Scream 4 Script Rewrites: 3rd Writer Revealed

After all the Scream 4 rewrite hysteria last year, something in the timeline just wasn’t adding up for us. Kevin Williamson was out the door before shooting even began, and once it did, his replacement, executive producer Ehren Kruger was firmly embedded. Towards the tail-end of the shoot, revisions were still being written with the pagecount blowing out to 140 pages, requiring an extension of the schedule and the addition of six actresses to film the latest material. However Kruger had already been long gone for Transformers 3, also shooting in Michigan. Double duty might have been possible, but highly unlikely in our opinion. His sole writer status on the robo threequel meant extensive work for him during that movie’s shooting over several months.

Then there is also the weekend of additional photography earlier this year, never attributed to any hired gun. Those extended scare scenes certainly weren’t improvised, so there had to be at least a third writer on board. Who was the phantom scribe?

While attending press junket activities this week, Assignment X quoted director Wes Craven shedding positive light on the rewrites, in the process naming the other writer as…

…Wes Craven.

“I’m very pleased with the movie and how the script turned out,” said Craven. “It was a result of Kevin’s master script and Ehren did a decent amount of work on specific scenes. I wrote sections of the film myself, but it’s very much Kevin’s concept and over-arching framework of the film.”

Now this isn’t surprising. The veteran director contributed to the ever-evolving Scream 3 screenplay in 1999, along with writers Kruger and Laeta Kalogridis. Craven has such a reputation as the genre’s master director that many forget he’s a writer too, having scripted the majority of his directorial output up until Scream in 1996.

Any polishing by Wes Craven on Scream 4 can only mean the storyline’s consistency has been assured – after Williamson, Craven himself is the longest and closely invested in the saga and its characters.

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26 Responses to “ Scream 4 Script Rewrites: 3rd Writer Revealed ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Guess none of this really means much until 3 weeks from now. There’s been so much rumors and speculations of rumors about KW and the script…at this point i’m just flippin ready for this movie. As of now i really don’t care if Ace Ventura wrote part of the script.Bring on S4 baby!

  2. You know, this is good to hear. I mean, yeah, its been a bit of a worry with the whole abrupt departure of Williamson and then not hearing a peep out of him for ages. But this week has seen Craven talk about all this a lot and what he’s said is reassuring. He’s really pushed the point that the movie is very much Williamson’s work overall. Okay, fine, if Kruger has tweaked some dialogue, so what? For all the flack Scream 3 gets, the actual dialogue was very clever and witty. Kruger’s work on Wiliamson’s script most probably just bridges the gap between Screams 3 and 4, aiding the transition. He’s probably just added to the more witty scenes. The scene released this week of Gale talking to the cinema club boys – that seems quite Kruger-esque. It seems almost a throwaway, comic-relief scene.
    And if Craven is the 3rd writer, then we’re totally fine.

    My worries about Scream 4’s content and writing have been pretty much dissolved this week. I just worry slightly now about the possibility of a Scream 5. I just hope Williamson is back for that (although I hear that he’s contracted to do it anyway so finger’s crossed…)

  3. Thats Great News
    Not that rewrites had me worried.

  4. Awesome! :D

  5. Excellent!!! Makes it sound like the 6 actress’s wernt apart of the original script, but that craven had a part in that :) Also that ehren only had a role in tweeking specific scenes and not necessarily altering much of the source material. Though this means craven lied a little as he said he had no script control and obviously if he wrote some and knows the exacts about ehren’s hand in it, he must have a little control of where the script was going :D

  6. That’s awesome!!!!!!

  7. I’m glad ehren didn’t do too much work on it. He totally fucked up SCR3AM. Not saying I don’t like the third. (Funnier than shit) but that was the problem. It was funny. Not scary. Which isn’t what I went there to see.

  8. wtf

    reading this was like watching a scene where the killer is revealed. haha.

  9. And this is supposed to be good news??? Anyone remember his last writing assignment . . . My $10 To Take.

  10. Don’t know why, but I think the scene with Aimee being dragged into the darkness was recorded earlier this year and written by Wes *-* I hope that all three have done a good job, don’t want to leave the theater disappointed :~

  11. Wow im relieved at what wes craven said about it being mainly kevins script and ideas. not long to go now

  12. Lol, yeah I read about that the other day. I wonder if Wes would be up for writing S5? After Kevin, he’s the the best option.

  13. I’m glad Wes didn’t write too much. He’s not exactly…I dunno…GOOD at writing.

  14. Now this is an interesting comment. I’m curious how much of his writing have you read?

  15. Isn’t it cool how all 3 of the Scream brains had some part in this film? Kevin did most of the work with Craven and Kruger adding their little touches. It’s pretty cool. Like drewjobullo said, the Gale/Robbie/Charlie scene seemed very Kruger-ish and yet the Sidney/Jill/Trevor scene was totally Kevin. I think it will all mesh well. :)

    I’ll never dump on Ehren. Yeah, S3 was weak, but the man tried his best and I think he pulled it off way better than it could’ve gone. Give him a break.

    TonnyTouche, it is good news. At least Wes will be conscious about keeping Kevin’s ideas and themes strong throughout the script. If you wanna play the “My Soul To Take Card” with Craven then you can play the “Cursed” card with Kevin. Neither matters. Apples & oranges.

  16. Victor Law, you do realize that Craven probably did more on the first three films than say “action” right? I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a hand in doing quick on set re-writes with those too. Kevin’s a great writer, but it’s never black and white when it comes to screenplay writing.

    You never know, some of your favorite scenes might have been written, thought up, or added to by Craven. Besides, this is SCREAM we’re talking about. Nothing else should matter. Kevin have had his share of not so good writing too(LIKE ALL WRITERS DO) but you don’t see me screaming “Ew! Kevin’s a crap writer”.

  17. I’m happy if pretty much Kevin ideas, them, story… are still there. I hated Ehren’s work on Scream 3, but the problem with that was because he did’nt use Kevin’s outline. If he did only a few dialogues, I’m not afraid anymore.

  18. Any and all worries I had for this film have been fully dissolved this week! I am that much more excited for it! *is that even possible? I’m freaking out over here*

    For those that are worried about Wes and his writing contribution for the film *using My Soul to Take as comparison* I think he did fine. I haven’t seen My Soul to Take but I mean most of this earlier stuff was written by himself. So I look at it as just one bad example compared to a bunch of excellent ones.

    Plus, he is so invested in these characters, I am sure he gave it 110% in what he contributed to it.

  19. Well let’s look at it this way in regards to Wes writing the majority of his films prior to Scream 4. His most successful films have definitely been the Scream saga. I love the man, but he can’t write. My soul to take was disgustingly bad. I’m yet to find one pro…

  20. Wes is great at making scripts better. He may have kinda lost his touch when it comes to writing scripts, but taking an already written script and making it BETTER is something he’s great at. This is good news.

  21. don’t really know how to feel about this. on the one hand I’m ecstatic to hear that they still used Kevin’s master script.
    however the quote “Ehren did a decent amount of work on specific scenes.”
    decent to me.. means more than just a couple of touch ups and don’t tell me it’s just dialogue because Ehren doesn’t know how to write dialogue hell that’s what Kevin is so good at fantastic, sparkling Dialogue. It’s the man’s claim to fame.
    it’s also one of the reasons Scream 3 was lacking
    I just really hope that Williamsons voice is the dominant voice in this film especially when it comes to character dialogue.
    the last thing of Wes’s writing that I’ve seen was My soul to take that was less than year ago.
    I can only hope he’s improved immensely since then. Seems he’s gotten a bit rusty.

  22. Four words: MY SOUL TO TAKE.

  23. “His most successful films have definitely been the Scream saga.”

    Because success is the ultimate barometre of what’s good? His work on “New Nightmare” – a prelude to “Scream”, for sure – is astonishing. So complex, twisted, scary, funny and full of lovely moments like the thought of letting Freddy Krueger babysit your child(!). And from what we’ve heard, the studio majorly changed Craven’s screenplay (or the film itself) of “My Soul To Take”. A terrible movie it was either way, but sometimes things happen that change the original intention.

  24. What’s with the Wes Craven hate? EVERY WRITER has a dud and My Soul To Take and a few of his earlier films were duds as well but since Kevin Williamson wrote most of it and Craven only polished it, sounds like a great story. I can’t wait. . . . And is it just me or was I the only one that thought Kevin wrote the clip between Gale Robbie and Charlie? I thought it was a super Williamsonish scene like the clip between Trevor and Jill.

  25. Spence, Kevin probably did write that scene, but I was just pointing out what I personally saw. Seemed Kruger-ish to me. Either way we really won’t ever know who wrote what, so it’s all up to interpretation. And I agree about the hate. You can’t please some people. They’ll always be determined to look on the dark side. I don’t care how horrible you thought MSTT was, just be happy that S4 is in the hands of someone who has a lot of love for the series and not some joe blow off the street who doesn’t respect the franchise like Wes does. As I said atop, Wes did more than sit in a chair and say “action” with the first three films, I’m sure he played a key role withh ADDING on to Kevin’s work and making it truly epic, so don’t be so quick in trying to tear him down as a writer all because of a few duds(Which Kevin have had as well). No one’s a perfect writer all the time.

  26. What if it turns out it was neither Williamson or Kruger. . . But unexpectedly it was Craven! That scene was my favorite clip.

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