Scream 4 Saturday Secrets #1

A trusted acquaintance/contact who has seen Scream 4 has agreed to answer questions about the movie. We agreed on nothing too spoilery – just simple confirmations and/or teases – though a button is provided to give you a choice to read the answer or not. Most importantly, we want this to be fun for readers! So after every post, feel free to suggest future questions. If all goes to plan we’ll do four installments leading up to release.

Question: Previous killers in the series have used a gun in the climax. Is the same true for the Scream 4 climax?




So, wanna know a secret? Post in the comments below and see you next Saturday.

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78 Responses to “ Scream 4 Saturday Secrets #1 ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Is Shenae Grimes’s Character in a STAB movie?

  2. Why do all the killers use guns in the climax when they dont use them at all leading up to it……….the old fashioned knife in hand always seemed to work for them….

  3. Will we be able to see Ghostface using an actual voice change like in SCREAM 3?

  4. By the way, thank you for posting this! It will give us enough time to hold on up until April 15!

  5. Are Lucy Hale and Shanea Grimes actual woodsboro kills?

  6. i have 2 questions, 1. was the film worth the wait? 2. is the killer obvious to spot during the film or is it a surprize?

  7. My question is :
    Is the killer influenced by any other person from the original Scream Trilogy?? :)

    You should do 2-3 per week :) We do only have like 4 weeks left!! :D

  8. I have no question, I just wanted to say that this is a really cool idea!

  9. I’ve been wondering about that all day werid! But FINALLY one more thing about this damn movie I don’t have to think about. Now I’m just wondering how it plays out.


  10. Does Hayden Panettiere die? Will this Scream live up to the first Scream?

  11. Is it true that Scream 4 has the highest mortality rate out of all of the films?

  12. You should ask how many people total survive.

  13. Without giving away too much of the fun, tell us: how BRUTAL the death scenes are?

  14. “How many people will make it (won’t die) to see a possible sequel?”

  15. I too would like to know about Shenae Grimes and Lucy Hale characters are the Woodsboro or stab characters….please let us know that…its killing me !!!!!!!!

  16. The climax takes place inside a house or will at some undisclosed location?

  17. Can you tell us something about Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell? are they at the beginning? are they stab characters?

  18. how many chases scenes are there with sidney and whoever else shea with ? Is the rooftop chase scene part of the final showdown ?

  19. i have a few questions

    1.Are Lucy Hale & Shenae Grimes actual kills or are they in ‘Stab’
    2. Will SCREAM 4 be the BEST SEQUEL

  20. How LONG was the movie?

  21. Does the flashback scene reveal characters from previous Scream films?

  22. and another

    “How would you describe the movie”

    fun to watch

  23. sorry but a 2 more questions



  24. Is the 4 the A in the title card?

  25. Does any of the new teens survive?

  26. What are the names of Lucy Hale, Aimee Teegarden, Shanae Grimes and Brittany Robertson’s characters?

  27. Do any of the kill sequences rival the suspense or scariness of the 1st film’s opening?

  28. does any of the spoliers online include the identification of the killer(s), sites such as IMDB

  29. 1. Who are the characters (actors) that are involved in the opening scene, is there even an opening scene?
    2. How big is Marley Shelton’s (Judy Hicks)role, and how does it come to play in the movie? Is it explained?
    3. How long is the Anna Paquin & Kristen Bell scene?
    4. Are there any references to previous characters from the series? 5. Is the tone of the film reminicsent of the original film?

  30. How Brutal is Scream 4? More so then the original?

  31. I made an oath that I’d never ever let a guy talk or hurt me ever again.

  32. WHO DO KRISTEN AND ANNA PLAY??? It’s bugging me to know if they play real characters or if they’re “Stab” actresses.

  33. How many survivors are there?

    Are the spoilers that have been leaked true?

  34. Have the killer or killers been spoiled?

  35. 1. What’s your favourite scary movie?
    2. Thoughts on Jenny and Marnie in the film?
    3. How was the character development?

  36. Which character/characters feature in the Nancy O’Dell cameo?

  37. “Is it the most brutal addition to the series?”

  38. What character do Anna paquin and Kristen Bell play? Are they in the movie or are they stab characters?

  39. What type of character anna and kristen do in the movie? They are Stab or Scream 4? How long does the cameo of them?

  40. Good to know

    It’s always amused me that during the lead up Ghostface use the Knife but for the final fight he pulls out a Gun.
    I can’t think of a reasoning other then by the time the final fight comes the killer has been revealed and the subtley of the knife is useless.

  41. How long is the film?
    How much sex/nudity is there in the film?
    How many kills are there?
    What cameo does Wes Craven appear as in the film?
    Are there any surprise cameos in the film?
    Do any of the characters from the previous films reappear in this film besides Sidney, Gale, and Dewey (i.e. Hank Loomis, Randy, etc.)?
    Does it surpass the previous films in terms of brutality?

  42. will ghostface use different weapons except a knife? ^^

  43. If Scream 4 turns out to be the last one, does it provide a satisfying end to the series ?

    Does it leave the door open to another installment ?

  44. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

  45. Not a question for him but for you wicked-scribe. As a lot of fans are wondering if supposedly people watching test screenings are telling true, can you tell us if the person you met gave you the same information/spoilers those other people did?

  46. will everyone including myself leave the cinema with a big smile on our faces and wanting more just as wes craven said?

  47. Hi Franck, I haven’t brought that up with him yet, but hopefully we can touch on it in a way that doesn’t spoil anything nor rule anything out.

  48. How would you honestly rank the four Scream films in terms of overall enjoyment, satisfaction, and bang for the buck? (FYI: I rank the first three as 2, 1, 3 because overall I like Scream 2 the best and re-watch it the most often.) Thanks!

  49. Where do Lucy Hale and Shenae Grimes come into the movie? Like, how are they involved? Stab characters?

  50. Please don’t ask anything that varies from person to person in the opinion standpoint, like is it the best of the series, ect.

    The big question that most fans would like answered is is the movie really 103 minutes long, like reported last week? That’s a perfect non-spoiler question

  51. Also, about sex/nudity. There was hardly any in 1 and none in either sequel. That’s another non-spoiler.

  52. Are lucy hqle and shenae grimes STAB characters ?
    plz answer it plzzzz

  53. Will gale Weathers Die??

  54. is it a big surprise who the killer is and is sidney going to live at the end.

  55. Does Sidney have to “play dead” in this one again in order to get one up on the killer(s)?

  56. Body count, big? small? just right? no exact numbers! I’ll be counting the deaths throughout the movie .-.

  57. their are so many question you guys may not see this one but here i go. Do you think Wes Craven and Kevin Williams outdid themselves in creativity in the way people die in this film?

  58. Another question, Who was you favorite new character in this film? And out of the three returning characters Dewey, Gale, and Sidney which one was used the best in this film.

  59. This is for the moderator(s), after Scream 4 weekend, are you going to have a page on here or in the discussion board that will allow the rest of us to post reviews of the film? Will the reviews have to be spoiler free? Just wanted to know since I would personally like to here what everyone thought of the movie, I know their are other pages for that but this is my favorite website to visit out of all the Scream websites and it clearly has die hard Scream fans.

  60. Why spoil it for yourself?! Seriously! There’s like 26 days left till SCRE4M and you want spoilers…

  61. How many they are real victims in the opening scene ?

  62. does kirby survive, or atleast does it leave it open for her character to come back in thye sequel

  63. Just a kind reminder folks, questions that mention spoilers won’t be approved to appear in this comment thread, and questions that ask for spoilers won’t be asked.

    lovett uduebor – yes of course. But once the movie is out, no more spoiler-coddling, it’ll be a happy free for all.

  64. Anything on Kirby!!!!

  65. will gale die

  66. What’s your favorite scene?

  67. does gale die do any main characters die

  68. #teamkirby!

  69. By the trailer it seems like gale dose die, but also seems like shes one of the killers. So they may be going back to the first scream when billy loomis pretends to be killed but is actually still alive and a killer. Seems to me the same happens here with gale weathers. Dont expect sid to die, if she dies ghostface has no reason to return. Sid will live thru S6.

  70. Usually with all of the original Scream Trilogy movies it ends with something somewhat “happy” ex. Fading out at Stu’s house, Windsor college with Sidney walking away, and Sidney leaving her door unlocked. Without spoiling the ending does Scream 4 end somewhat the same, or will it leave us saying Holy Sh*t!?

  71. Do any of the teen characters survive?


    What are the names of the characters played by Anna Paquin, Kristen Bell, Brittany Robertson, and Aimee Teegarden?

  72. Can you reveal next week’s lottery numbers?

  73. Is Ghostface clumsy and falling over things like in the previous films?


  75. Do any of the 3 original survivors die if so DON’T say their names!

  76. Will Scream 4 be the beginning of a new story??

  77. What is the bodycount in scream 4?

  78. What is Wes Craven’s cameo?

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