Scream 4: Extensive Behind-The-Scenes Videos

Is today video today? I think it’s video day. Four official behind-the-scenes videos covering an even greater number of scenes being shot. The definition of spoiler continues to blur as Dimension release footage containing surprises many fans feel best left to the film itself. But we secretly want to see, don’t we?

Shh, it’ll be our little secret…

Here are the major chunks they break down into: Video #1 is the barn scene encounter that is getting more difficult by the day to keep terming a spoiler in light of its prominence. Video #2 has a whole lot of Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell, and both #2 & #3 feature lotsa Shenae Grimes and Lucy Hale. Extensive dialogue in both cases – very Williamsonish. If you have balls of steel to turn away… but still want a measure of experience, video #4 is the safest one to view.


Thanks to Delta Lamba Zeta on the forums for the tip-off.


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22 Responses to “ Scream 4: Extensive Behind-The-Scenes Videos ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I’m trying really hard right now to not watch them…this sit is just too up too up to date! Everything that shows up I’m like “Oh god, I have to watch this” and then the Scream fan inside of me is like “NO! Don’t do it!”. I might break down and watch #4, though. Sidney’s rooftop scene is just too tempting to pass up…

  2. Dang, I love this site for collecting all the info and putting them into one single place. <3 this site!! <3 <3 <3

  3. I sooo badly want to but now that i can basically count at least 5 people i know who & how will die, i just dont want to ruin anymore,i want to go in to my first big screen scream like i did when i saw scream on tv when i was 8 and was absolutely mesmerised in the twists and turns and the guessing games!
    im officially done, Scream 4 please hurry (i dont wanna be a lier)!!

  4. It is taking EVERY ounce of strength to try not to watch these. I don’t want to spoil myself now, being so close to the release date. I am just going to exit out this window. . . hopefully.

  5. I watched them all and didn’t feel spoiled, well, there was one thing but it’s something I suspected. However, we all have different opinions on what counts as a spoiler, so my advice- tread carefully. You know what’s best for you. ;)

  6. Thank you for these videos and keeping us up to date, I love this behind-the-scenes stuff!
    Oh, and I think I may have heard Neve utter a potential spoiler in that last video ;P Guess we’ll have to wait and see!!

  7. dang…i just want some new official wallpapers and official website updates. Let’s keep the film somewhat of a surprise baby! Hopefully the score will be up for preorder soon.

  8. WOW, one of the Behind The Scenes, I’m so glad one of the characters didn’t die!

  9. I don’t see any spoilers here… And I do believe in Wes when he says that no majoy spoiler have been revealed, I think we all are gonna end up surprised at the theather…

  10. i like the part in the first when jill walks in then walks away

  11. If you watch these on mute like I did you get the same satisfaction and it defiantly did not ruin anything. But I agree with the others it’s up to you.

  12. “I’m Kiry by the way, I’m their friend” she sounds so cute and the way she says it with her face, I love it.

  13. this makes it looke like gale gets stabbed and lives. Anyone agree, but I could be wrong. idk. Any other predictions. BTW thank you so much Wicked-Scribe, i don’t think i could have lasted this long with out this site, I’ve been on it like almost every day since like june or july. :D

  14. WOW. I can’t believe I have all this footage in front of me… I’ve done everything in my power to avoid spoilers, but this is killing me! The only peek I gave myself was the “spoiler photo” that was released of a certain death… Other than that, I have no clue what’s gonna happen. I’ll log off and go cry now. Can’t wait till April 15.

  15. Not really spoilery. They didn’t give anything away, but I do feel pretty strongly about how one part of the movie will play out.

  16. The spoilers are in the way certain scenes of the cameos will be targeted, their development, that is what is shown. It’s very exciting and I confess that I was afraid at first to see, but I’ve had it because I wanted to see the scenes of Anna/Kristen and Lucy/Shenae. At least they didn’t show anything of Aimee/Britt, which seems the most elaborate scene and secret of all cameos.

  17. OMG! Seeing these clips being available to watch for free is just like having Cheryl Cole lying naked on the bed waiting for me to take her…but I can`t!!! :(

    I just can`t watch these! I feel like I know too much about the movie already (even though I`ve stayed away from important spoilers about who`s getting killed and who`s the killer/killers.)

    I will come back to this article once I`ve seen the movie. I think it will be more interesting to watch this behind the scenes stuff after seeing the movie anyways :P

  18. I couldn’t resist! But I kept them on mute and sort of flicked through them. That way you get some action but can’t hear what’s happening. I reckon that’s the best way because it appears to show a lot of Shenae/Lucy/Anna/Kristen dialogue and I personally want these secenes to be more of a surprise because of the whole is it Stab or is it Scream business..
    Great stuff though of course!!

  19. What a terrible tease having all of these in front of me is! I watched a bit of the Anna/Kristen/Shenae/Lucy footage with the sound off, flipping through quickly, and I was happy I did. No spoilers.

  20. Only watched the scenes with Neve, Hayden and Emma. Loved it when Neve smacked Wes booty. :)

  21. So happy with these vids, they kind of confirmed most of my suspicions with the movie but didn’t spoil anything for me :D Makes me wanna see the movie even more :D

  22. I would not have tguohht she would go any further but she seems to be pushing the boundaries lately. Who knows what these girls can do.

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