Scream 4 Soundtrack Official Track List

Updated with audio for Track 6. The full track listing for the Scream 4 Original Soundtrack has been released – and turn on your speakers NOW, because you can listen to most of the songs right in this post.

1. Something To Die For (The Sounds)
2. Bad Karma (Ida Maria)
3. Cup Of Coffee (The Novocaines)
4. Make My Body (The Chain Gang of 1974)
5. Don’t Mess With The Original (Marco Beltrami)
6. Yeah Yeah Yeah (The Sounds)
7. Run For Your Life (6 Day Riot)
8. Axel F (Raney Shockne)
9. On Fire (Locksley)
10. Devils (Say Hi)
11. Denial (Stereo Black)
12. Jill’s America (Marco Beltrami)

Mirroring the very first soundtrack, Marco Beltrami has a presence, with two tracks: Don’t Mess With The Original and Jill’s America respectively (the latter seems to be the new character’s own theme, ala Beltrami’s Sidney’s Lament). It’s worth noting that the playlist order is likely not the order they appear in the film, as with the previous soundtracks.

We’ve gathered most of the music together for you here. Songs we haven’t sourced so far are: Axel F (Raney Shockne) and Denial (Stereo Black).

Scream 4 Tracks

Album cover art should be availible closer to the soundtrack’s April 12th release date.

Pre-order: Scream 4 O.S.T

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51 Responses to “ Scream 4 Soundtrack Official Track List ”

Reader Advisory: Comments may contain SCREAM 4 SPOILERS
  1. Never heard of ANYof them… and I only like the 1st song!

    this soundtrack sucks! :/

  2. I like the idea of having official Scream merchandise but I’m not into the artist songs they put on them lol. I prefer the original score soundtracks.


  3. The Sounds – Something to Die For would make a great end credit song… I love it, and the name fits well lol

  4. can’t wait to hear wat Marco Beltrami has in store for this film :)

  5. I really like the sound so far, reminds me of the first Scream soundtrack

  6. I love it! It’s very original, a little edgy, it brings back that High School feeling and I like Something to Die For and Run For Your Life very much!

  7. On alot of album’s for films that mainly have original score’s the name’s of tracks actually spoil certain elements of the film because there in order, could the last track “Jill’s America” Be making out that this is Jill’s world now, ie she survives.

    This is complete speculation of course, and a film soundtrack like scream is likely to be like something like LOTR’s.

  8. Jill’s America, huh? sounds like a talk show on Fox.

  9. “and a film soundtrack like scream isnt likely” missed out the “nt”.

    Also i think this is a fairly good soundtrack, but nothing on my favourite Scream 2, that soundtrack was excellent. still more to come though, could of done with some nick cave or eels though and maybe a nice bit of, schools out for summer for reminiscing purpose’s :)

  10. I sure hope they release a score soundtrack for this movie as well like they did with Scream/Scream 2 and Scream 3. :)

  11. Say Hi has the perfect creepy tone. Kinda like Red Right Hand. Can’t wait to see how these songs are distrubuted in the movie.

  12. totally think say hi’s tune will be first song played at credits.

  13. I just want to hear the score too. I don’t really care for this soundtrack. Maybe I just need to get used to it, but for now I’m going to say I dislike it.

  14. It’s quite like the other indie rock soundtracks of Scream, but I liked Something To Die For (The Sounds), brought a bit of freshness for the movie, well represents the new decade.

  15. I like it. I was afraid they were going to go with some mainstream garbage you’d hear on the radio. Phew.

  16. This is exactly the type of music I thought they would use. I knew they’d have that Shiny Toy Guns, Birthday Massacre, Scissor Sisters sound on this soundtrack. The only thing I did expect one remake song and a couple of pop dance songs, but other than that…this is basically what I expected.

  17. It should also be noted that the track Jill’s America is a direct reference to Ennio Morricone’s score of the same name for the western film Once Upon A Time In The West!

  18. The sounds Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. is definitely final song material. Wait until you guys hear it. It’s AWESOME

  19. The Sounds are really popular here in Scandinavia, so im really happy to see two of my favorite things together :)

  20. @ Cory Gillis I think they are man….4/19/11 i believe! In all honesty though…i’d avoid looking at the track listing to Marcos score prior to opening night. Film scores generally reveal major plot points in the score’s track listing.

  21. Has no one nodest to the track “Daniel”?
    I mean, it kinda sound spoilery..
    Hwo is Daniel?
    I think that it’s not “just a name”..
    Speculation only!

  22. I am so in love with this soundtrack already. When I get it, I know it will be on constant repeat.

  23. i LOVE the sounds

  24. I feel like the first song would fit Sidney well

  25. Thanks efe and Mr T for the info and link, respectively, for Ennio Morricone’s “Jill’s America” – I’ve always loved that song and hope Beltrami’s is just as haunting, even if the track name is just the same as a nod.

  26. I hope the album artwork is 3D like the Scream 3 artwork. That was pretty awesome plus I loved the fact ghostface was on the cover. That was pretty cool.

  27. This Soundtrack Sucks The Big One

  28. @kobiko

    it’s “denial” not Daniel

  29. OMG! TWO songs from The Sounds?! That’s freakin’ AWESOME! :-) They’re one of my fave bands of all time. Seen them live 4 times.

  30. A swedish band on the Scream 4 soundtrack?
    I’m really happy… :D
    Love the soundtrack, there’s just one thing missing… The Naked and Famous’ “Young Blood”, perfect ending credits song. :(

  31. This soundtrack is complete garbage. Leave it to the Weinsteins to be cheap and find artists off from Myspace or some unknown named label. Hopefully the movie carries a better tune.

    Scream 1 and Scream 2 had the best soundtracks out of the whole series.

  32. @ sparks
    Oh…….. I’m so ashamed ]=

  33. WTF! this better not be any more than 10 bucks cuz now im only buyin for collectors purposes!!…the songs NO except mayb for the first one

  34. the first song is the only good one out of them all -_-”
    Just pray that this soundtrack doesnt eff up the film.
    Plus I agree with the comment a view comments above, Where’s the naked and famous’s “Young Blood”. Seriously it would be the PERFECT ending credits song! Congrats Weinsteins for picking up people off the street and throwing them onto the soundtrack. Cheap ;\

  35. The Sounds <3 I love them.

  36. I’m actually mostly interested in the Beltrami tracks. I hope a demo preview will be released soon.

  37. “Whisper To A Scream” is the BEST!

  38. if i could take my comment back i slightly would because if they use these songs at certain points in the movie it could work

  39. The Sounds tracks are really some of the best on the soundtrack.

  40. if you look at the scream 4 soundtrack in itunes you can listen to jills america and Don’t Mess With The Original….thet sound awesome!!!

  41. There all on itunes for short clips of each and you can already buy the two marco tracks and raney shockne-axel f, which ive allready heard and weirdly is basically no different to the original axel f…

    But wih a few funny changes, which will obviously be part of a funny scene, i can imagine dewey and the police with this music blaring.

  42. I actually like “Run For Your Life.” It’s an upbeat kind of tune, which I could see being funny in a contrast sort of context.

  43. I dont know why all the hate, i frickin love this soundtrack! Cant wait to actualy own it

  44. How come no one has said anything about the big hole in this soundtrack…. “Red Right Hand” was used in all three films, and featured on the Scream 1 and 2 soundtracks. I understand if they don’t want to include it on this 4th soundtrack, but they better use it in the film.

  45. sweet melisa is a very stupid dumb bitch you need to go aND suck your mum NOT TO LISTEN TO SOME FUCKIN SOUNDTRACK

  46. why didnt they use red right hand again? i mean i think the artic monkey’s verion would have fit well with these songs. and give it that new age feel again.

  47. Hey where’s Black Veil Brides? I heard that is was on here but I don’t see it listed?

  48. Why aren’t Black Veil Brides on there when we were told they would be?!

  49. I thought Black Veil Brides would be on here!! Why aren’t they!?!!? BVB Army for life!!!!

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