Brilliant

  24. I like the Kirby, Trevor, and Jill pics more on the other one. For some reason I don’t like this one as much.

  25. Clearly better than the Mexican mess, but still… whatever.

  26. is there any way we can get a cast poster like this.. but add Anna Paquin or Kristin bell to the mix?

  27. You know what would be awesome, a mock-up of the Scream poster with the actors replaced by the “Stab” actors. Drew Barrymore replaced by Heather Graham, Neve Campbell replaced by Tori Spelling, David Arquette replaced by David Schwimmer, Courtney Cox replaced by Parker Posey (Jennifer Jolie), and Skeet Ulrich replaced by Luke Wilson with the same layout and style.

  28. I would’ve kept Neve’s angry face from the Spanish poster and removed Nico’s herpes outbreak from his bottom lip. Other than that, this is actually really impressive.

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