Scream 4 Official Website Launches has finally opened – we mean really opened. In addition to the expected materials, there are several new media offerings like wallpaper and a Facebook component that, in theory, should personalize your experience (and look, Sidney Prescott has her own account! Pacification for those that have always wanted to communicate with fictional characters). While not terribly mindblowing to the hardcore fan, the official Scream 4 website is a great place for the mainstream to get acquainted with the new movie.

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17 Responses to “ Scream 4 Official Website Launches ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS

  2. Yes!! So happy.

  3. Man, i love the background ambiance on the site! Eerie sound! Thanks TWC for launchin the site!

  4. Whoa. The site is so cool. I took a second to realize that the background images where my friends on facebook. lol

    And sidney’s facebook is very interesting. she’s seems very oblivious to the fact that a serial killer is once again chasing her, but what the hoo nothing strange about that.

  5. This is awesome, I going to check it out right now.

    Ive been checking every single day!

  7. Awesomeness!!!!

  8. Hmmm, so I love that my friends are the victims and the suspects :]]] which is so amazing lol.

  9. hahha Just added Sid. Why the hell not? Checking into the site now…

  10. wonder whay the voice mask call scare share thing is…does any one know?

  11. Did anyone notice that the wallpaper for the “Teaser Poster” almost looks like they just took the poster and added sides to it? I swear i can see lines where the poster ends and the wallpaper begins. Oh well….just wish we had a little cleaner version. I personally love the simplicity of that poster.

  12. Also, why does that wallpaper have lines on it? Almost like when you scan something on a scanner and see little lines?

  13. @JRT The lines are on all the wallpapers. It’s just an effect to give the impression of oil on canvass. Not sure about the edges. Maybe you need to adjust your contrast/brightness lol?

  14. When i click connet to facebook a box pops up but doesnt seem to do anything? Anyone else ahve this?

  15. what is the point of the “victims” page?

  16. the victims page lists gale dewey and kirby…..did they just spoil the film??

  17. i want this horor movie so i learn how to be a scream

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