Scream 4 New Blood Cast Interviews & Canadian TV Spot (Videos)

Last week you saw the core cast and crew take to the press junket to answer questions, now we get to see the new side’s turn (also recorded last week). Well some of them anyway. Representing Scream 4: Hayden Panettiere, Rory Culkin, Emma Roberts and Anthony Anderson.

We’re not quite sure who steals the show here. Culkin remains mostly quietly amused as if he’s in on a private joke, and Anderson finally mentions the elephant in the room. No, not Emma Roberts blonde hair, but the ironic fact that he came from the Scary Movie series to Scream.

Supposition alert: Anderson isn’t entirely consistent in his usage of the noun “killer” vs plural “killers” but we forgive him – there’s no rulebook on this sort of thing nor had he been given the complete script when shooting.

Next up, the Canadian TV spot is our shakiest cam video yet but there’s more forgiveness on tap because we did delight at the new scenes glimpsed. We wager “You better start running” will quickly rise to cult quote after the 15th.

Thanks to Scene70 & Jake, respectively.

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41 Responses to “ Scream 4 New Blood Cast Interviews & Canadian TV Spot (Videos) ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS

  2. Emma was kind of nervous when Anthony almost gave too much away! Lol. And there is a video of Courtney/David/Neve/Wes out there. Let me see if I can find the link…

    Found it! Here ya go!

  3. Ohhhh, you already posted it last week! Sorry!
    I TOTALLY missed that day’s update. *Embarrassed*

  4. My opinion of Brittany still stands:

    Her facial expression is, by comparison, more believable than Aimee’s. I really hope Aimee will do well in the actual film still. I have faith.

    Both girls will give great performance. :)

  5. Whoa! So much new footage. “There’s nobody out here.” Oh you silly girl…

  6. Best TV spot yet, can’t wait for this in real HD *-*

  7. I know it’s not a popular opinion, but I think Rory is a babe.
    And that new t.v spot is my favourite one yet.

  8. Great TV Spot!!!

    but the the camera isnt shakey at all

  9. Darn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That looks like a great tv spot, lots of new footage but you can’t hear that much. Everyone be on the look out for a better quality 5th tv spot, so we can view it.

  10. They were saying “He” because a stunt guy wears the Scream Costume,Riight?
    It was a fun interview :)
    You played down how quiet Rory was Lol

  11. Oh my D@MN I mean can we please get a tv spot like THAT!!! I mean the last few seem to be getting identical with the same music an all. Wheres the creepy back ground music spot? Then the funny one liner spot(besides Anthonys line), then the “who can it be” one with quick flashes of all the characters or even a spot with multiple epic like screams from the actresses leading up to the end where the title pops up. Kinda like the 2nd theatrical trailer. Canada you have THEE best tv spot yet.

  12. You can tell Anthony was the life of that set whenever he was present. LOL This interview was hilarious.

  13. Can’t blame ya, Ghostface, we’re moving at warp speed now!

  14. @hypnosis “I know it’s not a popular opinion, but I think Rory is a babe.”

    Actually, I think more people would think Rory is a babe than you think!!! :D

    He seems like one of those guys that is not an obvious pick, but many people would confess they are charmed by his looks/behavior/personality.

  15. The windchimes…scary! :)

  16. There seems to be someone standing in the window across the street when Kirby gets the phone call. This movie is definitely not Scream 3. It seems to be going back to originality and scares! :D

  17. Oh wow – Lucy Hale outside!!!
    That is definately the best TV spot yet. Lucky Canada. Lots of nice actual screams to be heard in that one too!!
    Have no idea what Hayden says though…but then I’ve got to keep the sound down I’m at work…!

  18. Hope we get the spot in better quality, with the new footage, it makes it the best one yet. Also, thanks for the new cast video. Nice to see the newbies promoting it too. :)

  19. TV spot rocks…even if i had to hold my ipod up to my ear to hear it. 2 weeks to go!

  20. I really think this one will have the most unique characters since part 1. As much as part II is an amazing film there were some people in there i personally didn’t find interesting-Hallie, Sister Lois & Murphy. But part II still kicks butt on many levels.

  21. What’s up with the random shot of the girl in her underwear after “IN THEATRES APRIL 15th”? Is that Olivia?

  22. Man, this is gonna be amazing. And i’m beyond thrilled that Wes just thanked Kevin for the great script! Sounds like things with KW might not be what we all think? S5 anyone??? =)

  23. Aah!! They showed a millisecond of the scene I love! The one where Britt’s trying to run away from GF and she’s trying to call somebody. It’s right after where you see Rebecca running :D You have to see it in slow motion though, it’s barely a millisecond long. Can’t wait til April 15th!!

  24. whats the deal with the windchimes? lol

    we need this in HD :’) best tv spot so far

    and Hayden say’s “Now would be a good time to make a movie” …or something like that. I love seeing more of Lucy Hale xD

  25. Funniest line from the movie so far? “There’s nobody out here.” Poor Lucy Hale! That line does not bode well.

  26. Finally saw the movie preview on a commercial last night! FINALLY!!!! I am super psyched about Scream4. Can’t wait!!!!!!

  27. What does Hayden say to Rory in the Tv spot? I couldn’t make it out. “Now is a good time…” ?

    Thanks. Can not wait 15 days!!!!

  28. Can someone post the link to the embedded videos on here. Can’t see those on my BB while at work. :p

  29. @fido yeah i just noticed that too, it looks like ghostface in that shot but when i went back to another tv spot to check the same or similar shot, it looks like olivia dancing around in the yellow bra like in the next shot on the tv spot. Guess its just the blurry quality that made the window look all ghostfacey!

  30. Favorite spot yet! dying for that HQ. I wonder if they’ll have a “countdown” like they did with Scream 3

  31. jesus Anthony Anderson is so annoying.

  32. Oh dear. I don’t have anything against Hayden, but I think she was just caught-out in a lie. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t she supposed to be a respected vegetarian? The eating of the meat at the BBQ certainly doesn’t back that up.

  33. New Decade new Rules baby Black doesn’t die first this time LOL love him

  34. LOL! Hayden & Anthony are great! Rory was pretty quiet. I would have liked to see Lucy Hale, Shane Grimes, Erik Knudsen, and Nico Tortorella there too.

    And we need an HD version of that TV spot ASAP.

  35. The girl in the bra at the very end is from the NEXT COMMERCIAL following the Scream 4’s TV Spot.

  36. @hypnosis To be fair, even though numerous websites list her as a vegan/vegetarian, she never really said she was one.

  37. I think Hayden says, “Now would be a good time to make a move”
    As in, Rory is her love interest and he should kiss her.. or something.

  38. everyone is so into this and together and rory says NOTHING,…rory is lame-o

  39. Ghostface sounds pissed.

  40. I saw an add that looked allot like this on Vh1 in the US with the whole “You better start running” part. Will that get uploaded?

  41. I saw Scream 4 at a screening last week and it was so much fun! It’s scary but it’s also funny. Just an overall entertaining film and worth going to experience it in theatres.

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