Scream 4 Runtime Revealed

Getting so close to release, it’s only natural that theaters are going to need to know the length of Scream 4 so they can book and budget session times. Lucky for us, the website for Event Cinemas, Australia’s primary theater chain has made the running time public…

They are listing Scream 4 as 1 hour & 43 minutes. We were a little shocked too, but Event have proven trustworthy in the past – they had revealed/confirmed the local release date of April 14. Also, this runtime matches up with what we’ve been reading on the forum about other international theaters.

103 minutes is a far cry from a 140-page script. That makes it the leanest, quickest Scream film yet. Compare it against previous entries’ runtimes:

Scream – 111 min

Scream 2 – 120 min

Scream 3 – 116 min

There have been unconfirmed reports from test screenings that at least one scene was completely excised – the fountain scene, featured prominently in the trailer. However we’ve also heard the climax was particularly lengthy. Your guess is as good as ours as to how this ensemble film will compress into a comparatively short runtime. But 103 minutes is still no number to scoff at – previous Williamson/Dimension large-cast collaboration The Faculty came in at 104 minutes and managed to cover a lot of ground.

With picture locked down, Wes Craven is expected to finish the sound mix any day now.

Source: Event Cinemas

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41 Responses to “ Scream 4 Runtime Revealed ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. I wish it was longer… I know it’s about quality, not quantity… But I want more to love!!! I don’t want the experience to end at all, so to speak!

  2. Not gonna lie, a lil disappointed. I always thought one of the things that helped scream was the running time, it gave extra time for character development, being longer than alot of horror films, still is though i guess.

  3. I have mixed feelings. I love “Scream 2″ but felt it was too long and poorly paced.

  4. That’s a good point Jerry. Although it’s length certainly makes it “epic”, Williamson himself wanted to shave off certain scenes that ended up being left in (Scream 2).

  5. I’m surprised. I thought that since there would be much more characters introduced and plenty more deaths that it would be longer for character development. I’m a little worried now.
    But oh well. Go Scream 4!

  6. Not to say I told you so (I don’t have magical powers), but I had a bad feeling that this would be the shortest. Maybe it was due to the financial situation that The Weinsteins were in, and that they don’t want to lose any money on this movie. The shorter runtime will give them more screenings, yet I know the quality will suffer. Is this with or without credits? If it’s with credits, then that’s very disappointing, and I fear the pacing will be rushed. I hope this is not including the credits, because then the movie will only be around 97-98 minutes, which is too short.

  7. Might be best
    Some movies get too carried away ,given copious amounts of time.
    A compact little Scream fest might get more people into theatre seats.
    I hope this means it will be non stop from start to finish.

  8. Typically, the final 30 minutes of each film is devoted to the killer(s) reveal/final showdown. Like wicked-scribe was saying, some people who had watched test screenings of the film thought the ending dragged in parts. Maybe the cut in runtime is due to a slicker, more fast-paced ending. Something tells me this is going be a great film nonetheless!

  9. Of all the Scream’s, I thought the original was the only one that dragged a little, and that was the shorted. So who knows.

    I hope the running time doesn’t affect the quality. Maybe een could have a longer version on video.

  10. One thing that I thought of is that sometimes running times are shorter in other countries because a scene is cut etc. Maybe it’s a few minutes longer in US

    also scream 1 is the second shortest and still the best

  11. and NOW I’m concerned.
    There’s no other way to describe it. This is terrible news.

  12. i think the runtimes are wrong…I just checked it again

    Scream (uncut & without credits): 100 min.
    Scream 2(uncut & without credits): 110 min.
    Scream 3(without credits): 106 min.

    …so, i think 103 min. are definitly okay :)

  13. I’m happy with this… 103 minutes is still a LONG time… and it’s true that Scream 2 was poorly paced. I think 103 will be just the right amount of time. And again, it is quality over quantity. We could have the movie be 5 hours, and I would watch it. But it would still have to be an awesome 5 hours!

  14. what the heck/ The movie is really long, why are people dissapointed, it is the longest film yet

  15. 103 mins, i think that’s fair. Like someone said above, quality over quantity. Besides 103 is not short at all, just because it’s not as long as the other doesn’t make it short, it’s still a long movie, just not as long, and hey, don’thca see a pattern, the shorter the movie, the better LOLLLL JK JKJK. haha. Anyway, I’m sure there is not need to worry, 103 is still long and quality is better than quantity. I’m sure the movie will be great! :D

  16. i think its too short but i think it still be great! cant wait :D i hope they releasea directors cut when it comes out on DVD.

  17. Im ok with it. It clocks in roughly 8 minutes less than S1…and the first film is so well paced and laid out that I feel this will do just the same. Besides, there’s plenty of films that run at 90 minutes and are great.

  18. not to be a nitpicker, but doesn’t this website mentioning specific scenes being removed from the final cut qualify as a fairly heavy spoiler??? Not that big of a deal, but I could have gone without knowing the fountain scene could be removed.

  19. This seems weird especially cause craven added to scenes. You would think it would be longer.

  20. Is the 1 hour and 43 minutes for the United States as well? If it is i’m all for it I hope Scream 4 is longer than the prior three.

  21. Why are people complaining here? Jeez you guys are acting like its The Dark Knight or something. An hour and 43 mins is a decent runtime for a horror film, I mean look at the track record of the Scream films, I felt Scream 2 was a lot longer then that but it was only 120 mins. This is also could disinclude the ending credits as well if so then the running time would be more like 1 hr and 50 mins. Either way. I am there. Its a decent runtime for me and for a movie of this calibur.

  22. Im extremely disappointed!!
    Now i fear it wont be as good,
    and i blame the rewrites from Krueger,
    his scenes werent probably as good to be kept in the final film.
    if only Williamson wrote them, it wouldve been good enough..
    I guess people at the screening felt it was too long and needed to be cut down. And arent all the climaxes in the films long anyway!?!?
    Ugh, i had a bad feeling in the summer when i heard about rewrites,but i let it go.
    Now, i really fear this film wont live to our expections..
    i still have little hope though because i am a die hard fan..

  23. omfg relax.

  24. I hope they didn’t cut out the fountain scene completely as some people have said. If that’s the cause of why the film got shorter… I must say I am a little disappointed. Because that scene has promo pics and is featured in the trailer.

    On top of that, it’s a nod to the classic original.

  25. i totally agree Ghostface (11:13pm) it would suck to lose that scene cuz of how much they promoted it with the trailer and pictures. it also looks like a very interesting scene

  26. they cut the fountain scene.. what?
    so do we not get the “syd’s expendable” line? boo.
    and I’m sick of people comparing scream to other horror movies. 103 minutes is not bad for a horror movie yeah, but scream isn’t just another horror movie. Scream is much more than that.. honestly I wouldn’t even put it in the horror category, its a thriller about horror movies.
    that said after 11 years I would prefer more time with these characters.

  27. Why are some complaining on here get a grip already it may not be as long.As the prior three but i’d rather have quality over quantity.Plus assuming how most big budget horror films are these days. There’s a good chance there might be an uncut version of this film. When it hits dvd/blu-ray later this year, surely some edits were made. Before the MPAA approved the film,overall I hope Scream 4. Makes up for Scream 3 the last sequel was a huge disappointment.

  28. Perhaps the fountain scene did not work. When you edit movies scenes get the cut. That is the nature of the business. 103 mins sounds great to me. Next topic please.

  29. Fountain scene makes the teens look unsympathetic, probably why it was cut. Just a guess.

  30. Guys, an hour and 43 minutes is not bad at all. Most horror films are 90 minutes or less these days, because the studios wanna have as many showings as possible in a day. So this is just fine. And I’m sure the DVD release will be an extended director’s cut anyway.

  31. well, it’ll probably be shorter then that.

    end credits tend to go 5 – 10 minutes after the film has finished.

  32. omg why are people moaning about this it doesn’t matter its a little shorter than previous screams as long as its good thats all that matters. we will all find out soon wont we

  33. Maybe this 103 minute thing is for the actual movie itself, not counting the traditional cast photo credits that come on after every film, and the real credits afterwords. Like someone said, “Scream 2″ was actually 110 minutes but counting the draggy credits it gets billed as 120 minutes.

    So maybe S4 is 103 mins + 10 mins of credits which makes it 113 mins.

  34. Not sure but I think Scream 1 is about 105 min. So it’s not so bad for Scream 4. Giving it the same format may also be an homage to the first episode. However, 103 min is still deceiving for me. It should be a pivotal episode, so it should need more time to secure the transition from the past to the supposed new trilogy/generation

  35. Just remember guys, film in Autralia runs 4-6% faster than America. The frame rate is different. It may be an hour and forty minutes in Australia, but it coud be an hour and fifty minutes in the US.

  36. Alex, that is only true for TV/DVD – Pal vs Ntsc. Does not apply to films in cinemas.

  37. oh and runtime only includes the actual movie not the credits :)

  38. In netherlands, europe got “scream 4″ 114 minutes. :)source :

  39. That sucks. I hope every minute is entertaining. I wouldn’t even care if it went titanic’s length lol.

  40. This movie looks great,and everyone should stop crying over a great film,i will enjoy this movie,and i hope i see someone cry or boo in the audience,so that way i can jump over 5 rows of seats,and punch someone in the face,then throw my popcorn and soda in their face whil calling them a disgrace to their own Scream Fan kind,so stop crying or you’ll get a face full of fist,popcorn,and soda…but not at the same time :) lol

  41. Movie length for all movies needs to be at least 2 hours some movies are so short it upsets me.

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