Scream 4 Saturday Secrets #2

In our 1st of 4 Saturday Secrets last week, we teased out a possibly-spoilery-but-not-really tidbit from our contact before soliciting questions from our readers. This week we’ve added an extra two opinion-based questions on, also pooled from you.

Question #1: How would you honestly rank the four Scream films?

Question #2: If Scream 4 turns out to be the last one, does it provide a satisfying end to the series?

Question #3: Did you spot catch Wes Craven’s cameo, if so was he easy to spot?

Submit your questions for next round below. Remember, we cannot ask any over-the-top spoilery questions – i.e. who lives, who dies, who plays who! But phrase your question in a roundabout way and you might learn more than you expect to! Until next Saturday…

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42 Responses to “ Scream 4 Saturday Secrets #2 ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Keep it Rollin in! Well be here!

  2. i’m pumped!

  3. At least you’ve upped an update! lol Looking forard to the new tease.

  4. could someone tell me the Q and A bc idk why but my computer is being nasty. Thanks you’re the best.

  5. Sooooo……let’s hurry it better be good since my anticipation is at an all time high now that I have to wait.

  6. what time is this starting?

  7. That’s a really bad idea. Someone is going to spoiler too much!

  8. Im pumped up so hurry up!!!

  9. It’s already late afternoon??!!! cmon we are waiting

  10. And it early evening. COME ON. U CANT DO THIS TO US HARDCORE SCREAMERS!!! Why even say anything before hand….but I guess it only seems like its taking so long for me cuz I just keep refreshing the page every two minutes..since FOUR O’

  11. *Now Live*

  12. Besides Wes,any other cameos? No names

  13. Do you think other people in the audience enjoyed the film as much as you did?

  14. Good information, a lot less spoilery than last weeks. I have a question not for the guy who got to see the movie but for anyone else. Wes Cravens Scream 1 cameo was kinda obvious, he was the janitor in the hallway at the school with the freddy kruger sweater (though he look somewhat unrecognizable to me) I wanted to know what were his cameo’s in Scream 2 and Scream 3?

  15. He ranked Scream 4 2nd? Well thats a really good sign!!!! :D and I bet in Scream 4, Wes is at the book signing and Sidney signs his book lol

  16. Is there any surprise cameos other than the ones we know about? just say yes or no lol

  17. Are there any ‘special’ death scenes? i.e. does Ghostface just use his knife or does he use stuff in his perimeter to make the kills more interesting?

  18. Did the audience scream at all during the screening during the movie?

  19. Very worth the wait, sorry for freaking out wicked-scribe dude.. I love you so much ((no homo)) for the info u put all up in this b!tch. But what I’ve been wondering. Is a couple things. (A couple meaning A LOT)
    (1.) Are there any semi-obvious hints about who the killer is thinking back on the movie.
    (2.) Have we seen the number of killer(s) in scream 4 as we have in the last 3.

  20. Was it scarier than the earlier films?

  21. Is their a shocker in the film that will leave audiences gasping? Are their any scary moments that cause you to jump out of your theater seat?

  22. Wes Craven’s Cameos, Scream 1: Fred the Janitor outside Principal Arthur Himbry office. Scream 2: Doctor in the background when they are questioning Derek, after he got his arm cut by the killer. Scream 3: One of the people in the Tour at the sunrise studios, right before Jay & Silent Bob apears!

  23. I’m happy to hear that he loves three even if he thinks it’s the weakest.

  24. Is it a brand new motive thats never been used before ? Not including the scream movies but in serial killer horror movies in general.

  25. for me scream 2 had like tons of great scares, does scream 4 have good suspenseful, jumpy scenes?

  26. How many days do the events of the film take place over? Is it the typical routine of the opening kill happening the first night, Sidney’s first meeting with ghostface the second night, and the final showdown on the third night?

  27. Same question again: what is the duration of the cameos from Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell?

  28. Question: How would you rank the opening with the original opening? Were you satisfied with it?

  29. Question: In the middle of the film being shot I heard that there were not only cameos of (Shenae Grimes, Lucy Hale, Kristen Bell etc.) but also surprise cameos. Is this true or false?

  30. love the questions and non spoilery answers

  31. Once the mask is off (and the Killer(s) are revealed.
    Are he/she/they still a scary presence?
    Do you buy their performances?

    What is the ending song during the cast photos? / How in the heck does the Axel Foley theme play/where?

  32. Why isn’t Patrick Dempsey in scream 4?

  33. Are there any survivors of the new cast?

    Is their more to Kirby’s phonecall scene

  34. Hey ! Thank you so much to answer my question (about the satisfying ending) !
    I’m going to repeat one of Cody’s questions in hope it will be answered again : are there some hints about the killer(s)’s identity throughout the movie ?
    And another one : what about flashbacks or references to the past ? Will Scream 4 go down nostalgia road ?

  35. “How scary/suspensful is it compared to the others?”

  36. Are there cameos by previous characters?
    Just looking for a Yes or a No.
    (I think that may have been asked already ,but it’s the only thing I want to know…that isn’t spoilery)

  37. PLEASE ask him if Red right hand is in!

  38. I REALLY hope that Red Right Hand is in it. To me it just would feel more like Scream.

  39. Besides Gale in the movie is there imposter ghostface(s)?

    Why is the differnce between light and dark in the movie so intense is it a theme?

    Where in the movie does your most favorite scene take place begining, middle, or ,end?

  40. The masks. The zombie&scarecrow are they a big part in the film or in it at all

  41. Will scream 4 feature the album trouble in woodsborrow/ sydney’s lament

  42. WHY ISN’T PATRICK DEMPSEY IN SCREAM 4??????? HE’S AMAZING!!! and didn’t the 3rd movie end with him and sydney together? So it doesn’t really make sense????? eh. -_- D:

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